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Posted by Aistarin on April 3, 2014, 2:44 a.m. ūüďĆ

So I'm seeing a sudden influx of new users coming here thanks to Acid's competition. Before I go any further, I want to tell any new user that is reading this post that you are more than free to post your own blog if you want to do an extended introduction (including but not limited to any hobbies and recent projects that you are working on, let it be games, music, art, etc.).

I am aware that our way of doing things on this website is much different than a traditional forum and not everybody here is used to blogging, so I am making this blog for users that want to introduce themselves but don't want to write a full-blown blog just yet (which you can access through My Page > Post Blog. Also, I encourage all of you new users to upload an avatar via My Page > File Manager and set it via My Page > Preferences (along with any other info you wish to share on your profile).

You can find a list of all of our networking groups via the 64Social! tab, including but not limited to our Built-in IRC client, Facebook group, Steam group, and lastly details about our Minecraft server (which is down at the moment, but you can feel free to talk to StevenOBrien if you would like to be whitelisted). Our IRC channel is #64digits on, so feel free to hop in and say hello!

If you have any concerns or need help with anything, here is a list of administrator/moderators that have been active this year (as of this blog's posting date):
CyrusRoberto (me)

Here's a list of people who do server stuff and might be able to help you with technical things:
aeron (site code and admin stuff)
sirxemic (site code and admin stuff)
StevenOBrien (Minecraft server)
Jeremy (Minecraft and other game servers)
CyrusRoberto (site code and admin stuff)

Welcome to 64digits!


InvisibleMan 6 years ago

I'll probably create a proper first devlog entry, but I'd like to introduce myself here first!

I'm an indie game developer. I first started programming games in early 2000 or very late 1999 (the exact date unfortunately escapes me). It was a dark, rainy day and while hiding from the elements in the local library, I decided to checkout a book on QBasic…

My programming experience can be neatly cut into two pieces: Until about 2006, I programmed exclusively in Visual Basic 6.0. After that, I started programming in C++ (using C conventions, oh dear me) and dabbled in a variety of different languages as well, including Ruby, PHP (and other "web" languages), x86 assembly, C# (I love this language), ActionScript 3.0, and some others.

I don't have any games on hand to show for my early programming experience (they are all mothballed), but in 2003 I started on a group project in Visual Basic 6.0 to create an MMORPG. Now, before you laugh, it actually wasn't too bad, and we managed to release a game which was online until roughly 2007 or maybe 2008! It was called Loradon, although you can't get much information on it now. Here are a couple screenshots I was able to dig up though:

I also worked on another online RPG called Stick Adventures Online, which was an online multiplayer side-scroller where you played as a stick figure fighting bugs in a forest. This one never had much content in it, although we had a decent number of fans for some reason.

The most recent "large" project was another online RPG which we called Volund. After taking down Loradon, we wanted to replace the open spot with another multiplayer RPG, and thus this game was born. It's currently offline however, due to resource limitations :(

Aside from game development, I play Magic The Gathering, PC games (I used to be a console gamer, but I haven't had a new console since the original XBox…) including most recently Minecraft (I prefer realism and survival mods). I'm also studying the Japanese language, but that is a very slow and off-and-on process. I have a mild interest in history, particularly the history of Britain and Scandinavia. I'm also currently trying to get back into strength training.

And that about wraps it up :) Thanks for reading, if you managed to get through it all! I plan on having a lot of fun in this latest competition, and the community seems awesome so I'll be sticking around :D

Toast 6 years ago

Sup mayn, cool games and interests, I also study Japanese. In the next week or so I find out if I have a job in Japan or not o_O

InvisibleMan 6 years ago

@Toast: Thanks! A job in Japan would be cool :O How far in your studies are you, roughly?

Toast 6 years ago

I've been learning for about 18 months but not very seriously. Taken a couple of very easy classes. You don't learn much unless you immerse yourself and converse with native speakers which I haven't done much (yet)

Castypher 6 years ago

Awesome, Toast. That's something I've been considering a bit myself. I'm actually attempting a trip next summer, depending on my financial standing.

Welcome to all the new competition entrants. As Cyrus said, we tend to do things a little differently and it may take some getting used to, but we're a pretty friendly bunch and you can feel free to message staff or hop on the IRC if you have any questions or concerns.

Good luck to everyone in the competition.

Acid 6 years ago

I'm Acid. I'm usually lurking.

Taizen Chisou 6 years ago

I am Taizen. I don't do anything around here.

Kunedon 6 years ago

I'm Kunedon. I'm scared of all of you.

StevenOBrien 6 years ago

I'm Steven. I write music and shout at people.

Taizen Chisou 6 years ago

I'm Steven. I write music and shout at people.

Steven's songs are pretty great.

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