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A Goblin's Xmas Tale
A Giant Goblin's Xmax Tale In this 4th-wall-breaking game you take control of the Giant Goblin who has just shot down Santa on Xmas night. Together, you and the Giant Goblin will go on a merry-old-fashioned-evil-ghost-candy-killing-holiday rampage, to maybe...
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a typical creepy game
you wake up in a cemetery, and you´ll need to find a way out in the strange house. but careful...terrible things could happen to you
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BellyFlopper is based and inspired by games from the era 1985-1995(Stuff I grew up on). --Arcade and console alike-- It features 30 levels(splashes) that put the character; Bellyflopper Bob into various difficulties while belly flopping objects on the screen. Basic controls: Left mouse...
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Crystal Cannon Combat
In this 4 stage game, you will fight the North Korean military in order to prevent them from enslaving South Korea. You will fight both monsters and tanks. Your tank can fire two kinds of beams. One that can destroy tanks and the other can destroy monsters. Your tank also shoots plasma blots,...
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The Name of the Demon
Winner of the Make A Game competition. The Name of the Demon is small RPG, where you are demon, trying to get his powers back. Tell me if you complete all nine quests, it will make me really happy!
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Super Mario: Special
mario has to face a new enemy: an evil star, you have to defeat it to save the princess. new costumes for mario, and you can play as bowser when you pass the game. note: fixed previous version
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http://files.64digits.com/panzercretin/gravepreview.png a necessary catharsis (for me and for you)
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Make it to the end of the level, use you knifes to help you get to the end
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Pokémon Cursed Black Release 1.0
LATEST UPDATE August 21, 2015 Main feature: Play a "hacked" version of Pokemon Red with a Pokemon "Ghost" that allows you to kill your opponent pokemon and opponent trainers as well. A lot of the features of the original game are remade in Game Maker 8, but not all. RELEASE NOTES...
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OutRace 3D - Drifting and love!
The Arcade Racing Simulator of the Decade - OutRace pits you against 2 opponents in an all out brawl to see who can make it to the finish. There is action, adventure, and romance. So what are you waiting for? Get started right now!
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Future Soccer
**NOW AVAILABLE ON ANDROID! (Google Play Store)** Future Soccer is a fast-paced sports game based on the classic game of Soccer, but with a futuristic twist! Set in a distant future with incredible technological advancements, Future Soccer pits you against skilled opponents in a wide variety...
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China Tunneling
My Mini LD entry. Use your ninjan skills and bomb expertise to dig your way home to China. Monsters will try to stop you. Don't get your hopes up, it's as unfinished and unpolished as my other games. Most noticeably missing is sound effects. It wouldn't take long for me to fix this, but as you...
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Project Ninja II
The Year is 2123. You control a cyborg ninja, product of dark experiments and genetic alterations. Your goal is to find your true identity and get revenge from those responsible for your creation.. Project Ninja 2 is an action game with platform elements. WARNING: The game contains blood and...
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Nature Calls
COLLECT STARS AND STUFF! A W.I.P of a game I'm working on. Use arrowkeys to move, jump with Z and shoot with X. Hold S to see how many stars you've collected. Press C to open up cheats. stage_next (go to next stage) stage_previous (go to previous stage) stage_restart (restart...
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Sector Six 0.1.5
Sector Six is elegant and innovative shooter/RPG hybrid. Build your own spaceship from procedurally generated parts and battle machines to save your universe from destruction! Under development! Game is fully playable, but many features are still not implemented/balanced. If you have any...
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and then i feel nothing
arrow keys just something low-key, might do some updates someday
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http://etg.dek.im Create an account by logging in (users that don't exist are created automatically) openEtG is based on the original Elements the Game, but features WebSocket PvP, new cards, HTML5 game engine, evil AI.. I don't know, I'm listing random things, I was never good at this kind...
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Re & Apophis
Since the beginning of time, there is an eternal clash between good and evil. In order to rise again as the mighty sun itself, Re has to solve a dangerous quest, a journey through the Duat which lasts 12 hours. In the 7th hour, the incarnated chaos itself, a giant serpent, known as...
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Noo Bath Time!!!
It's a game made for #LD31 You're a dirty child, do not want to bath but you're thrown into the tub, eats and poops not touch the water! - Gabb if you want to vote me on LD: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-31/?action=preview&uid=32737 Enjoy!
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Winter Warfare
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Winter Warfare! Release your inner Snowman by becoming the undercover Snowman, Agent Frost. Protect the cabin, and the little boy by launching snowballs at the other snowmen. Controls: (Which kind of suck, and I'll probably change later): WASD: Move J and...
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