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April 03, 2014
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Simple GM Multiplayer Server Project 4m
"Help how do I make a mmo?" Here's how, dammit. Pre-tl;dr: I've been writing a multiplayer networking server that doesn't require a DLL, extension or anything. Just GM:S. Uses Node.js for the server, and its all super simplified. I wanted to post a blog about something I've been...

Akibadventure! 1m
So today, I went on a little field trip to Akihabara. Partly just to goof off, but also I was searching for a new case for my PC. Not that the NZXT Phantom 530 isn't fantastic, but I needed something significantly smaller. More specifically, I wanted something that I could fit into my standup...

tablet tablet tablet (WARNING: IMAGE HELL) 1m character...

Stealth Inc 2 free this weekend 1m
Humble is having an "End of Summer" Sale, and just like last time I remember them doing something like this, they're giving away a game for free. This time, it's Stealth Inc 2. No idea if its any good, I've only played Stealth Bastard. But hey, free...

Listen! 1m
(Music below) Hey! Long time no post. I really need to post more, it's hard to believe it's been a year since my last blog. And well, it's been a crazy year at...

Steam Account Stolen 1m
Just in time for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, my Steam account gets stolen. Sweeeet. And as a result, I've learned that Steam's customer support is probably a pigeon that manages to fly into the office about once a month and peck randomly at a keyboard before flying off again. Really...

Unity editor is coming to Linux 1m
(Or officially to Ubuntu and its derivatives, but I'm pretty sure it might work in other popular distros) I usually avoid short blogs like this, but this is something I want to share with you: Yesterday I found a link to this blog:...

New Drawing Program 1m
Yesterday I started messing around with art again, so as to keep in practice. Only problem is that GIMP keeps on crashing with my tablet; 2.8 doesn't like non-WACOM branded tablets, and 2.6 doesn't pick up the tablet at all. Then I discovered Krita. And holy crap, I'm not using GIMP again....

Echo #3 1m
Good news, like always! Interfaces are almost complete and I have already added some of new content planned for this version. This week I have... Updated part sprites. Updated Blighted Remains region sprite. Polished interfaces. Finished...

Finishing Exile 4m
I started a somewhat annoying project yesterday on a whim. A friend and I were going through some of my old games and he wanted to see me play Exile. It's been just over 3 years now since I made it, and I actually managed to dig up the original release, and found its source code. After...

News from the Box Fox 2m
I have been busy here in my box. Work has increased in pace because we're nearing some milestones - good stuff though. I've been very happy with my new job these last three months, and although I've not had time to work on my game (too much programming at work leaves little brains to program at...

Refinding the path 2m
I couldn't get a new project started. I did have some fancy ideas, but programming is more fun when you have already finished something and you have a good idea what to do next. When starting a new project, you have to create classes or objects, write some helper functions etc. Anyway, I reopened...

Wow! very much, graphic design! 2m
Hello there, it's been a long time since I wrote a previous blog, I haven't had the time hoever I've been thinking on doing one for quite a long time now and well here I am. In my past two blogs I mentioned I'm studying graphics design (in fact the previous one was mostly about it) and during...

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