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April 03, 2014
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Long live 64 Digits 1m
You have been, and always will be my friend . . . What is the good word people? I am curious about status of this site, is it still all Game maker like when I was young? The community here is really tight knit and that always attracted me.Will it outlast the yoyo games buy out I am hearing...

On GTA 8m
I like to sleep. However, before work, I also like to have half an hour where I'm awake but still in bed, just thinking about shit. During today's half-hour thinking period, I came to a realisation - I remember the circumstances of buying every single Grand Theft Auto game, even though I got the...

Engineering Logs - Singletons Revisited 2m
Now that I have free time again for my own programming projects, I decided to start working on games again, and thus on my game engine. My current goal is to transfer the gameplay from that puzzle/RPG game that I was working on in collaboration (Which is on halt due to the guy I'm working with...

Monsters 1m
Here's some monsters for you. They still need some colours, but aren't they frightening? I might use them in a computer card game (or card video game, or whatever they are). There are still a few I haven't "scanned" (i.e. taken a phote with my mobile phone and edited it with Pinta). Anyway,...

On Music Streaming 1m
There is a disturbing amount of misinformation being spread about streaming services like Spotify and Pandora screwing over artists with menial payments. I just wanted to make a short blog about my own experiences with these services to set the record straight. "A songwriter has to be played...

I don't want to make games anymore 2m
I just realized I don't enjoy game development anymore. I do enjoy programming, but game programming? Meh. The reason why I feel uncomfortable with game development is... well, there isn't a single reason why I stopped enjoying it, but here's some reasons: Graphics. Graphics is one of...

Fashion, Baby! 1m
So here's the deal: the uniform for my job is just a white shirt and an apron. My shirts get old and dirty so I go through a lot of them. I decided instead of throwing them away I would draw on them for fun, which made for a good activity to do while podcast listening. The first one turned out...

Favorite YoutubeChannels 1m
I thought it would be neat if we shared what Youtube video channels we like, or something other people here might like. I've been going to many different channels over the years, most of you guys have probably been to them as well. Here goes: Angry Video Game Nerd I'm sure most of you...

Take 3 1m
Having written a blog twice and discarded the same, I feel this is one of those 'fuck it' moments. Things are going very well both at work. I just finished a huge sprint with a very heavy refactor, but it was a refactor that was very much due. We probably gained at least a month of dev time in...

Why is this place called 64Digits? 1m
I like 64Digits, but seriously, why?

One of these nights 1m
As much as I hate posting blogs at midnight when the site is dead, this is pretty much the only time I can do so during the week. I find art to be a good way to destress from a rather stressful and long-houred programming job, so here's something I've been doodling: [tnail w=600...

3D Engine Devlog 3m
This is a devlog for my 3D game engine I'm writing in C++ using modern OpenGL (3.1 or newer) and glfw3. I'll add new stuff everytime I add new stuff, simple. February 20th: I have a new video for you, this time with snow, terrain shape and starry...

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