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Post Jam Post 1m
No More Sweden is an annually held game-jam at different locations in Sweden (ironically). There are a lot of finnish and italian persons there, other than natives, so we use english. It started out with some talks about indie development and such, which was interesting. But best of all was...

The Coding Challenge 1m
So I got this idea for a community'ish blog for the code minded of us. It might fail miserably and probably will but here goes: I call it: "The Coding Challenge" The deal is that you: 1) Answer the previous post with a program in your language of choice that does what...

the blog that needs help. 1m
As some of y'all know, I am still developing a mobile game where you shoot cops. (See me previous blog entry) However, I need to replace these copyrighted music (that I remade into 8-bit style). It would be very appreciated if anyone can come up with original tunes, I personally don't have the...

What are your favourite VGM/OST tracks? 1m
You know how this works. Post your favorite tracks from games, old scene chiptune, or full soundtracks you like the sound of. Keep Youtube links as URLs.

What have you been playing? 1m
Time for a non-productive version of the "What are you working on?" thread. :D What games have you been playing? Any fun moments you'd like to share or games you'd like to recommend to other people?

Always Listen to Rare Benevolent Magic Horpses 1m
Hey all, Jinxtengu has released his most recent app known as "Kitty Punch." It describes the touching relationship between a kitten and a kind benevolent magical horse, who grants the kitten special fighting powers so that he can save the world! But why listen to me blather anymore about...

Android App Released 1m
I released my game on the app store (and it's mostly untouched) I'd like some feedback on it though so if any of you have some spare time feel free to check it out. Be blunt, but mostly on what can be improved. After I get feedback I'll be able to dedicate some time into adding more things...

Unveiling website for Death's Gambit 1m
Hey guys! I haven't posted here since I was 16 haha. But since I'm working on a indie game again it felt appropriate to go back in time to post here again. The game is called Death's Gambit, In Death's Gambit...

Final Boss confirmed (Progress Update) 2m
Completition update, I guess. Spent the last few days... doing something completely unrelated to the Hunter reboot I was working on. That is to say, I ended up back in the midst of Exile's code again. Must be something I ate. So progress report... I spent the last two days adding in a...

The Grove Update 1m
After getting some feedback from the technical demo and watching a few players struggle to figure out how the game works, I've begun making some important changes to the game. Firstly, I was using a simple 2d to 3d point conversion for the in game object selection. This worked well, but it lead...

Stop digging up your nose and start digging for the clams 1m
So you're probably checking the 'Digits (That's what they call it around these parts. The 'Digits.) and thinking to yourself "Man, I've never actually been a clam digger (not dugger; then you'd have like 20 kids) but if I were I'd be awesome. WELL THINK...

Evicted 3m
I just got the documents for my eviction from the apartment I have lived in the past 5 years. I was completely unaware of the situation since my girlfriend's mother was paying the rent and I was paying everything else. Apparently she never paid last month's rent so now I hold a document in my hand...

Glass Wing: COMIC BOOK 1m
Not sure if this is allowed, as it's really not all that related to "game" dev. But I made a comic book that covers the beginning of the game I made for the spring contest a few months back. Here is the link: Here is a...

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