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No SWITCH HYYYPE here? 5 m
Personally, I think the thing looks phenomenal. It's not perfect, I'll readily admit... I'm no Nintendo apologist. But it's basically what I wanted the Vita to be (a portable system that doubles as a console, rather than a portable system that kinda sorta supplements your console), it's virtually...

lol i'm actually making a game 1 m
An old friend gave me a code for the latest and greatest GameMaker Studio a couple months back, which he got as an extra from a Humble Bundle. It was a "long time no see" reunion gift after like a decade (we were besties back in the day) And now, I am doing the inconceivable: I'm actually...

Creation of Duchess [Step by Step] 1 m
I have been working on a character a Java mascot if you will for a few months now and I am finally satisfied with my work. I drew up the character using AutoDesk SketchBook on my Galaxy Note 5. I was actually surprised how good SketchBook is, and I don't mind the small screen it's just like...

50 Games in 2017 1 m
I played through a lot of cool games in 2016... Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, The Legend of Zelda, Persona 1-3, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Uncharted, etc.... But with thousands of games still sitting in my backlog, I can't rest on my laurels in 2017. I intend to beat these 50 titles this year: 9...

Progress 2 m
Still on the upswing from the Pneumonia. It seems like this will be a bit of a long process. I don't feel comfortable going out into the world again yet. Tried going to the store yesterday and it took a lot out of me still. Instead, I'm working from home as much as I can. I'm pretty tired of...

Echo #60: New year 3 m
For me, 2016 was a very exciting year. Sector Six was released on Steam and I have become a real game developer. Not very successful, but real. That means a lot to me. I have quit school and so far it feels like the right decision. It's great to finally spend time meaningfully. I...

Almost forgot my annual blog lol 1 m
And I accidentally deleted this once so I'll keep it brief. Graduated in May, earned my degree in Mechanical Engineering. Animated a video: Animated a couple more since my last blog, can be found on my Youtube channel...

Happy new years! 1 m
This year was a good year. I have been lazy with standing up with what I believe in, but that doesn't make it any less true. I'm happy Milo's book is #1 on Amazon right now. I'm happy Mr. Trump won, and I made a 8-hour trip to go vote in my homestate Texas all the way from New Mexico, with the...

Pneumonia & Screenshots 2 m
Last Friday, the 23rd, I got into bed after feeling fine all day, and suddenly started violently shivering. Like, really violently. I almost called out to my fiancee for help, but it subsided after a bit. It was kinda spooky, but I chalked it up to just being cold outside. Well, I started...

A "short" blog on game development 14 m
(This blog is partially a writing exercise I wrote to improve my English writing skills. Or to get more experience in writing long pieces of text in English. If I had written this thing in Finnish, it would probably be twice as long and had taken much less time… Note that I did no...

Pole!!! 2 m
Uu uh uh! more pole dancing stuff ^^ Because it's super duber interesting! It even has vampires! I have gathered a list here featuring some talented pole dancers whom I've come across browsing the web (in no particular order). Also check out this awesome comic...

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