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April 03, 2014
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LAR Games 1m
You know, considering my username.... I don't work on games very much anymore. I'm hoping to change that, and I've actually been sort of productive over the past two or so months. Thanks to Acid's help with a great example on how to do an inventory, I started my own RPG engine. It's actually...

Mega's sketch collection 1m
Figures I'd start one of these; I have no excuse now that I have a tablet :D So far, it's proven to be a joy to use. All the benefits of using an actual pencil and paper, but with the undo feature a computer provides. I'm thinking of sketching something on a pretty regular basis. Tonight I...

Starting a computer business 1m
Well I decided to quit my minimum wage job and start a business. I'm thinking computer repair and web design for the local area. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. I just want to be my own boss really. It's probably clear from Steven's blog about political views that it's quite important...

Let me play your game 1m
I had an idea recently that i thought might work well. For the most part we work tediously to make out game for ourselves and for others to play. There is nothing that sucks more than working hard on something just for nobody to play. Well I love games, also I love whiskey. I figured these two...

What happen? 1m
On Thursday morning, I attempted to update bash on the server so that we would no longer be vulnerable to the recently discovered shellshock exploit. Unfortunately, our old host iWeb apparently uses a "special" version of bash, so...

S4D Live Stream Schedule 1m
Hey errabodeh I'll be posting updates and livestreaming in this post for a couple weeks. I could also list other S4D streamers if that's a thing. I know someone said they might be streaming at like 4 or 5am UTC but I don't remember who it was.. Blaze157's...

what ive done for spook-a-digits 1m
Absolutely nothing!!! Actually that's a lie, I DID start a blank unity project. That's progress. Oh, and I've got some rad ideas for my themes! I got Deprived senses, Machines, and Brokenness. My current plan is a puzzle/horror/exploration game where you can't hear or see at the same time -...

Blahg Numbore 2! 1m
I worked on the game for about a half an hour, made a time lapse. This is it, in case you wanted to see it. I've implemented a system with body temperature and heart rate. If your heart rate gets too high, you have a cardiac arrest. If your...

Moikle's S4D2014 Progress 2m
So I noticed I was flooding the mini progress reports and my facebook feed with minor updates. now I'll do them here instead I intend to post updates in the comments and only update the activity feed with big updates. 20th...

Huge rant, and some music 6m
I met a traveller from an antique land Who said: "Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown, And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command, Tell that its sculptor well those passions read Which yet...

TSSB 34: Hit Wams 1m
I came back from California TouhouCon, it was awsome! Here is todays video: And if you want to see how the TSSB tourney went here is the twitch: Best time of my life, hands down!

New Horror FPS by Alex Cromwell! 1m
Hello, I know that I said that I was leaving game making, but I simply couldn't without making this FPS. It is a horror FPS similar to Hospital 3d, however it is more combat-oriented and more violent. Here are some screenshots, keep in mind that it is a work in...

S4D Early Progress. Also how animate? 1m
What's up everybody, I have started to only be active during competitions but oh well. College keeps me busy. Not that I ever posted much before. Anyway my themes are awesome. Disaster, Decay, and Abandoned. Possibly the best default synergy I have seen from anyone. Plus it went right along...

S4D - Boobs & The Learning Curve 1m
My themes seem almost too easy to implement. Illusion, haunting, and deprived senses? Easy peasy. I mean, I like all three and illusion + deprived senses really lends itself to game mechanics which can be as simple or complex as I want them to be. Right now, I'm thinking two young adults/teens...

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