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Prismaticka, blog no. 4 - Challenge Edition 1m Latest build - now completely playable! Ever wanted to know what it's like to be a color scientist (totally a real job)? Now you can get the ultimate...

64d april contest devblog 1m
I've been so busy getting everything prepared that I have yet to make the actual game part. I've made a ton of items and how they can be used to interact with the world in specific ways, but only 1 enemy and 1 room, still I think I should be able to pull this together! Spend a lot of time...

64DSC - 9 3m
This is an archive, stream of consciousness style, devblog of my adventures trying to code up a game for the first time. Screenshots, screenshots everywhere! Lots of stuff happening today. I got audio playback working. I need to flesh it out a bit with volume control/muting, and support...

evillair's 64DSC blog No.2 1m
Quite a bit has changed in my game since the last blog. - new art style - save game - options/load/help screens - colored lasers - colored missiles - found a name! - made a background music song. here's the background music I made for...

Mark as irrelevant 1m
Due to several worrying incidents which have occurred in the past few months, the staff have agreed that it would be best to revoke the ability for a user to delete comments posted to their own blog, in the interest of maintaining free speech and open discussion. The primary reason OPs have...

#64DSC Cheese & Meat Devlog #2 1m
Week 3 Well three weeks in and it’s time for a progress update! We have most of our graphics in and displaying correctly except for a few bugs. All of the required sprites are currently in the game. At this point anything else I make will just be extra...

What are you doing? 1m
You're sitting there lurking on the page. You're not commenting. You're not blogging. You're looking at the page that hasn't had activity for hours. WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU DOING? I don't mean that as an insult - what are you doing? I do mean this as an insult: IF YOU'RE NOT...

#64DSC What does this make you feel? 1m It's the current state of my game. Not a bug, actually. You might read into it as a hint. I was extremely motivated after watching a bunch of 4k-demos over at pouet, so I started playing around with the idea of making a 4k game....

Prismaticka, blog no. 3 1m
Some of the things that I talked about last blog are now implemented! 80% not interactive build I would talk about everything that I've implemented, but...

Dook 64DSC Log#1 1m
Late joiner I was looking forward to this compo, but I haven't had time to do any actual work until today. And between moving apartment, going to work and doing Ludum Dare next weekend it'll be interesting to see if there'll ever be an update #2 ;) I've had some time to think, though,...

Mega's Competition Dev Log #4 1m
So, I changed plans last week (as mentioned in my last blog), and started working on a platformer idea I had on paper, then took that and simplified it (to a point). I've been working on it throughout the week (Though literally every single time I've sat down to work on the project for more...

HTML5 Tech Demo 1m (WARNING: autoplaying soundtrack) CONTROLS Swipe up to jump Swipe left to move view left Swipe right to move view right Just something I'm making...

Iktsua Environment [64DSC] 1m
This post will be about the world and environment in Iktsua, our survival adventure game. It will be split into a post about the form, and a post about the feel. (Like that? I thought it up myself) Form The levels in Iktsua are randomly/procedurally generated with the exception of...

Calling all ladies! 1m
Wow, it's been a really long time! How is everyone doing?? I hope you're all really happy :) So I'm here to tell you all about the project I've started working on. Now, this is a huge deal because I've never been confident enough in poetry (not my abilities, mostly poetry as an art) to actually...

Unblogworthy. 1m
I'm making this one of those "put stuff you're working on in the comments" blogs, for posting/discussing things that aren't worth making a whole blog about. I figure this will get more users to post cool content on here for everyone to see and talk about. I'm...

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