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I had a public display of my paintings 1 m
I'm having an exhibition at a Gallery / Hair Dresser. The opening was yesterday and more people than expected turned up. The reception is positive and I was in the newspaper :3 I also receive a bit of constructive criticism from random strangers which is very cool. Have some...

Crystal Cannon Combat UPDATE 1 m
Due to the bad review this game has been updated. 1. the plot has been altered 2. the enemy moves more slowly, slightly 3. the beams recharge more quickly 4. the is an additional stage 5. collecting the crystal restores 4 shield...

DSR Log #5 6 m
Welcome to the first in what is probably going to be a moderately long string of relatively boring logs, as I hammer my C++ code into shape. :P I actually got very little done this week (For me), because like clockwork my days went like this: > Wake up > At 9AM, start coding > At...

Diamond Sky Casino 1 m
Hey everyone! I posted a while back about a job opening at the company I work for and this is the project that we needed programmers for: (there are still some openings as well) Diamond Sky...

blend modes are sexy + other stuff 2 m
It's been oh so long since I've posted a real blog. I'm still lurking around here and the IRC, cleaning up the occasional spam here and there. Can't really say that much is going on in my life as of late, I'm just waiting around for my 24th birthday in a few days, as well as the opportunity to...

My first story post.... The solar winds 4 m
So I have posted only game related things since I came to this site but like most of you I don't do just games I like writing allot a well, for this reason I now wish to post a little something I've been working on. But before I do here's some info on it, I like technical sifi stories and this is...

Slowing... down... (or not) 1 m
I started A Journey to Eternity approximately five or six weeks ago (what a good approximation). The oldest file related to this project was created in April 7th, although I didn't start serious development until the following week (although I wrote 95% of the game engine before Ludum Dare,...

DSR Log #4: Code Shifts 8 m
I decided to keep writing these, regardless of where the code goes and how "dry" the writing might get. I'll still have some art (Probably) to show off on most weeks, as well as new features that aren't "spoilery" or anything. I do think that next week I'll write this up on Saturday instead...

Who's up for a little competition? 4 m Introduction It's been a while since we've had a good ole fashioned game development competition 'round these parts, and I've got the itch to try to make one happen. There's something about putting...

Walking contradiction 2 m
Father, the sleeper has not awakened. See, it's so easy to be crazy. Life becomes simple. Decisions become clear as day to make. Doubt takes a backseat. Disbelievers get pushed away. The smart ones wonder what's wrong. The believers have a leader. I am an atheist in the sense that I cannot...

Can't turn around 1 m
 T O O . D A M N . C L O S E . C A N ' T . T U R N . A R O U N D...

VT-d GPU Passthrough 2 m
What is the best single-PC setup for a Linux enthusiast who still likes to play Windows-only games and run other Windows-only software? Not WINE, because despite working surprisingly well in many cases and being in general better than you might expect, it's often flaky and unstable, and is...

DSR Log #3 3 m
I actually remembered to write this on my own this time, kept notes since last week's blog to summarize my work a bit better. Also, for some random reason, Chrome wants to auto-fill the Blog Entry text box with my post-code. Thanks to SpectreNectar for...

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