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Battle for '17
Battle for '17 is a simple shooter platformer made in 3 days. WARNING: Very hard, a little clunky, short. Like I said - 3 days. Also, it's my first attempt to make a platformer. I made it for 64Digits.com Final Days 2016 competition. PLOT: In the last days of 2016, SOMETHING happened...
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The Legend of slime
Simple game Turn Based Battle
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The Last Minute Dungeon
The Last Minute Dungeon is a simple short action arcade game that could be better if I had bothered to spend more time making it oh well just play it and enjoy. If you want to know why those enemies are smiling... well... MUSHROOMS! ... Controls are described in-game (see "Help" in the...
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A Journey to Eternity
Linux-players go to Game Jolt (http://gamejolt.com/games/a-journey-to-eternity/168176) or itch.io (https://jani-nykanen.itch.io/a-journey-to-eternity) Notes: This game is still work-in-progress (but only a little!), bugs might occur. Some features like item icons are still...
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Splendid Genesis Memorikan
Use kontroller or ceyboard! WASD-PAD Experience unparalleled... stuff.
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get the gift box in many elemental thematic levels to win.
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Sector Six Demo 0.7.9
Sector Six is under attack, the Machines, massive automatic spaceships are destroying everything! No weapon can stop the Machines, the only hope is the Elder Mechanism, an ancient device of the mighty Almadi civilization, who colonized Sector Six a long time ago. You take the role of the...
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Zeka Peka
The game has no description or story. Game is unfinished, so please let me know if you liked it, what description/story should it have, and should I finish it? :) The game has no music, sounds... Why? Well, my computer has no sounds for long time, could not solve the problem... Controls: Arrow...
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After a few months of work I’ve finally released Runners on the Google Play Store, it is my first finished game that I’m actually proud of! It is an endless runner style game with unlockable characters and online leaderboards. Available now on android:...
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Food Fanatic
Food Fanatic is based on retro arcade/console game play. As Pepe, the player must deal with disgruntle unhappy customers. Don't let them starve or your FIRED. Collect tips and multiply Pepe's wages per day. Controls: The mouse moves Pepe the waiter left to right and vice-versa. It also is...
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Acensor Del Espanol
An old gem I discovered. Reconfigured the GM quiz engine by Blijbol to create a spanish vocab quiz for classroom and as an entry for regional high school spanish competitions. It plays fine on Windows 8!
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Operation Fungus
Operation Fungus is a 2D arcade-like shooter game, where you kill enemies to obtain crystals you can later use to upgrade your skills. The game have eight different stages! (If you want to play native Linux build, you can find it on Game Jolt:...
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A Goblin's Xmas Tale (Beta)
THIS IS THE BETA! GRAB THE ACTUAL VERSION FROM STEAM RIGHT HERE A Giant Goblin's Xmax Tale In this 4th-wall-breaking game you take control of the Giant Goblin who has just...
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a typical creepy game
you wake up in a cemetery, and you´ll need to find a way out in the strange house. but careful...terrible things could happen to you
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BellyFlopper is based and inspired by games from the era 1985-1995(Stuff I grew up on). --Arcade and console alike-- It features 30 levels(splashes) that put the character; Bellyflopper Bob into various difficulties while belly flopping objects on the screen. Basic controls: Left mouse...
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Crystal Cannon Combat
In this 5 stage game, you will drive a tank. You will be fighting your nation's military. The evil leader of your country wishes to enslave the rest of Africa. Only you can stop him. Your tank can fire two kinds of beams. You will be fighting monsters and enemy tanks. There are also...
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The Name of the Demon
Winner of the Make A Game competition. The Name of the Demon is small RPG, where you are demon, trying to get his powers back. Tell me if you complete all nine quests, it will make me really happy!
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Super Mario: Special
mario has to face a new enemy: an evil star, you have to defeat it to save the princess. new costumes for mario, and you can play as bowser when you pass the game. note: fixed previous version
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http://files.64digits.com/panzercretin/gravepreview.png a necessary catharsis (for me and for you)
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Make it to the end of the level, use you knifes to help you get to the end
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