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Posted on February 28, 2017 at 20:12

Seamlessly integrated the inventory system with the menu system, no glitches!

last updated 2/28/17

Two months of progress with 4th rewrite. whoo!

Pennies for thoughts
Posted on January 26, 2017 at 15:39

So I'm facing the dilemma that I should really get settled before I rewrite this project again, because the changes will be pretty huge all throughout the project.

There's quirks in my game that are being replicated for the sake of nostalgia. For those of you that remember playing Pokemon Red, or any early generations, you know that the game has some small loading screens. Very small, but the gameplay feels very fast, to the point of unnatural, without them. I have decided to show those inside my game for authenticity. It makes the game feel more close to the original. Those small details are not what is in question.

My question is this... for all the small quirks that MAKE the game, should I remove and fix any ANNOYING quirks? I'm talking about, specifically, what I'm working on right now, which is the inventory. One thing I havent' decided is whether I should replicate this 100%. I already decided to bump up the amount of items a player can carry because that one was a huge hassle to deal with while playing the game. So I'm considering... another option is to toss items in-screen and update the list of items realtime.

The real game resets the cursor back to the first item, even if your cursor is all the way at the bottom of the screen. This is very bothersome, but I want to change it more even so now that the player can carry a lot more items. But as soon as I decide I should make that change, my head goes to other options I would change about the game, and basically I'm conflicted whether to have the game be this neutered version that's changed so much for convenience. Plus I think of the people that will know this game inside and out... and wonder if they think my small fixes will be a nice addition or spitting in the face of the idea that this game is an exact replicate (which is what my goal is... I want people on youtube that see this game for the first time to continue to accuse me of ROM hacking or using gameshark codes).

I'm conflicted. I feel like I have the choice already made up in my head but I can't figure out what it is. Halp.

Side question... how do you fellows record the screen and make an easy GIF animation out of it? I want to show my work here without having to upload a youtube video as it's frankly not a huge amount of work.

Happy new years!
Posted on December 31, 2016 at 16:04

This year was a good year. I have been lazy with standing up with what I believe in, but that doesn't make it any less true. I'm happy Milo's book is #1 on Amazon right now. I'm happy Mr. Trump won, and I made a 8-hour trip to go vote in my homestate Texas all the way from New Mexico, with the sticker in the back of my laptop to prove it. Even though my county didn't go red, it didn't matter because Trump won in a landslide.

I've got a great new job with more money coming my way, and I'm about to... finally, start working in a hospital thanks to connections I have. This morning I woke up to a post on reddit that reminded me to not be happy with the successes I have, and not just idle around but keep moving. Even though I didn't have my laptop with Game Maker on in, I got my tired ass up to start planning out the next part of my game in Google Drive that way I know what to do when I have time to sit down and program it. I aint stopping.

2016 truly was a great year, and with many more things happening, such as God Emperor Trump being president, me having not one, but two great jobs, and about to start getting back into school to keep my career going as a PA, and owning a house and having great company, there's not much to complain about honestly. I want to come and give updates to my game, because planning out what's happening in the engine before actually programming it (instead of the other way around) is giving me real hope about finishing it. Something I was severely lacking when I kept running into errors I had no idea how to fix.

I believe 2017 is the year Pokemon Cursed Black will finally be finished, and in the summertime I will be heading to Evo 2017 to see how high up I rank against the best players in Melee... last time I went I wasn't doing very good... but this time around I'm actually able to beat top 10 in my state, and I want to keep going to see how high I rank in the world.

Things are going well. Hope everything is going well for you too. With that in mind, I'll leave you with this really hippy band I found on Spotify yesterday that I can't stop listening to:

Holidays and Birthdays from a lunatic
Posted on December 16, 2016 at 16:12

i have a lot to look foward to. i'm in a new city, i have a new perspective on my career, i'm making way more money than i used to, i live in a house now, and.. i won't jynx the last one.

but this is one time, in years, that I can finally say im happy. even with shit happening to people around me, i feel like i found my inner peace. i'm not pissed at much, and i'm not argumentative against everyone like i was, but at the same time i also don't just kick back and pretend everything's okay. i'm still outspoken, i'm just not as wreckless as before if the moment doesn't call for it.

i wish i had time. i want more time to work on my video game, to learn songs on guitar, to go to the gym, to fix my car, computer, house... but i work a lot now. not to mention im always hanging out with my friends or girlfriend, so it doesn't leave me with much time for anything else. i feel lazy.

but it's a good feeling. most of what i said was going to be my golden year of my life, me being 23 years old, has been achieved. i went on study groups at school and got a good set of grades my final semester. i applied for my new school in my new city successfully. i went to the gym, hard, the past 6 months, and i've been working as much as i can on reading and playing guitar. my golden year wasn't full of successes that are visible right away, it was representative of a year that i realized my mortality. im going to die one day, i do not, in fact, have forever to pospone the things i want to do in life.

i'm 24 now. my b-day was a couple of weeks ago, and i'm not sad that im no longer the same age as my favorite number... because what i did this year isn't something i plan on stopping. i just came back from the gym and making myself a nice healthy breakfast and lunch. i didn't spend it on kicking back watching netflix... and for that i'm happy for.

This piece of writing is a mixture of the holidays. my birthday, thanksgiving, christmas, and new years, I'm thankful, I'm aware I'm getting older, I'm giving to my buddies, and I'm prepping for next year.

After writing this, I can definitely say, I feel woke af

If i don't log in again, which I probably will, have a good set of holidays guys.

when will i come back?
Posted on November 19, 2016 at 15:59

When it rains, it pours, and goddamn is it pouring right now.

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