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April 03, 2014
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V2 is back 1m
I think it's really awesome that you guys pulled off converting the entire site back to V2. It's nice to see my blog and file editor and even the games pages go back to the way they used to be. That's an awesome prank guys, but maybe we should leave the site this way. I didn't realize how much...

twist and shout 1m
I turned 22 today. weird I like to think that I spent it the right way--drinking beer with friends and listening to the Beatles I've been dicking around with Unity 5 and its new built-in PBR features. The physics tweaks and SpeedTree support make it even more enticing. It's good stuff. I'd...

Stuff I've Done :) 1m
Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted, so I figured I'd update you all on some stuff :D. First of all, I made another house! Someone requested I make another, so I did :). It's pretty nice I think, and fairly cheap since you get a ton of useful scripts and shaders with it. I still...

Mobile chiptune tracker thingy 1m
Most of y'all know what is a tracker. Currently I am working on a mobile app (Android/Windows Phone) that creates chiptune (like Famitracker) using Game Maker: Studio. It's gonna called 8Chips or something, but here's a testing phase screenshot: I'm...

Experiences with Unity 2m
I tried Unity. I'm not using it anymore. Here's my story: I wanted to make something different. C++ and Javascript, ugh, I need something I haven't tried before. I want to try an actual game engine that is not a C library! I tried Godot (it has editor for Linux!), but it has ugly scripting...

March Blog 5m
I've got a distinct lack of blogs for this month, besides that UE4 announcement thingy. So here's a hodgepodge of a blog; I'll try to section things off neatly and remember to use paragraphs for once. Work Work has been... interesting. I still get basket cases bringing their...

Do you remember Folding @ Home? 1m
I remember back in 2007-08 when I bought my first High High end graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 4850) I tried Folding@Home and it slowed my computer to a crawl. Apparently it is a lot better now and it still helps fold proteins to help better understand cancer/Alzheimer's/etc. and aids research. Now...

Time Vampires Devlog 01 1m
Working on a new game! The idea is a minimalist fighter like Lethal League or Divekick. I'm aiming for the general combat speed of Nidhogg however. Inputs are pretty simple, platforming movement, block, and attack. HOWEVER: A twist exists! Each round is over in one hit, first one to...

Sector Six Alpha updated! 1m
HUGE update! Three massive bosses added, new ship parts, new abilities, new reward types, new enemies, new backgrounds, new enemy intelligence and much more!‚Äč Full change log can be found here. Hope...

Computer Science in a nutshell 1m
is trying to understand this Please just kill me. I can't even count to potato

Old Computers!! :) 1m
All this talk about old computers on other blogs makes me want to take some time to reminisce on some simpler times! Tell me what kind of computer did you used to develop games on/ work on? Before any upgrades or add ons(you can include that too). -Post the specs including the Brand, OS,...

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