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Frustrational dev (revisited) 1m
Warning: sour me So a friend and I are making a game (sigh). We had so much success in general with Ghosthunters (LOL) that we decided to continue in that direction (dumb as we are). Thus C++ it is. Reasons? #1: Innovation (yeah right) / flexibility. I want to make an engine out of this...

Laptop Inflation Blues 1m
So, earlier this week I decided I was going to recommission my old laptop and put it into service as an experimental Linux box or something. I got it out of its box, got it charged up, booted it up made sure it ran fine. Unplugged it, went to bed, forgot about a few days until this morning, when I...

So I'm studying graphics design 1m
Hello there, welcome to my post :). In my previous blog I mentioned that I had started college, well this is a follow up with more detail. So, first of all (well the tittle spoiled it :P) I'm studying a technic in graphics design, which means that if I keep taking 5 clases per trimester like...

[NAL] 11 Months 2m
I swear to Christ I've been on here at least once a month meaning to do this just for the sake of not having a ridiculous blog title. Although it is an improvement on 22 and 25! Go me! \o/ (and goddamn it I won't have my blog posts ruined by not including the on this thing) MY...

The wonderful three-dimensional... CUBE! 1m
I finally have something to show you. It's something you have never seen before. It's something you will never see again. It's... ...a cube! Yeah, it's a basic textured cube...

Jext? 1m
Hey, i hope you're doing fantastic! It seems a lot has happened on and off the WWW since I last logged in. Many new versions and updates to game maker, YoYo Games, a few super bowls, crazy events around the world seemingly everyday and I believe a new president (its been a while so it wouldnt...

Hello. In July last year I dropped out of university to take a semester break. I wasted 1.5 years of my life/tuition on a course I didn't enjoy (Bachelor of IT), so I quit. Taking that break was probably the best decision I've made in my adult life. It gave me the opportunity to better myself by...

I'm not good with titles 1m
So. Insomnia. Or some shit like that. Went to bed somewhere after 22:00 and woke up at 3:00 just to roll around in bed for about 2 hours just to give up on getting any more sleep tonight. And the same shit last night, with the difference that I only slept about 3 hours. And to add to the injury I...

This place is lovely. 1m
Not sure if it is still that way today but at least it was in 2012. Seems that I jumped out of nowhere last year in this exact same month to fade into the inactivness. But, today I returned, pretty much because I was listening to the OST of one of the 64 2012 RPG competition and remembered this...

Hidden College Music 1 3m
My university's radio station is in the long process of converting their entire library of music into digital files - handing out the physical CD's in massive bins. UMass has been around for a while, and a good portion of their collection is pure hidden gems - stuff that never had a...

:( 1m trying to animate things sucks the joy out of life

Help me with OpenGL 3.x 3m
Problem solved! There is nothing to see! I know there are some C++ programmers who know some modern OpenGL (3.x or newer), so could someone plese help me with my project? I have a simple problem: I'm unable to draw anything. Okay, let me be a bit more specific: First,...

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