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Sector Six Alpha
Sector Six is elegant and innovative shooter/RPG hybrid. It fuses two of my favorite things - spaceships and role playing games - into one game. This is early version of the game, it will improve a lot! I want this game to be well balanced and enjoyable, so I would like to receive as much...
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and then i feel nothing
arrow keys just something low-key, might do some updates someday
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http://etg.dek.im Create an account by logging in (users that don't exist are created automatically) openEtG is based on the original Elements the Game, but features WebSocket PvP, new cards, HTML5 game engine, evil AI.. I don't know, I'm listing random things, I was never good at this kind...
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Re & Apophis
Since the beginning of time, there is an eternal clash between good and evil. In order to rise again as the mighty sun itself, Re has to solve a dangerous quest, a journey through the Duat which lasts 12 hours. In the 7th hour, the incarnated chaos itself, a giant serpent, known as...
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Noo Bath Time!!!
It's a game made for #LD31 You're a dirty child, do not want to bath but you're thrown into the tub, eats and poops not touch the water! - Gabb if you want to vote me on LD: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-31/?action=preview&uid=32737 Enjoy!
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Winter Warfare
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Winter Warfare! Release your inner Snowman by becoming the undercover Snowman, Agent Frost. Protect the cabin, and the little boy by launching snowballs at the other snowmen. Controls: (Which kind of suck, and I'll probably change later): WASD: Move J and...
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(Sorry for rushed submission, will fill this out better later :) ). Play as Pomme as you try and make friends just before Christmas, in order to get presents! Wander around a strange town while being accompanied by a rhyming narrator, and interact with the locals, they are very weird...
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Frosty RPG WIP
Just submitting what I have. Too sick to continue at this point.
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Mr. Spooky's Snowy Tower of Winter
(Note: to play this game, run 'viewer.html' (or 'index.html'). Does not work on Internet Explorer, so use Firefox or Chrome/Chromium). Mr. Spooky's Snowy Tower of Winter is a game about two Mr. Spookies who are trapped inside a snowy tower for some unobvious reason. Help them to survive...
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SM - Red Scare 2
This cancelled fangame project I stopped working earlier this year packed with Michael Bay! Merciless shooting, bombing, Michael Bay-ing, stomping, running, walking and dying!!! Even though it's incomplete. I decided to share it with you guys!
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16 Bit Zombie Apocalypse
Your awake in your rundown house night is approaching and zombies have taken over the town. Find a way out of town or end up as zombie food.
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Controls are ingame, this content will be updated.
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Fallen Angel
Here is my submission for Spooky 4 Digits. I didn't really get to spend as much time on it as I had hoped, because of school, and there were some last minute technical difficulties that resulted in me omitting my music, but in the end, it turned out all right. The story of the game is that you...
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Nopy's Demo
IT'S WIERD! S4D14 Demo, totally didn't complete it in time. :D There are bugs and weird things, no real gameplay, but it would feel wrong not to upload anything, so here it is. The original design was something between Metroid, Strider and Super Meat Boy, where you as a sci-fi magician fight...
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Circle of the Shadow Wraiths
This is my Scary 64 entry. It is a quick and simple game with 10 levels. Please read the instructions carefully. Themes: ruthless: What do you think Mordred is? detention: Three young ladies are imprisioned and you will need to rescue them. possession: I did not do so...
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Short horror adventure game with puzzle elements. There are few minor bugs but I hope these shouldn't affect game experience. As you all know - poland cannot into space and i cannot into graphics. So graphics are all made of real photos. I think it looks almost good :D I also thought that...
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Fear Death
I was not able to complete the game in time, but I did make a fairly decent demo. I will be uploading all future updates (beyond the s4d14 competition) to my website http://blaze157.co.nf v 0.4 fixed black screen on death v 0.3 added support for computers that cant run 1080p v...
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A person troubled by ghosts finally meets the neighbor from across the street. *Headphones are strongly recommended, or at least a decent set of speakers placed correctly to the right and left. The game contains a short segment of blindness and dozens of 3D sounds* WASD keys move, mouse to...
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Life Sentence
A game set in a procedurally generated prison where your only hope for escape is by bed sheet rope. With no way to fight the inmates and wardens that inhabit the prison, you must utilize the environment to help you evade your pursuers.
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Lur is my third and largest game. While not excellent in graphics, it has: Many equip-able, appearance changing items, 303 items in total, including consumables and crafting materials. Quests and story, that actually has end. Simple crafting system. Flexible combat system, you can exploit it...
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