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dafuq did I just do
Posted on November 30, 2016 at 01:43

So I finally got around to building my first PC, which I plan to use as a development + virtualization server of sorts:

You can check out the specs on my PCPartPicker List.

The actual amount I spent was less than what is listed at the bottom of the list, since a friend of mine who works at Intel was able to get me the i7 6700k at half price. And of course the GTX 1060 6gb was about $250 at Fry's. I estimate the total price to go down to about $1100 after I mail in $70 worth of rebates.

That is, of course if I don't end up replacing the motherboard because my stupid-ass bent a socket pin when I accidentally dropped the CPU cap into the socket itself.

64digits v4 pre-alpha
Posted on November 05, 2016 at 21:00

So I think I've gotten v4's codebase to the point where I can finally launch a pre-Alpha that regular members can try:

You'll need to log in twice the first time so that your user info can be imported into the test database. Once you do, you should be redirected to your new user page that looks like this:

However, if you get a "User is not allowed to login to this system" error at login, you'll need to PM me if you wish to log into the v4 pre-alpha. Access is currently restricted to regular members.

Feature-wise, you'll see that progress has been rather minimal aside from a very basic and ugly-looking blog and PM system. Most of my time has been spent working on the API authentication system, something which I have more or less made completely from scratch (save for a few things I'd rather not tackle myself, like generating cryptographically secure strings for tokens). But now that I have auth more or less nailed down, I will continue to add more features from the roadmap and announce them here in the upcoming weeks in hopes of getting continuous feedback in v4's progress.

I currently aim to have a beta up and running by the end of this month, as well as a pilot by mid-to-late December, where all data from v3's old database will be ported to v4's new one and tested for integrity.

Thank you,


What games have inspired you?
Posted on October 20, 2016 at 02:21

This is an open-ended blog I've been meaning to write for a while now, so here it is.

I'm certain that most of you have been inspired to be game devs based on the games you grew up playing, and I'm curious to know what those games are. Were these games that inspired you to take up game development? Do you look back on them for inspiration on how to design your own games?

My own list of personal inspirations is quite long so I'll be updating the blog periodically as I think about what to write for each one.

It's finally coming together! (Tech Demo)
Posted on October 15, 2016 at 20:09

Currently developing this in Spine + Unity.

Download here

I also have a WebGL build here.


Arrow keys to move
Space to jump
Shift to run

v4 Feature List
Posted on August 10, 2016 at 03:45

Hello All,

So most of you know by now that I am currently working on a rewrite of the the entire website from scratch, including the database. As expected, my progress has been rather slow due to my rather tight schedule (hence the blog being posted at midnight), but I have been trying to put as much time into this as I can.

Back in March, I went through nearly all of the v4 discussion blogs that we've had over the past 4 years to compile a list of the features that people have consistently asked for, and added them to this feature road map that I am maintaining. Most of the features I will be prioritizing are those which enhance the site's overall usability over new functionality. Though I do have plans to add features which aim to increase the site's usefulness altogether, perhaps going back to our roots as a file hosting service.

I've assessed and ranked each feature by difficulty (relative to my own skills):
0 - Feature has already been implemented
1 - Feature is very trivial for me to implement
2 - Feature might take some effort to implement
3 - Feature might be very difficult to implement. Might be finalized in a future update
4 - Feature that is still in the air or planned for a future update

Roadmap (Show)

The features that I have rated 3 and under are pretty much guaranteed to make it into the final release in some form. I'll be updating the statuses of the features as I continue to make progress, but I will not be adding more to the list.

You can also keep track of my progress via our git server page.


Posted on July 27, 2016 at 03:04

Demo Website Here

For those still interested in contributing, or those who are curious about AngularJS apps, feel free to install MySQL and Node.js on your machine to give it a whirl. Perhaps I can even get around to installing this on the main server for you all to check out.

I'll be following this up with a feature roadmap I outlined a few months ago.


-Cyrus Aistarin

Blast Processing
Posted on June 26, 2016 at 05:04

Download the ROM here.

Also, I knew these sprites I made 3 years ago would come in handy some day!...

EDIT 2016-06-28:

Messing around with horz and vert scrolling to simulate background rotation and ended up with this cool wavy effect

Download the ROM here.

(UPDATED) Shoutouts for an excellent 2016!
Posted on December 31, 2015 at 18:27

I've been rather heartbroken to see that not only has activity begun to die down, but also that everybody seems to be drifting apart as a community. This frustrates me because I let myself be convinced that we are such a closely-knit community that we'd still be in touch with one another even if you take the site away, but as the months went on I've begun to uncover a lot of resentment and even hate that people have towards one another. As much as I dislike it when people begin screaming "64DIGITS IS DEAD", I've gotta admit that I too am very uncertain of the community's future and I would rather much make sure that I am in good terms with the friends that I have made here. I still have the strong desire to stay in the fight to keep us afloat, but I feel like I've also been fighting another battle against becoming disillusioned.

I could go on talking about the my frustrations, but I'd rather take Jani's advice and just start focusing on the positive things we've had going for us, and I want to begin this year on a more positive note. No resentment, no drama, and no calling out.

I've been meaning to do something nice over the last several months to combat the negativity that has been spreading around here like wildfire. Back in the day when we were much younger, we had this "loveblog" fad where we'd write positive things towards one another. These were the kinds of blogs that won me over, and are part of the reason why I've stuck around after all these years. I thought it would be cool if I tried to revive it again, so I spent some time over the last few days writing one for most of the userbase that had been consistently active over the last few years. There are a few people I still need to add in so stay tuned for those.

Now get your buns ready for 8000 words of ass-kissing, unnecessary apologies, and me pretending to be your BFF as I wish you the best for 2016.

Oh, and also if you still maintain contact with a 64D member over Facebook/Skype/Tumblr and you see them on here, be a bro and feel free to let them know that I wrote something for them.


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For those who I have missed, please don't feel left out. As much as I'd like to write something towards all of the users I've crossed paths with, that would require a much greater time investment than what would be possible. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you all for the fun that I've had on this community, and I wish you all a happy 2016!


oh you mad cuz i'm stylin on you
Posted on November 26, 2015 at 17:24

After a few hours of trying to come up with a new, minimalistic low-res style, I came up with this:

The knees still need some tweaking but aside from that I think I have a good foundation to start making more complex animations with.

Gonna see how much spritework I can get done over the holiday weekend so stay tuned!

Pumpkin carving contest?
Posted on October 15, 2015 at 19:26

First prize gets $20 from me.
Second prize has to record themselves smashing their creation.

Will only give prize if more than 4 people submit a valid entry.

Could be fun if others are willing to do it, perhaps even share potential designs.


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