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April 03, 2014
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Daddy's Home 1m
This is my second consecutive "I'm back!" post so I don't really know the best way to go about writing this so I'll just tell you guys about what I've been doing for the past 5 years. 1. My brother and I made an EP which you can listen to here. It's R&B...

Conflicted 1m
I like how you have the map of the old minecraft server link, 64digits. Sometimes I come on here and read through the blogs until I've read it all, and then I click on the map link and plan out what I should do next. So I thought about posting about how it would be fun to start up that server...

Rawr, Need 3D Modeler (Will pay) 5m
I quit my old job because they basically burned me out. It really sucked, because although I liked the place and people, they did not allow me to maintain a good work/life balance. Basically, they kept a way-too-accelerated development schedule, ignored repeated warnings and red flags about my...

Best Weekend Ever 1m
I got to meet them.

post your favorite horror stories! 1m
I don't know why I always go through dark phases in summer. Maybe it's a rebellion against all the sunlight. this is not restricted to traditional horror, and can include mystery or other related genres. Hitchcock has a lot of great movies for example, but there's only a few I would describe as...

When SY hacked my account 1m
CIRCA '07 He just randomly showed this to me right after he did it, we laughed, and it was a good time.

Inspiration 3m
Hello Everyone. (read if you want) Thanks to a amazing friend I have to opportunity to meet the person that inspired me to be a Youtuber. I guess I really haven't gone into detail about why I wanted to be a youtuber. I guess it kinda starts with little me. I grew up with interesting...

Space Shooter/Platformer/RPG 1m
Immediately after rising from the dead, I began this project. Not much have been achieved but I do have a pretty decent vision. Here's a video of me beating two bosses: Basically it's an arcade game, but you have two different...

Meh 1m
*grumble grumble* Mind altering code *grumble* Blogging anywhere else sucks. I don't want to use a buggy Javascript implementation of an RTF text editor every time I want to write a small blog. So hi. I'm back, unless bullshit starts up again. Stuff I'm doing/have...

Learning Unity and bump/normal mapping with some Wine 1m
You don't like walls of text, so I'll keep this short. A few days ago I noticed Unity can be run on Linux via Wine. WineHQ has given it Gold rating. Which means it almost run like a native application. And it did, even the 3D works! It had some problems with Dropbox - where I saved the project...

Who is this woman? 1m

A sequel of my first indie game 1m
After saving up some money, I have finally acquired a solid state hard drive for my laptop! No more bad sectors bullshit or dying hard drive after I dropped my laptop. Yay! Anyways I have completed 8Tones the mobile 8-bit music maker app. Right now I am working on Infinite Run Two: the better...

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