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Posted on December 22, 2016 at 22:26

the world is falling apart; all we can do is tinker with GameMaker 7.

my last 64digits blog was in 2013. i created an account here in 2005 as a 12-year-old boy. i'm so happy this place still exists. to whoever continues to pay the upkeep cost for this site, thank you.

the world is falling apart; all we can do is tinker with GameMaker 7.

i've been jamming on this little game called ASSASSINATION STATION for a minute now.

basically you play the forest's most wanted assassin, capable of brutal violence, tricksy wizardry, and impossible feats of phenom physicality.

he's so fast we could not use motion photography to capture his image

the goal: reach the DIVINE at the end of each (*wait for it*) procedurally generated level.

yay! we did it! er, excuse the mess

right now there exists only one assassin: the Bare Balled Bandit. he's got a deadly SMG and can poof around the world at will by right-clicking his desired destination. his chaotic-quick, twitch traversal is a blast :]

an enemy around the corner!

blink to the tree behind...

aaand decimation.

i want to add more assassins soon :]

and you'll be able to spend points you earn in your runs on neat cosmetics for your assassins!

it's fast. you die fast. you kill fast. it's fun so far. that is all. i might post another blog here, or a TIGsource thread-thingy if it gets more traction... just something i've been working on in my spare time. hope all is well :]

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