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Pirates and Stick Fingers 2 m
I'm lying in bed trying to fall sleep, double pillows keeping my back up and cold, wet towels covering my forehead. Every quarter of an hour or so I manage to dream about anime sword clashes for a few moments, but that gets irritating quickly - especially with the civil war going on! The pirates...

Holy bananas, a misleading title! 1 m
Let the epicness consume you. The latest development version can always be found here: (EDIT: Please note that this version is truly the development version, not something meant for the public...

Rethinking "fast" 2 m
A huge focus of mine at work over the past few months has been performance. Performance, in the sense of making sure our product is running not just well enough but truly well. Unfortunately, that isn't where our product is, but we can get there. Performance is something that...

I did it 1 m
I did it. The Wheel of Time, finished. It took a slighly more than six months to read all these books (each book has from slightly less than 700 to 1200+ pages), but now I have read them all. And what a journey it...

The Schools of Magic 1 m
Hello world I've posted an update on the Evenfall website, where I go into detail about the types of magic available in the game: I would cross post it here, but its kinda long and full of videos / images and such all formatted...

Favorite color names? 1 m
Gamboge Razzmatazz Viridian & Vermillion (in relation to one-another) Mauve Burgundy

Uhhh...hmmm 1 m
Hey guys. Been a while :I Around 3 years actually. How're you guys doin?

s 1 m
It's raining. Weather forecast sez 1 week of rain. It's 3:18am. I've been outside for about 2 hours. I run. I kick. I jump. I land. I try not to fall. Noone. I hear sounds but it's always in my imagination. I saw a cat. I crossed a small river in the dark on what was left of a...

Boss Fight 1 m
Howdy y'all I took off all of last week to work full time on Evenfall. As a part of that, I announced the game for realsies, which is why I'm using its name: Evenfall Arcane. If you missed that, you can read all about the game on the Evenfall Arcane...

Making menus 1 m
I don't have a lot to blog at the moment, but I've made some more progress and I'm excited to start wrapping up the last pieces of this project which has became a lot more work than I had originally thought it would be. Here is a gif of the menu system...

I started a Patreon! 1 m
Yes, I have decided to do a Patreon just because people kept saying I need one. Anyway, I only hope this comes out great because I spent more time on the computer, doing game development experiments and game making. I hope people would enjoy it! ^^^^ Link!...

Haven't blogged in a while 5 m
Haven't blogged in a while. Didn't realize how long a while until I came back and noticed that Spike was now my age. I'm afraid if I don't start writing more often, I'll return to discover that he's...

A dream journal 9 m
Ever had dreams before? If you are those kind who often do, have you ever witness one so bizarre that it was too amazing to forget? Most likely lot of people forget their dreams but I have a ton I written because they were truly remarkable to believe they occur in my mind. Even though it can be...

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