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18 Months 3 m
DAMNIT MOTHER I'VE DONE LEFT IT AGES BETWEEN BLOGS AGAIN Hello! It's been an eventful 18 months, so it's nice to come back and see good old 64Digits still here, still toodling along, serving not only as a fun community but also as one of the last remaining hits of nostalgia for the...

Nintendo Switch 1 m
What do you think? Personally this is exactly what I was looking for. I use handheld consoles a lot thanks to their "portability", and it's nice to be able to play those games with a big TV screen (and vice versa). Some people say the name...

What games have inspired you? 1 m
This is an open-ended blog I've been meaning to write for a while now, so here it is. I'm certain that most of you have been inspired to be game devs based on the games you grew up playing, and I'm curious to know what those games are. Were these games that inspired you to take up game...

It's finally coming together! (Tech Demo) 1 m Currently developing this in Spine + Unity. Download here I also have a WebGL build...

目盛間 2 m
...So, uh, what exactly was that about? And by "that", naturally I'm referring to my unrivaled masterpiece titled Splendid Genesis Memorikan. The magnum opus to end all opi. There's more to it than meets the eye, so let's break this turd apart so we can flush it away. The clue to what it's...

GM48 1 m
I haven't had much going on in life as of late, other than on thought level so this will be a brief one. So, if you were lacking on things to do this weekend give a look at the 20th GM48 and consider...

COMPETITION: Replacement for Cyrus 1 m I've decided that our current Cyrus has gone old and rancid and I am taking it upon myself to host this competition to source a suitable replacement. Whoever creates and submits the best entry wins a pizza. Entrants will be...

God Dammit! (56k warning) 1 m
I always felt bad about not finishing my 2D Light and Shadow blog series. I had everything planned for the third and final blog but never actually wrote it. God Dammit! I wish I had at least kept an outline written somewhere. I know I wanted to touch on specular reflection and utilizing normal...

Front Ends 1 m
So after finally getting fed up with the organization (or lack thereof) of my various games and emulators, I decided it's time to set up an emulator front end on my Windows machine. I looked into several, even tried a handful of them in rapid fire succession... and ultimately I've decided to...

Game Screenshots & Info 4 m
As I mentioned before, I wanted to drop more screenshots and game information here before anywhere else. I value what you all have to say about projects, and I feel that this place is largely the reason I'm even into game development, so I want to keep in in the family, so to speak. So, here's...

GMUI-Framework Studio port released! 1 m
That's right, the studio port has been released! But there are a few small tweaks needed on it before getting into new features. What is the GMUI-Framework? It is now available on the...

And the Iron Trophy goes to.... 1 m ShinseiOnnen Congratulate HER very much everyone! 2nd place SpectreNectar! Congratulate him a little bit. Split 3rd place Aistarin and Jani Nykänen. Honorable attempts, but bronze is not iron. Dead...

GMUI-Framework alpha released! 1 m
Hey guys, good news. I finally released my GMUI code! :thumbsup: I'm excited to announce that all of the scripts are now on github (but currently only tested with GM8.1): GMUI-Framework GitHub Repo You can download a demo...

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