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November 05, 2016
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March 19, 2016
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Ludum Dare 37 1 m
Ludum Dare #37 is to be hosted on their new website Starts in ~19 hours. Who all's participating? Seeing as I'm actually free this weekend (my year-end leave starts on Sat) I'm going to give it a shot, unless the theme totally sucks (but most of the contenders look...

Introduction 1 m
Hello everyone, my name is Aleksas and I’ve been referred by my older brother (Zuurix) to register to this site because it's "Awesome". I am a hobbyist artist and I would be happy to post my art here every once in a while, if the community members won't mind. I usually work on...

dafuq did I just do 1 m
So I finally got around to building my first PC, which I plan to use as a development + virtualization server of sorts: You can check out the specs on my...

GMUI-Framework alpha 0.0.2 1 m
I have made changes. But why did it take so long? Well.. I created a script exploding tool basically Spent...

Lets play factorio together :D 1 m
So I recently launched my first rocket in factorio singleplayer "Finishing" the game, and now I want to try out multiplayer. For anyone who doesn't know what factorio is, it is kind of like those minecraft mods that allow you to automate stuff with machines and auto furnaces and such....

I made this 1 m
Is Something There? Tried my hand at animation. I ended up taking out a bunch of scenes due to time constraints, but it's done at least. :P

Computer & Server upgrade! 2 m
So, if you're wondering where I've been and why I haven't updated GMUI for 20 days now (you're not wondering; don't worry), this would be why. I "upgraded" my computer and server. And holy crap was it a challenge. Here is the end...

GML Script Exploder V1 1 m
Like the name? So i've been working on this tool for about a month, only because I wanted to make it cool and save time. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed it took so long, but I learned a lot and now I have some nice code at my disposal so it wasn't all wasted at least. Its called the...

You Can't Have Me 1 m
I'm sorry you all, but as of yesterday, I'm spoken for. After a relatively long day of helping out at my parents' house with some chores while my father is recovering from surgery, I came home to my girlfriend, and on an impulse, proposed to her. My dad had asked me something that resonated for...

Sprite troubles: Vectors and Rasters 1 m
Creating the new model for Lana has been an interesting exercise. In the old days I used to just draw and animate in flash, then export my animations to PNGs that GMS would use. I still have the old sprites which I might release as a sprite sheet down the line. Now that I am moving to spine I am...

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