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April 03, 2014
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The first AAA title I bought since Dragon Age: Origins 1m
It has been... three? Four? FIVE? years since I have bought a physical - or actually, any kind of - AAA game title. The games I have played have been either PSP or 3DS games, indie games or "Nintendo games" (they are not triple-A titles if you ask me). But now I did it, I bought a triple-A title....

the game maker & youtuber mashup 1m
aeron, plz read my PM. here i'm talking about my game for half an hour. i have a feeling you'll either love this or hate this, but i really did enjoy making this. it's not normal for me to talk about my game IRL since it's hard...

Artsy Junk Dump 1m ...And another work in...

Looking for a turn-based strategy game 1m
The title says it all: I'm looking for a turn-based strategy/tactics game that is available on Steam AND on Linux. Do not suggest Civilization, I already own III, IV and V. I need something lightweight, so do not suggest any Paradox's complex strategy games. I would like to play a game that...

Forkin Awsmoe! 2m
So for the longest time, I've made crappy games I call Awsmoe games. Originally, it started as a parody of the quality of games you'd find on the Yo-Yo Games Sandbox (albeit better programmed), but over time it evolved into its own art form. I rarely spend longer than an afternoon on these...

play Fallen London! 1m
so I rediscovered this game recently. "Fallen London". it's a really cool text adventure game you can play on your browser. I really like the Gothic theme and setting. The stats system is pretty cool. all your actions contribute to various categories. my...

RPI, Tessel and the like 1m
Gonna start off by pointing out that by the end of this summer, my time having an account on 64Digits will have been 10 years. Ten. Years. In 2019, I will have spent half of my life having an account on this site, assuming it is still online (which we all know it will be due to the mind altering...

Back, and Website! 1m
So.... here, again. I've been plodding through life. Things have been -mostly- the same. A few changes, though... First - I've got a Drivers License! I've finally snagged a license, so I just gotta find a car, though no money. And that goes hand in hand with the second thing. Second -...

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