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April 03, 2014
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I ain't done yet / "Respect your elders" is BS 3m
So today I went to work, like I always do, and then I go up to my co-workers and tell them they are all idiots that can't do their job right. They go, "oh David," resume their duties, and pretend that my insult didn't affect them when I know deep down they want to revenge kill me for hurting their...

Introducing, the neo ceasar himself 1m
Ok, I am sorry i didn't do this sooner but I should have come in to first to let everone know my name. I am the amazing Amazi. Really, that is my name, both hear and real life. My older, wiser cousin mazimadu was my inspiration. In real life he is the real deal. talented, smart and a master...

On pixel art and PC games 2m
I started and project and I'm feeling good about it for the first time in ages! Yaaaay! However. I figured that before I go all nuts on building things I go through all the technical stuff. Keyboard controls and gamepads, mouse navigating in menu, game options... and, now this is where I ran...

Echo #23: A quiet week 1m
This week was rather quiet. Didn't got much time to work and even when I did, I couldn't work for long, because I was tired. Long story short, last school semester sucks. Anyway, this week I have updated the way part stats are displayed on panel next to building field. Now it shows total weapon...

Spear 0.04 2m
Another week of work. I'm thinking of posting weekly updates if there's any interesting new features. -Added placeholder audio (bfxr-generated) -Added placeholder 8-directional sprites for NPCs and player -Enemies' blocking/moving away from projectiles is smarter, will only...

Who wants to get murdered by aliens?! 1m
:D So I was thinking about doing another 64digits xcom survival, and this time not giving up once all of you die. Who is in? let me build a character to look like you then get them murdered horrifically by aliens Bring you to glory as you retake...

Today is the day. 1m
...that my Casetopia order arrived. We're talking 54 PS3 cases, 10 PS4 cases, 37 360 cases, 5 wii cases, 34 PS2 cases (AKA regular fucking DVD cases, praise jesus!!), 39 DS cases and 30 Vita cases. Some quantity of CD cases for my PS1 games, oh and also a single Criterion double-disc Blu-ray...

64Quest: Chapter 7 6m
< Previous Chapter | Chapter 7 After a quick jump to Central, you and Nason head into the squad’s office. Inside, Hallisey and Antos are waiting, along with someone you don’t recognize. A...

Unleashing the true power of Matlab 2m
If you ever had to use Matlab in college raise you hand! Go on, show of hands in the comments! MATLAB is far and away the single most powerful piece of software I have ever used. It is responsible for doing everything from solving very complex...

The Dream 1m
when I first got here, 64digits was A) elitist as shit B) fun C) a bunch of young hackers finding community and solidarity for the first time D) organic and evolving we started on Game Maker. When I started GM, it was version 4.1 I believe. I had to be like 9 years old. I don't think I...

Echo #22: Difficulty, weapons and future 2m
This week I have added two new awesome abilities and began tweaking game difficulty. Since the new combat test release last Sunday, combat test version has been downloaded about 50 times! However, only few people have given me feedback about new combat system. This is what information I...

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