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May 01, 2014
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April 03, 2014
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東方 Touhou Smash Video Dev Blog 3 1m
THIS IS THE FUN ONE! Only 3 days in and things are already picking up!

64Digits Snapshot Marathon Videos 1m
I finally got around to editing some of this. Unlike the other marathons, I actually took the time to watch and edit all of the footage to get the most interesting parts. It took foreeeeever. And I still have a lot to go. :( Here's the first...

Pew pew 1m
It's been close to a year since I've blogged! Lots has been going on, and lots hasn't been. I've got a girlfriend now, and I've been spending a lot of time with her, and a lot of time airsofting. First, check out this game by a fellow...

Touhou Smash Dev Blog Vid 1 1m
So it has begun! This is what I have after the first full day of programming!

Done for Now. 1m
Unfortunately for me I'm saying goodbye for the game design portion of my life for now, until things get better for me, which given my track record when I have to vent, I'll only explain if any of you care to want to know. On the other side of things, it's been interesting, not forcing myself...

Falling Off The Earth 1m
I'm pretty upset at myself at how badly I've been treating friendships for the past few years. Ever since I was a little kid, I've always wanted to make friends out of loneliness. Never have I ever been like "oh you know what, I really like this person but I'm not going to be their friend because...

Harley Quinn Photoshop 1m
So I sketched up a drawing of Harley Quinn and I decided to try and photshop it a bit to add color and make it look nicer, I want to get your guys opinion on it I have uploaded them to my profile for you all to take a look at. Its a four part series using different color schemes to to be like four...

NES Adventures - Part 1 2m
I've been dreaming of assembly for the last two nights... In his blog, Cyrus non-seriously challenged me to create a raycaster for the NES. I'm not 100% sure whether I'll be able to pull that off or...

FlyBy - Now released on iOS! 1m
So after nearly a year since the Android release, I've finally managed to get the game released on iOS! iTunes: Google Play:...

64D Shirts V2 - Now with 100% less theft! 1m
I'm thinking of making a new t-shirt design and running the campaign via teespring, which I've done with success previously. I was talking to Ronnica earlier because she was asking about a...

Sakuya General Animations Done 1m
I finished all of Sakuya's non attack, and non taking damage animations. This includes misc animations like wall-kick and ledge grab. I take my time animating, as I want to make it very present that this is THE Sakuya, so I look closely at the source...

Hello 1m
Hello everyone, I am new to 64digits, but I used to be on the sister site The Walrus Collective. I am hoping to post frequently on art I am making and ideas for a graphic novels I want to write.

New Project Started: Touhou SSB 1m
Between the release of Glass Wing on this site and now, I've learned how to use Maya, C# and Unity! And I'm ready to tackle my next project! Since 2007 I've wanted to make my own Smash Bros game, and I've also always wanted to make my own Touhou fan game. I figured, why not hit 2 birds with 1...

Something more Android. 1m
So I decided to do something outside of making games for Android. Making custom Android icons for third party launchers (e.g. Nova Launcher, GO Launcher). Here's a screen of my icons on my phone's custom launcher: If you're...

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