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Sub Blaster
Sub Blaster is a shoot-em-up. The goal is to destroy the assault of evil Emperor Aerok. Currently, however, you just shoot various enemies until you die in a boomie, underwater death. As of right now there are 8 player submarines each unique with its own ability, 16 enemies, 5 bosses and 7...
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You can't walk, but you can shoot. Navigate dangerous levels filled with lethal bunny-like creatures.
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Crab Food
Made for No More Sweden 2014. Post jam fixed version. /@qristofer
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Your typical Tetris clone. Only it's not so typical, there are a few extra modes in here that are unique to this version. The modes are: - Classic: Basically the traditional Nintendo version of Tetris. - Standard: Play the game with 100 tetriminos and a fixed speed setting of your...
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Super Clam Digger
SUPER CLAM DIGGER is a game where you DIG CLAMS. But that's not all! It's a game where you dig clams BETTER THAN TYRONE (JUST KIDDING NOBODY DIGS CLAMS BETTER THAN TYRONE). But in order to dig you must first drive- yourself- to the beach! And then, you must park! And you must do all of this while...
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zombie killer girl: zombies unleashed
play as the little girl who kills zombies, the whole town is infected by the zombie virus, and you have to help her to survive!
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Penguin Battle Z
Using the logic of rock paper scissors. It's a game of wits. There are 8 moves to make. The game automatically quits if you or the opponent dies. Guide: Charge - Adds 1 charge. Block - Blocks Vertical Slash, Horizontal Slash and Ki Bomb. Jump - Dodges Horizontal Slash and Power...
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the Matrix of Time
It is the year 2020, time travel has not yet been invented, but it will be in the year 2100. Sadly, people from the future have traveled into the past and their travels has made history a LOT worse. More wars, more grief, and injustice throughout the ages as they screw up the past. The...
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Maddening Relapse
Maddening Relapse is the sequel to 2009's madnessMADNESSmadness and its 2010 followups Remaddening and the YoYo Games-published spinoff Maddening. The game is an intense endless runner with entirely procedurally-generated levels. You are a madman who simply goes by Madd Mann, and you perceive...
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Sleepy Robbers
An exciting 30min long adventure game as you play within the same world from two different perspectives, with an interlocking narrative and events. When an unknown buisness man manipulates a company to his own will, it throws several of its employees in the middle as they try to survive in an...
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Sakura - A Spring Bullet Hell Prototype
A little something I put together for the 64DSC. I originally started in Unity, because I was going to make a bullet hell for PC and mobile with 3D characters. RoffleWafl did the sprites and artwork, and I took care of the music and programming. We split the level design. This is only a few...
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Mathemagic Land
This game is a puzzle game (Mathematics), How this game works, player has to solve the objective number by using some combinations number, and how does the player solve it ?, in this game there is a laser that coming from the sky and its go forward to the first mirror (blue) and be reflected. not...
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A puzzle/maze type game. Note: You must extract all files in order to play this game (the .jar needs to be in the same folder as the 'res' folder). There is also no loading screen, so it will take ~30 seconds before the game will start. The music is by the wonderful...
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Rings of Fire!
RINGS OF FIRE Small HTML5 game made with the Game Closure development kit. http://www.gameclosure.com/ PLAYABLE HERE: http://www.64digits.com/~crescent/RingsofFire/ CONTROLS -Swipe up to jump -Swipe down to fall faster -Swipe left and right to move left/right -Swipe up...
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Chromatic Challenge
This is a 2D platformer about two species that are fighting for survival and the realizations they come to about each other. Each species has their own abilities and tread through the same levels in their own unique way as they look for the source of an illness that is ravaging their people....
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Colour Invaders
Basic platformer with colour changing mechanics. Only contains one level. Is still in development stage. Only contains basic graphics. Colour based challenges where players have to collect correct coloured items to traverse platforms or kill aliens.
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Glass Rain
Really more of a demo, but heyyyy bullets. CONTROLS: Flight controls: W accelerate, S deccelerate, A/D roll Hover controls: WASD strafe E/Q roll Both: Mouse turn LMB fire Space switch mode
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Bang Bang
DISCLAIMER:I completely forgot to restart the scene on Entropizing. If you turn to grey and are unable to move, you need to quit and restart. Sorry about that :V Made for #64DSC by Team Burning Loon Loon of Nature - Code, Design, Art, Sound, Self Important Power Hungry Lone...
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A simple SHMUP built for the 64DSC with the theme "Limited Color Palette." Controls: Mouse to move Left mouse button to shoot primary Right mouse button to shoot secondary.
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It's Not About the Aliens
(Spring Competition Entry) A story-driven, physics-based, 2D platformer. WASD, Arrow keys, or joypad to move Left Ctrl, Left Click, or joypad button to fire Hold Left Alt, Right Click, or joypad button to ready grenades (or another joypad button) Esc to pause, mouse to make selections...
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