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S3XY's Cosmos 1 m
After Cap'n Crunching the numbers, I've come up with some, well... numbers. I've increased the scale of my game's universe by 10x, meaning one pixel is now ~2300 sq. miles. As a result, here's some stats for our solar system: Mercury & Pluto, both 1 sq. pixel Mars, 2 sq....

Minor Updates and Games of Goofy4Digits 1 m
I made some minor, but needed, updates to the following games.... Matrix of Time, you now start with 15 lives and there are minor bug fixes. Hover Tank Battle Arena, some minor bug fixes, mostly when you fight boss number 3. By the way, where can I download the games from the...

S3XY's G4D Progress Log #4?! 1 m
So even though I was able to create such an amazing masterpiece of a game in just a single day (if you haven't already had the pleasure of playing it, you can get it here:, part of me wonders... how much more masterpiecy would...

Black Lives Don't Matter to BLM 1 m This is the last facebook post of one of the police officers that was killed yesterday. What a public service worker had to face for the sake of... "police brutality" is sickening. At worst if I do a job at my work I get fired. This guy was doing his...

S3XY's G4D Progress Log #FINISHED 1 m Not to toot my own horn, but it's pretty much a masterpiece. The most masterful masterpiece to have ever been pieced, as a matter of fact. /G4D #iwin

Re & Apophis: full version has been released! 1 m

Installing JIRA and Git on my home server 1 m
Hey guys! Long time since I've been 'round these parts. How have you guys been? I have been busy working on the some of the same projects that I have set out to do before, it just takes some time between work and living at my own. I was recently interested in setting up JIRA and private git...

Blast Processing 1 m Download the ROM here. Also, I knew these sprites I made 3 years ago would come in handy some day!... EDIT...

S3XY's G4D Progress Log #1 1 m
So I've spent about 2.5 hours on my Goofy4Digits entry... multiply by 2-3x if you count brainstorming. It's titled Splendid Genesis: Memorikan, and I'm making it in RPG Maker VX Ace. Of course I will be using all original assets since the bundled assets don't really fit the setting of the game....

We love our controllers, don't we folks? 2 m
I'm not about updates. I'm convinced the interest level for what I've been up to from anyone reading this doesn't go on from polite courtesy curiosity. But I'm always down to share something beautiful. He's the finished...

Not a Log 3 m
I came to cross-post my dev log. I took one look at my "Your Blog Posts" box, and it looks boring. "DSR Log #x" is literally all there is. That's kind of a good thing, means I've spent 8 weeks so far logging my progress (Slow as it may be). So this week, and most likely for the foreseeable...

Mazimadu visits Nintendo 4 m
Today I was fortunate enough to visit the Nintendo Store in Manhattan. I was originally there for a meeting with a media group but the meeting was called off and I didn't want to go home feeling like I wasted my time coming to the city. So I decided to spend time with my nostalgia. The Nintendo...

DSR Log #7 + New Site Live 2 m
I've basically kicked my new blog site out the door, semi finished. I'll add the rest of the categories and theming I want at a later stage; the point is, I can write blogs, push them and have them show up immediately. I'll probably move my last Log over to the new site as well. Head over to...

Echo #38: Hello dreadnought! 1 m
New enemy has appeared in the Sector Six! Say hello to the newest Machine minion – dreadnought! Name: Dreadnought Armour and damage: Class 10 (Comparison: Veteran armour and damage class is 7) Ability 1: Smart mine (Also used by gatherers and armoured colony...

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