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Posted on March 15, 2017 at 14:31

I have made a game using:
1) NES palette + resolution (but not the color limits)
2) EGA palette + resolution
3) Master System palette + resolution

So what's next? C64 is a logical step, so I decided to make a game that parodies 80's crappy platformers. The project has been more fun this far than any other project since Shoe Racer 3D I made for that "Make a game" compo so long time ago (okay, 18 months, maybe?)

Anyway, here's... yes, that's right, here's...

a gif animation I know you love 'em! AHAHAHAHAH


Here it is, anyway:

Moar info coming sooner than soon.

EDIT: What about now? Forgot to mention it uses 16 colours from Commodore 64's palette plus 160x200 resolution.

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