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Posted on January 21, 2015 at 22:40

Hey, i hope you're doing fantastic!

It seems a lot has happened on and off the WWW since I last logged in. Many new versions and updates to game maker, YoYo Games, a few super bowls, crazy events around the world seemingly everyday and I believe a new president (its been a while so it wouldnt surprise me. The new 64Digits looks good. I know my life has changed, a wife and kids I guess I'm extra boring now.

I was away from game maker as well.. well, since 7 I believe. I have to say, and it may just be me, but I was initially taken back by the price on the studio above-lite versions as well as the removed functions from the program itself. I understand YoYo needs to make money (apparently people are making $$$ from their games?) And I understand that game.maker needed to be cross-platform friendly, but it is like painfully re-learning to walk, lol. No screen_refresh() or keyboard_wait?

But honestly while working around everything I did realize there is a brilliance called "surfaces" which I am embarrassed to admit that I am just now learning these And the glory they can accomplish. Dont know how I lived without them or particles before.

I have to run, but I hope all of you are doing well. Sk8m8rix, Abacus, GMWave, GMDude, SJF, ChIkEn ate my donuts, Friiks, firestormx, melee-master, JakeX and all of you who've helped me along the way. After reading another blog, I've realized sk8 wasn't a very popular person so apologies to anyone I might've offended. He must have went ape crazy after I left.

I have to ask, has anyone heard from/about Jext (wisdom, walter, etc)? I have tried contacting him and searching him but find no activity since Feb of last year. Please let me know, I hope that crazy guy is doing well.


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