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April 18, 2014
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January 25, 2014
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Part II 2m
Anyone remember that huge blog I wrote last month where I basically complained how my country sucked economically? I named that 'Part I' because I knew that wouldn't be the end. Now, after what happened today, I can continue with Part II. And this time it won't be about economics. I was at this...

Regaining my composure 1m
Heh... hehehe... Did you see what I did there? Hurr hurr hurrrhuerhrsughag. Composure? Composer? HRUHRURAHUGHUGHUHGH... It's not a depression blog. I bet you col not seed that coming... ... Sorry. Have some music: This...

64DSC - Cats Log#2 1m
Yesterday I was finishing up the game I said I'd be done with weeks ago but it was fun and worth it. That's probably done now so today I've made some more progress with my contest entry. Queue gifs: Cat...

Game update along with a couple questions. 1m
Okay, so for about a couple months now I've been working on a turn based RPG. Now, there is a little more to it than just that. There are some real-time elements mixed in to make a little more (I doubt anyone likes a game where everything is based on RNG). Instead, every attack is based on the...

64dc my games options? 1m
You only get to see the OP menu when you boot up the game, so that you can decide how you want to experience it, also for those of you with less powerful computers, you can have all the pretty effects taken off to increase performance. (I've also done my best to optimize the game...

64DSC - 11 1m
This is an archive, stream of consciousness style, devblog of my adventures trying to code up a game for the first time. The Sound of Music Back to the shorter updates. I revamped the audio today. Now you can control the volume, play/pause, and mute. I also paved the way for...

64dc update, 1 pic mostly just new info 1m
I've finished all the monsters, and they all look freaky. They vary from big to gigantic... I also finished every single puzzle element, keep in mind that factors in some from Mario, Zelda,...

Day 20 And Yet I Move 1m
BEHOLD! VIDEO (I hope that worked) As you can see the world is still in a primitive shape state but we now have spewing color, a base for creating interaction objects, and a good idea how to actually level design for this nonsense. The rate...

64DSC - Reboot 1m
I haven't really had any time for my 64DSC project this month :/ On that note, time to start over! It's not much of a loss considering how far I was to begin with. Spoiler: not far. Anyways, it involves cats. Today I'm trying to get GM: Studio to properly draw the pixels at all even...

64dc update: taking ideas from nintendo 1m
Water Temple confirmed Mario Sunshine's electric goop

Mega's Competition Dev Log #5 2m
Yesterday, I was looking at the other dev logs. Some really high quality work you're doing guys. Really high quality. Made me feel a bit down, actually. So I stopped giving a damn; I'm not aiming to place well, or finish a game. At this point, I'm just aiming to make something and have fun...

Original plans vs the reality 1m
Original plans have usually almost nothing to do with what really happens. Sounds familiar? In my previous blog I told about my 64DSC entry I abandoned, because my skills did not meet the requirements. In that blog I also introduced my 'current project', an unnamed RPG-project. That's...

64DSC - Fox vs Bunny - Devlog01 9m
Oops, a little late getting around to this project. I spent too much time pushing my last game Neon to mobile devices. Neon on iOS Neon on...

64DSC - 10 3m
This is an archive, stream of consciousness style, devblog of my adventures trying to code up a game for the first time. The illusion of progress. Today I thought I'd walk you through my level design process, in a vain attempt to get some levels designed. I'm having too much...

MGE: TNG #2 1m
Work on my NGE-themed Magic set is progressing smoothly, I'm now up to 38 cards... not all of which are completed, but the majority of them...

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