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So, college stuff and stuff.
Posted on January 28, 2012 at 03:22

and stuffs.

College stuff

Alright, so I haven't blogged in awhile so I figured I would. I'm attending University now and I really like it so far. So much better than high school. I like the more freedom feeling you get. I met a lot of new people already and thats just great.

However, I have a issue coming up. I plan on moving out of my parents home soon, and originally planned on moving in with a friend into an apartment. We were both on-board about this, but then a "friend" of mine (my friend is more friends with him than I am) heard about this and decided, for some unknown reason, to move back to town. Then he started bugging my friend about us getting a 3 bedroom place so it would be a lot cheaper. My planned roommate was all for the idea of saving money, but I honestly do not want to live with this guy.

The reason is we'd all be locked in a 1-year contract, so none of us would be able to move out if we started hating each other. Plus I know I couldn't last long with this guy, hes annoying, selfish, and 2-faced. I told my planned roommate flat out that I do not want to live with him, and if he wants to I'll just get my own place. So he said he'd just keep with just us moving in with each other. Well, the other guy is still pretty much begging him (hes really obsessive over my friend) so I have a feeling my friend is going to change his mind.

What should I do 64D? Should I just say fuck him, and say I'm going to move into a dorm? I wouldn't mind living in a dorm, actually. I'd meet a lot of new people and I'd be in walking distance of all my classes.

Other stuff
I started making stuff for Windows Phone because of XNA and I like working with C#. Anyone here have a Windows Phone? I have some stuff you could test in-exchange for the app free? :3

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Living with people you don't like will make you miserable. I know you pretty much did, but if you can just make it more clear, tell him you will not do it if he joins, it's the other friend or you. It's nothing personal with your friend, the problem is with his friend.
Posted by Ferret January 28, 2012 5:04 - 3.3 years ago
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Dorms are good, but they can be a bit pricy (well, at least here in California)...
Posted by CyrusRoberto January 28, 2012 6:14 - 3.3 years ago
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You're locked in? Are you sure it's not just a case of you have to find a replacement before you can move out? That's generally how it's done over here, in any case.
Posted by PY January 28, 2012 7:10 - 3.3 years ago
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if it's cheaper, i'd totally go with a dorm. plus, you're not stuck paying for it if you moved out.

i've also got a windows phone.
Posted by Gordy January 28, 2012 7:20 - 3.3 years ago
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Tough situation man, Yeah I'd say forget that if you are forced with the 3. Annoying people are just annoying. xD
Posted by svf January 28, 2012 10:09 - 3.3 years ago
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You should get a dorm if he tries to wriggle that guy into your plans. You'll make more friends and just have an overall better college experience anyway.

I live off campus and it's kind of hard for me to make friends. (Ones that I care about.)

Also, I'm working with XNA too. I mainly started because I've had my phone for almost a year now, and there aren't very many fun games in the marketplace.
Posted by Acid January 28, 2012 10:30 - 3.3 years ago
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@Ferret: I would, but I assume he'd just call me a douche or something.
@Cyrus: Yeah, they're a bit pricier than most apartments, but being able to make more friends at my University would be worth it.
@PY: Yeah, that's what I meant. I'd be locked into paying until I could find a replacement, or the contract is up. Chances in finding a replacement would be very slim.
@Gordy: I think the dorm would be a little bit more. Also, you could test a game I'm working on. :P
@svf: Indeed.
@Acid: Yeah, even if he still wants to move in with just me I'm thinking about just going with a dorm. Because chances are that other guy will be at our place all the time and that'll just be bleh. :l I heard a lot of people saying when they commuted they didn't make many friends either, so if I did the dorm I'd have to wait until Fall anyway. And yeah, I don't have a Windows Phone but I've seen the store is lacking.

Thanks everyone for the advice, so far.
Posted by Cpsgames January 28, 2012 15:11 - 3.3 years ago
| [#07]

I agree with acid. But the best possible way to do it, is move into the dorms with a friend or someone who you wouldnt mind rooming with.

... im still working on that myself.
Posted by Alert Games January 29, 2012 15:17 - 3.3 years ago
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I've decided to live alone next year and possibly rent a room with a family. So far, after living with these people since September, I've decided enough is enough.
Posted by CyrusRoberto January 29, 2012 15:18 - 3.3 years ago
| [#09]

Well if you don't think you can stand the guy then it's probably best you don't move in with him. Living with someone you hate is a nightmare. My older brother was such a bully lol. As for a dorm, I'm not too sure about that. You may have a chance of rooming with some one just as irritating lol.
Posted by death January 30, 2012 18:12 - 3.3 years ago
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@AG: banana.
@Cyrus: :l
@dieded: Ha, yeah I know what you mean. At least with a dorm roommate I could chill in the other parts of the building and on campus rather than being stuck in an apartment building.
Posted by Cpsgames January 30, 2012 21:54 - 3.3 years ago
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banana game. coming this fall.
Posted by Alert Games January 31, 2012 1:36 - 3.3 years ago
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What should I do 64D? Should I just say fuck him, and say I'm going to move into a dorm? I wouldn't mind living in a dorm, actually. I'd meet a lot of new people and I'd be in walking distance of all my classes.

I love being able to wake up like 10 minutes before a class starts. (5 minutes to walk there and 5 to get dressed/brush teeth/etc)

Especially compared to high school since I had to walk to my bus stop (10 minutes), get on bus(20 minutes. other people who lived farther from the dock were less fortunate), get off bus, wait on the dock for 5-10 minutes, then there was a 40-50 minute boat ride.... then walking from that dock to the school, which was another 10 minutes.

...and then do that again on the way back. Fuck yeah being traveling/at school for 11 hours a day.
Posted by Rob January 31, 2012 17:45 - 3.3 years ago
| [#13]

That is a good point actually since right now I have to get up about two hours before my first class to get dressed, drive, find a parking spot, and then walk to the class.
Posted by Cpsgames January 31, 2012 18:19 - 3.3 years ago
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Fuck yeah being traveling/at school for 11 hours a day.

Welcome to my life (though admittedly, it's by choice).

Before, I used to walk the distance between my house and university. Now I have access to a bus so it's much nicer. Besides, the dorms here are way off-campus so I'd rather not pay to be the same distance. But if it saves you time and energy, consider it.
Posted by Kilin January 31, 2012 18:24 - 3.3 years ago
| [#15]

There are days where my housemates are completely unaware of my return back home to sleep because I'm starting to go back to my apartment when everybody is asleep. My apartment is a good 15-mintue biking distance from my school though, but biking back at 1-2AM makes me a bit nervous at times.
Posted by CyrusRoberto January 31, 2012 18:41 - 3.3 years ago
| [#16]

My dorm (we call em halls) is 50m from my classes. I can see the front door of the department from my window.
Posted by Toast January 31, 2012 18:42 - 3.3 years ago
| [#17]

Not really, it must get really noisy between classes. :/
Posted by CyrusRoberto January 31, 2012 18:45 - 3.3 years ago
| [#18]

Fuck it, I should just join a frat.
Posted by Cpsgames January 31, 2012 23:07 - 3.3 years ago
| [#19]

@Cpsgames you'll start as a pledge.... Which you will NOT want to go through those terrors! D:
Posted by svf January 31, 2012 23:32 - 3.3 years ago
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