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March 19, 2016
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April 03, 2014
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Re:LSS on Bandcamp 1 m (TIL 64digits doesn't play nice with image links; here's a...

Turning an old laptop into an "emulation station" 1 m
A few months ago I found a thing called "Lakka" ( It's one kind of emulation-based Linux distro with pad-friendly user interface. Its name is Finnish and means "cloudberry". This suggests that it was originally made for Raspberry Pi, but it was later made compatible with...

Audio Editing Demonstration 1 m
I mentioned in my last blog that I wanted to do a few videos on music making and audio editing. So today I sat down and made my first rough video. In this one I walk through various audio editing processes by recreating a specific effect in REAPER*. It lightly touches on sampling, beat matching,...

Taking oneself seriously 1 m
I need encouragement in pursuing the path of my art. I spend way too much time at home these days now that I'm not on the art academy and that got me thinking more about my whole creator situation. I love to paint. I always seem to realize that when I haven't done it for a...

Irony4Digits - September 21- October 1 1 m
Ironic Art Compo Theme The theme is Irony. Interpret as you wish. Make ironic art in any way you can. Prizes Yes. The winner will be congratulated. The winner may boast about having won the compo for an...

Vibes and Stuff 1 m
#Art #Music

Colorado 1 m Just got back from a trip to Colorado to visit my girlfriend's family and a few other people we know out there. Though I've been there before a few times, this was my first time there when it wasn't freezing...

Goofy4Art results 1 m
Here are Goofy4Art results, the top 3 (the amount of points not mentioned, the order of losers is mentioned neither): 1st Nopykon 2nd Mega 3rd-4th SpectreNectar and Jani (equal points, but the prize will go to SpectreNectar,...

shhhhh 1 m
no more tears

So the website went down, sure. But for the longevity of the digits, I have finally brought myself to do it.... I HAVE JUST PURCHASED THE DOMAIN OF 65DIGITS.COM !!!! IF YOU WANT IT, THEN YOU'LL HAVE TO BID ON IT, BECAUSE I'M HOLDING IT HOSTAGE UNTIL A SWEET DEAL IS MADE! Wait,...

strategies to make dreams come true 1 m
1. get a schedule and plan out your day. without this, i tend to go on facebook, youtube, reddit, and /pol/ for hours on end. then the next day i spend wondering... why did i waste all that time and what exactly did i get done? 2. remove options okay, so there's a 2 hour block to work on map...

Programing for art vs. programming for science 1 m
Today I met a guy - another math student, actually - who had started to study programming with no experience in coding before. He told me what kind of courses were coming and which ones interested him, so he showed me the website of one courses that said what kind of things the course included....

Echo #50: 50th echo 3 m
When I began working on Sector Six, I didn't knew that it would become this big. ‚ÄčI didn't knew that Sector Six is going to be in Steam, I didn't knew that it will get so much positive feedback, I didn't knew that one day I will write 50th development blog a.k.a. echo about it. But it all...

Wow, it's been over 10 years, apparently. 1 m
Not that I do anything here, ever, at all. I wonder how many people I knew are even still here. Good to still see it kicking. I noticed it was down when some of my hosted images weren't showing up on the intarwebs, and I was like "oh no they killed 64Digits :c" Good to see it's just the...

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