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Sector Six is now available on Steam! 1 m
Sector Six is now available to buy! Click here to go to Steam Currently I am polishing game and preparing to work on next game update. Click here to view possible Sector Six...

Goodnight Princess 1 m
For the time being this is still my diary. My rat was put down today. A couple of days ago she developed a tumor behind her eye that made it look like she was heavily attacked... that was actually my first response. I thought she did that to herself out of pain of not being able to breathe...

Yet another dev blog 1 m
Jumping right into it: So I just discovered GL_ARB_explicit_uniform _location is not widely supported. Even so little that it wont run the game on my laptop. Which has been lying around at my friend's place while I rewrote my entire rendering routine for our project. So no showing off awesome...

DSR Log #2 7 m
I came extremely close to forgetting I had a blog to write. Fortunately, I got my phone to remind me. I spent only half of the last week 'working'. The shift in seasons and the sudden dip in temperature always seem to nail me with a case of flu or worse. To top it off, as I'm recovering I...

Project 1 m
Yes, I'm working on a new game, apparently something I might be able to finish (here finish = release at least on playable build). I already posted some screenshots to "What are you working on?" thread, so if this is something totally new to you, go buy a chicken sandwich. First, some...

I got syrup on my shorts 1 m
It's so easy to mess up clothing. All you have to do is not pay attention. All you have to do is relax, sit back, remember you just finished taking care of some important shit like getting out fresh of an exam, doing laundry, and cleaning the dishes. Then, once you remember you were actually...

Saloon girl model 1 m
Hey homies! I am now resurrected as TheEze. That's pronounced "the-ehzeh" or you can call me "thes-eey" since that sounds like YEEZe. That's some kanye shit right there. Now that I am free from both mazis influence and social repression, I wish to thank Cyrus and the mods for helping me change...

1999 1 m
I was dreamin' when I wrote this, so sue me if I go too fast But life is just a party and parties weren't meant to last RIP Prince

DSR Log #1: Post Jam Fixup 7 m
You know what I never seem to do? Work on the same project for longer than a week. Kinda a problem I've had for ages. But I've managed, over time, to discipline myself and learn to ignore the annoying little voice in my head that tells me that every new idea I have is what I should be...

A Squares Character Sheet 1 m
Well I was banned. Then unbanned. I was considering creating a new account because of the similarity to Mazimadu, but now I know I can just ask the mods to help me change it. This is so much better that calling customer support and being put on hold. Just bonkers. I think theEze is the a good...

The piles of limbs scream to the void... 3 m
How's that for an emo title for ya? Anyway, been a while since I posted, in fact it's been a while since I visited here, I only started lurking again a few weeks ago. But I miss this place and the community so yeah, I'm gonna try and be more active...I say that every freaking blog don't...

the homiest of homies 1 m
when you can say whatever the hell you want, you got a bro. when you can tell someone else when they fucked up and they take the correction to adjust, you got a bro when you have fears and a guy reminds you that nobody likes a little bitch, you got a bro when there's problems arisen and...

Doing Science: Smartphone motion sensing 1 m
For the past few weeks I have been researching smartphone sensors for a robotics/Augmented reality project I have been working on for my masters degree. I choose to build one from scratch using my Galaxy S5's sensor and C++. This project is not yet complete since my ultimate aim is to determine...

Thinking too Much 1 m
Thinking too Much I find myself thinking too much and never getting anything done. I have far too many ideas and if I don't find a way to focus on one then I am left with nothing. I want to make a speech recognition game, I never finished because of asset creation and story line. I want to make...

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