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April 03, 2014
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Block Physics 2m
Yes, it's a Minecraft rip-off. Ever since I first played Minecraft, I've had this idea for a Minecraft/Garry's Mod-like game which would work out something like this: - Instead of all blocks in the game belonging to a giant world grid (like Minecraft), when a single block is placed, it...

Moikle's Scary4Digits 2014 Brainstorming 2m
So I got the themes: Possession, Illusion and Macabre. I have decided to try and avoid making a pretentious story using these themes, because that seems to be a common result of game competition entries. This means I will be using the mechanics and art of the game to convey the themes. The...

And now for a little war game 7m
Hey guys. So life's going on. I'm currently doing this as a break from going through a 113 page California driving manual because I've been putting off driving for a good while now and I'm finally getting up on it. But its dull and dreary as hell so I think I'd rather use the remaining couple...

Ideas for Scary4Digits 2014: Part 1 1m
Okay, I think I got my game development motivation (or at least motivation to write blogs) back. I rarely make a design document for my games. I'm not going to that this time either. But I think I could list some ideas so you can say what do you think and give some oh-so-wonderful...

Notch becomes billionaire, disregards Mojang 1m What a crazy world we live in, I remember quite vividly when you lot were all playing the alpha and I thought hey this is kind of like Cube 2: Sauerbraten but more fun and accessible. It was...

Pre-comp Preparations 3m
There was no work for me today, so I decided to start thinking about what I'll be doing for the comp in a more serious way. I already have the basic idea. I'm making a platformer by the looks of things... but that's OK. It's been ages since I've made one, really. I'm making a few...


Ferret's Dumb Rust Adventure 5m
This originally was going to be a comment on Steven's blog but it's too damn big. 51,200 So I was playing Rust on the 64digits server the other night and decided I wanted to find out if...

What to do, what to do... 1m
I want to try something new. Something I haven't tried before. I'm talking about game development, of course. I have made games in C and C++, Javascript and HTML5. The latter combination is my favourite, but after programming 19 HTML5 games, it started to feel boring. I need new challenges! I...

Scary4Digits 2014 Theme Assignments 2m
We're just 1 week away from the start of S4D14, so to give everyone who has already signed up enough time to brainstorm I am releasing everyone's 3 randomly chosen themes. Kilin - Instability, Possession, Madness hel - Illusion, Hunted, Macabre colseed -...

TSSB! Finally got a bg, alt colors, and grab! 1m

Chaos Weapon Progress Video for This Month 1m
God, I hope that doesn't imply that I intend to make one of these every month. Rather, since about a month ago, I've been going HAM on this game. In fact, there's nearly 30 minutes of gameplay to be had already. More on that later. For now, do watch this: A...

On Sonder 2m
In other news, Reddit has invented a word best explained by this image: You've probably seen it already, but if not, well, now you have. Today was my last day in Mountain View, which I was visiting for a series of...

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