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Posted on April 01, 2016 at 13:01

I'm a moderator now! I even got the confirmation music and a prompt that I was "Working" as a moderator.

There's going to be some changes around here. For starters, I've heard of this Hitler guy and I gotta say, he had some pretty good ideas...

Stay tuned for more!..

I drew a thing
Posted on October 09, 2015 at 21:10

I haven't posted anything in a while so I thought I'd post a thing. You know, a thing I drew.

I don't really know what it is, but since I hadn't drawn anything in so long and I wanted to test out my SP3's pen accuracy when drawing.

I really love that the corner accuracy is so good, that I don't even have to hover over menus anymore. I just tap somewhere and it clicks where I pressed! The Surface Pro 1 was so, so bad in this regard. I much prefer the Ntrig tech over the wacom because of this alone.

Also, Surface pro 4! Yay!
Not to mention the SurfaceBook was announced. Pretty much the best laptop I've ever seen. Too bad I'm not one of those rich people I hear exist. It'd be pretty nice...

The perfect Surface Pro
Posted on September 03, 2015 at 21:36

Just made a Reddit thread about my ideal Surface Pro. I made a thing and everything.
Here's the Reddit thread:

But.. here's the image I made just in case you don't want to go to Reddit:

What do you guys think? You agree with me? Or are there other tweaks you'd rather have?

PS: This is mostly aimed at people who've either owned or tried a Surface Pro. :P

Fallout 4 Announced
Posted on June 03, 2015 at 15:34

In engine footage I hope. I doubt a pre rendered trailer would have textures that low rez. :P

Super excited even though I'm pretty sure it won't top The Witcher 3 in terms of quest design, character design, voice acting, or city size.

I'm sure the atmosphere will be amazing though. I also expect it to be fantastic.


What are your Specs?
Posted on May 11, 2015 at 20:42

I don't know if we have one of these, but even if there is one I can't remember, so it's probably been a while and I'm sure a lot of us have upgraded or changed computers in that time.
So, what do you got?

I'll go first:

-Intel Core i5-4690K Processor 3.5 GHz (Overclocked to 4.5 GHz)

-Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 (Also overclocked to a number I forgot)

- 16 GB DDR3

-128 GB SSD
-2 TB HDD (External)

Your turn. :P

Scholar of the First Sin - Review
Posted on May 01, 2015 at 19:22

I was playing Scholar of the First Sin today, and for like the 10th time, I quit out of disappointment. This actually made me realize how not fun this game had become. It compelled me to write a review on Steam because of the realization of how I've reacted to finishing the games:

Dark Souls 1 : "Wow. That was one of the greatest games I've ever played"
Dark Souls 2: "Man, they kinda messed this up pretty badly"
DS - SoTFS : "Wow, they actually made it WORSE..."

So, here's what I wrote on Steam:

Before I start, I just want to say that I LOVE the orginal Dark Souls. I bought that game like 6 times already on Xbox and on PC. I actually even bought Dark Souls II for Xbox and PC as well. (I couldn't wait till the PC launch)
Dark Souls II didn't even hold a candle to the first one. Sure, it had a lot of improvements, but overall it went a lot of steps backwards. So like a dummy, I bought this version as well.

Now that that's out of the way, hear me when I say that everything that was wrong with Dark Souls II was amplified like 3 times in Scholar of the First Sin. It's just a badly designed game. Smple as that.

Rember that Bonfire in Brightcove with the spiders next to the bonfire? I had just gotten near it when I started thinking "Hmm. Maybe they finally removed those unnecissary spiders.". What did they do? They didn't remove those two spiders... They added like 6 more! WHAT? Those two spiders were a terrible design choise in Dark Souls II. Bonfires are suppsed to be something that your heart leaps at the thought of seeing, and Dark Souls 1 gets that right. Whoever was making the decisions for Dark Souls II and Scholar of the First Sin just didn't know how to make a good game.

Is Scholar of the First sin harder? Yep.
Is it fun? No.

You know what made the orignial Dark Souls so amazing? Rushing into monsters would make them mob you, so you had to plan your attacks and only try to fight them one at a time. Single combat was amazing in the fist game. What did they do in the second one? When one enemy notices you, ALL of them notice you. Fighting multiple enemies is unavoidable and not what Dark Souls was about. Especially since the mechanics focus on single combat. THATS WHY THE LOCK ON WAS PUT IN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! Iron Keep Alone has like 3x more enemies than it did previously. And they ALL want to fight you at once.

You thought the archers were annoying? Now there's MORE! And they're facing each other as well.

Don't even get me started on the phantoms. Phantoms in Dark Souls 1 were something rare. They were there to add to the lore and a way to get a player to expereince some of the multiplayer mechanics at the same time. Dark souls took that idea and misunderstood the entire purpose. They're used pretty much like extra enemies. What does Scholar of the first sin do? THEY ADD MORE. It's like whoever was working on this game had the thought process that adding more stuff meant the game would get better, even though the stuff they were adding more of was terrible in the first place. Adding more terrible stuff to the already terrible stuff doesn't magically turn it good.

Did they fix the durability bug that happens at 60 fps? No
Did they fix enemies having terrible hitboxes that hit you even though they barely started swinging? No
Did they fix enemies having pretty much instant attacks that are impossible to predict? No
Diid they fix certain enemis having pretty much unlimited stamina so you pretty much HAVE to sacrifice health to attack? Nope

If you actually liked the things I think are wrong in Dark Souls II and thought more of that would be good, then you'll probably LOVE this game. If not, it's actually much worse.

I don NOT recommend this game and this is the game that made me vow to never buy a game before it's out again. No more preorders for me...

Steven Universe
Posted on March 13, 2015 at 02:00

I've been watching this show for a few months now, and I gotta say. It's amazing. It's honestly better than Adventure time. And the last two episodes? WOW.

If you haven't seen it, I really recommend it if you like Adventure Time, or even MLP. It's only one season and each episode is around 10 minutes. The main character might seem annoying to you (he certainly did to me), but I guarantee that you will grow to love him.

It's pretty much my favorite show at the moment.

I'm not going to tell you anything about it though unless you ask me. It'd be better to binge watch it. :P

My sister watched me watch an episode a few weeks ago, and she got instantly hooked as well. There's two more episodes left, and I couldn't be more excited. They aired a new episode every day this week. It's been awesome.

Posted on January 17, 2015 at 16:26

Considering my last blog was mostly about announcing my project. I decided to finally make a blog post dedicated to updates. Especially since it was getting more annoying to add to it since there was so much stuff on one page. :P
Any changes and progress will be posted here instead of the other one.
If you want to see the previous versions, you can go here:
Pervious Blog

Previous Updates (Show)

The latest version is Version 17 :

Changelog for LAR RPG Engine Version 017

- Removed "Play" option from main menu and replaced it with "New Game"
- Added a "New Game" menu screen with slots for save files
- Added a Load Game option to main menu and created a "Load Game" menu screen
- Added loadable save files to "Load Game" menu screen
- "Save Game" now works in the escape menu
- "Load Game" now works in the escape menu
- Dramatically improved the way dialog Boxes work
- Added a dialog box to confirm or decline quitting the game in main menu
- Added a dialog box to confirm or decline quitting the game in escape menu
- On new game, game asks to name character
- Added map that opens and closes with the "M" key (Will add dedicated menu UI button later)
- Created a marker system that shows position of things. (Can easily add more types of things that show on map)
- Added mini-map
- Added ability to zoom in and out of map
- Added an actual blood effect that pools and disappears in an interesting way.
- Added the ability to fast travel to markers on the map
- Added some nicer lighting effects. Most noticeable with the spells.

Pic (version 17):

PS: I'd really like to know what kind of framerates and bugs you guys are getting. (Not to mention your specs)

(Spoilers) Legend of Korra - Finale
Posted on December 19, 2014 at 18:26

If you haven't yet, you can watch it here:

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Integer sapien sem, cursus eu scelerisque sit amet, interdum at eros. Integer porttitor ipsum orci, sed consequat libero eleifend sit amet. Aliquam gravida ante condimentum, molestie urna ut, posuere orci. Donec efficitur porta urna, ac finibus libero volutpat quis. Proin iaculis sollicitudin dui, sed pharetra turpis. Suspendisse potenti. Sed at dapibus urna. Donec augue purus, vulputate nec consectetur a, lacinia eu nisi.

Wow. That was awesome.
However, I'm incredibly sad that it's over. No more episodes. :(

Also, I know that ending is going to make the shippers more annoying than ever. You can see the beginning of it on a reddit post I made last night after watching the finale.

Welp. Thus begins something much worse than the offseason. The offseries. T_T

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