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A handy little function (GML) 1 m
As far as I know GML is silly and doesn't have a built in function to check if a value is smaller or greater than all of a given set of numbers. I mean there are situation where you can use min() and max() functions but there are situations where they don't work. It would make your if-statements a...

The Littlest Keyboard 1 m
This is going to be a hard one to type. I say that because I'm typing this on a 40% keyboard, which I just plugged in this morning to my computer for the first time. I have virtually no idea how to touch type on this thing when not just typing letters, which, by the way, is exquisite on these...

Quick Switch 1 m
Let's see if I can crank out a decent enough post in the next 10 or so minutes before I head to work. I got a switch launch-week. Very lucky after not pre-ordering to find that a coworker pre-ordered two, just to be sure. I bought his second one from him, and we did this dead-drop situation...

Foundation 2 m
I made the first commit of my game in May 2016, so I'm coming up on a year of development time here soon. In some ways, it doesn't show. For one, I haven't spent all of that time working solely on the game - I've taken long breaks, and even when working on it, I only have the time that is outside...

Do I need subtitles for this? 1 m
Yeah so I did a video but I'm not sure if people will understand my English? And stuff? Will they? Thanks?

Massive update! New abilities and enemies, city improvements, new game+ and full controller support! 1 m
Sector Six has been updated! This update adds a lot of new content and improves various parts of the game. Five new abilities! Era's End, apocalypse class ability: The most powerful damage dealing ability in Sector Six! Overload, apocalypse class ability: Overload removes armour and...

Iron Fist is garbage so far 1 m
This show is garbage so far. I know people are defending it because of the whole whitewashing controversy, which honestly I was defending the show as well, I think it should be true to the comics and I don't have a problem with the lead being white (I'm not white btw) . The reason why I think...

Our 7drl for 2017 1 m
Hi Everyone My wife and I participated in the 7drl this year and finished the project just in time, feel free to check it out here at and tell us what you think. She wanted to work on her drawing skills and I wanted to write more than code this...

Something 1 m
I have made a game using: 1) NES palette + resolution (but not the color limits) 2) EGA palette + resolution 3) Master System palette + resolution So what's next? C64 is a logical step, so I decided to make a game that parodies 80's crappy platformers. The project has been more fun this far...

Strange Terrain [Music] 1 m
Surprised I am still finding time to make music with so much going on in my life right now. All good things, though I am overwhelmed and feel like there is quite suddenly very little time to myself. What spare time I do find, I spend reading books and writing music. I am looking bravely towards...


Nothing 1 m
You know why I haven't written a blog for a while? I have nothing to say. Then I realized that hasn't stopped me earlier, so let's write a blog about pretty much nothing! I have been trying to make games, but for some reasons all my projects have failed. I was wondering why, then I realized it...

take a STATION-CATION! 1 m
hello everyone. here are three videos from a recent build of the game Diego del Solar Gonzales...

Finished a game - Gravity Galaxy! 3 m
Hey! After over two years of development, completely in my free time, I have finally released my game onto iOS and Android. The release has gone pretty well so far, with the game being featured by Apple on the app store in a whole bunch of different...

Embraced 0.01 5 m
Well it's been a while, so much for this project, let's move on to the current one. Which will most likely get abandoned half-way through, more on that later, so read...

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