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Echo #68: Time siege and gauntlet update is coming soon!
Posted on April 14, 2017 at 13:49

64Digits edit: Welp, that was an unfortunate week! Got sick, PC got fried, life sucked. But all's well that ends well... Yup... Can't wait for it to end... Any time now...

Forgive me for an official tone bellow, this is more directed at hypothetical active Sector Six players.

Last two weeks I've lost a lot of development time because my PC broke down few times.
But now my PC is back to being a functioning game development device and I'm happy to announce that Sector Six is going to be updated next week!

Next update features few neat graphical improvements, a possible fix to dreadful inventory glitch, and a good dose of new content!

After hearing few complaints about the lack of content, I have put everything aside and made two new region missions - time siege and gauntlet!

Time siege is about destroying a siege unit as fast as possible!
This mission is the first Sector Six mission that has a performance-based reward.
The faster you will destroy a siege unit, the better reward you will get at the end of the mission.
Getting to a siege unit is not easy - you will have to defeat each of current Sector Six enemies - from swarming to an apparition.
Time siege mission will always generate the same enemies in the same order, so the outcome of the mission is completely based on your skill and spaceship.

Gauntlet is similar to good old kill mission in a way that during it, you'll get to kill a certain amount of enemies.
The catch is that during a gauntlet mission, you will not be able to repair your spaceship!
All damage received is permanent.
The reward is proportional to the challenge - you will receive extant part if you will manage to survive!

I was also meant to do a heroic gauntlet mission, but because my PC broke, I decided to add that with some other update.
I want to keep the gaps between updates as small as possible.

There's not much to say about the graphical changes - backgrounds, region entering/leaving and the main menu are simply better now!

So, that's all for this echo, I hope you guys are excited about the update as much as I am!

Until next time!

Echo #67: Gauntlet and other things
Posted on April 03, 2017 at 15:07

'Ello all!

For few days I had no access to my PC, so there's not a lot of news.

Last week I was working on the graphical update.

I've been trying to improve Sector Six backgrounds again.

The good news is that the background and clouds are moving in interfaces - like in old Sector Six versions.

The bad news is that right now I'm struggling with region entering and leaving. For some reason, backgrounds jump forward when entering regions.

It seems that I will have to spend more time fixing that than I would like to.

Anyway, this week I will work on new options for combat and new side missions.

I am going to add an option to make the game really easy. It will reduce enemy armour and damage by 50%.
With easy mode enabled, you will also gain more XP from enemy kills.

You will also be able to entirely turn off XP gaining.

Recently I have received some complaints about a lack of mission variety, so I have decided to throw in some unique side missions!

There will three of them: Gauntlet, heroic gauntlet and speed run.


You will have to destroy a certain amount of enemies.
During this mission, alloy containers, armour on kill and repairing abilities will not work!

Heroic gauntlet:

Just like the regular gauntlet, except that it will last as long as you can survive and every kill will award glory.
The more glory you have, the greater is the reward!
Big enemies will give more glory.
During heroic gauntlet, you will also encounter dark pillars.
Dark pillars will allow you to summon big enemies for additional glory.

Speed run:

During speed run, you will have to destroy one of every enemy.
One swarmling, one mosaic, one veteran, etc.
The faster you will destroy enemies, the better reward you will get.

That's all I have for this echo, time to do some heavy coding =]

Until next time!

The Cursed Legion
Posted on March 26, 2017 at 16:44

Hey, guys, I have released the alpha version of my very own CCG!

It's like Hearthstone, but better! Suck it Hearthstone.

Seriously, it does have some similar things with Hearthstone, but it's also very different in many ways.

It's also free. Like, completely free! No MTX, no cosmetics, no bullshit.

Right now it has about 15+ campaign quests, two missions against AI with random cards and 71 cards, about 30 mins of gameplay time.
I will add more stuff.
I already have art for another 18 cards, thanks to my brother, he makes the card art.

The downside is that it's single-player. At least for now.

I don't really know how to do it.
Maybe you guys have experience with multiplayer?
It should be easy to make some sort of multiplayer mode.
Storing player decks... somewhere... and then retrieving them.
AI would handle opponents deck, you would only need to get cards in a deck before the game would start.

Massive update! New abilities and enemies, city improvements, new game+ and full controller support!
Posted on March 19, 2017 at 09:39

Sector Six has been updated!
This update adds a lot of new content and improves various parts of the game.

Five new abilities!

Era's End, apocalypse class ability: The most powerful damage dealing ability in Sector Six!
Overload, apocalypse class ability: Overload removes armour and in exchange sets all ability cooldowns to 0.
Nine Bladed Mines, carrier class ability: Releases nine bladed mines, that deal damage and remove shields.
Attract Mines, carrier class ability: Attracts mines that appear above, bellow and behind enemies and deal damage when detonated.
EMP Grenade, carrier class ability: Launches grenade that explodes and jams enemies! Jammed enemies cannot move or attack.

Three new enemies!

Collectors: Large, powerful enemies with unique attack abilities. Destroy collector's emitters to prevent them from using their most powerful attack.
Mosaics: Medium sized enemies that are composed of fragile parts. Mosaics launch mines that are difficult to dodge.
Drones: Small enemies similar to demolishers.

New game+

If you have completed all story missions, you can now go to settings and reset them.
This allows you do them all over again!
This feature has not been properly tested, due to the amount of time it would take to do that.
If you encounter any issues related to it, please report them immediately.

Cities have been improved.

Now they offer more items and have fewer glitches!
Also, spaceship now moves faster in secure regions.

Other changes:
  • Ability removed: Mine Mayhem.
  • Fixed Detonate sound effect glitch.
  • Added elimination mission.
  • Acolyte seeking shards are now slower.
  • Ether on hit removed.
  • Possibly fixed broken inventory slot amount.
  • Shards of Chaos ability now deals more damage.
  • Shatter ability now deals more damage.
  • Fixed shield depth glitch.
  • Fixed tutorial glitch.
  • Side missions now have better rewards.
  • Side missions now may give units as a reward.
  • New missions will no longer be generated after entering the secure region.
  • Sniper weapon projectiles are now slower and bigger.
  • The Rain of Fire missiles are now easier to dodge.
  • Sector Six now officially has a full controller support.
Have fun!

Echo #66: New game+ and collectors
Posted on March 13, 2017 at 17:16

Since the last time I posted, I have added collectors, an ability to reset story missions and made a bunch of small, but awesome improvements!

An ability to reset story missions is a first step towards having a new game+ feature!
Personally, I'm not a fan of new game+ in other games, but I'm sure that it's a great feature for Sector Six. Resetting story missions is completely optional, there are no changes to missions.

You will able to reset missions soon because with collectors added, there's not much left to do until I can release the new version!

Collectors are new the minions that are as powerful as veterans.
In my initial plans, collectors were supposed to collect parts and repair themselves.
It was impossible to make that work, so instead, collectors were given an armour core, two unique attack abilities, and a shielding ability.

As I mentioned, I have made some cool improvements to various parts of Sector Six.

Here's few of them:
  • It is no longer possible to get parts that generate ether when the spaceship is hit by enemy projectiles.
  • Now spaceship moves faster in secure regions.
  • Now cities offer more items. This should increase a chance of getting a good offer.
  • Visiting secure region no longer generates new missions.
  • Fixed tutorial glitch.
  • Side missions now have better rewards.
  • Side missions now may give units as a reward.
Now I will be working on new apocalypse and carrier abilities.
If they will be done before the weekend, that's when I am going to release the new update!

Until next time!

Echo #65: Mosaics and Era's End
Posted on March 06, 2017 at 16:11

This week I was working on mosaics and the new apocalypse class ability - Era's End!

There's not much to say about that besides that mosaics are fun to destroy and Era's End is fun to destroy enemies with.

I could also say that making Era's End was extremely challenging!
Not the effects of the ability, but its animation.

I've spent about 10 hours tweaking Era's End animation.
It's the most powerful apocalypse class ability, so I had to come up with something that looks really powerful.
Because I'm not that good at animation, it took me a while to that.

You can see the final animation in the video bellow.

Anyway, next week I will probably work on the collectors, ability points and ether on hit changes.

Until next time!

What has been playing you?
Posted on March 05, 2017 at 15:27

Time for a non-productive version of the "What are you working on?" thread. :D

What games have been playing you? Any fun moments you'd like to share or people you'd like to recommend to other games?

Echo #64: Upcoming combat update
Posted on February 28, 2017 at 10:47

The next update is a combat update!

With every update, I make a few changes that positively affect the game.
It doesn't mean it's easy to do those changes because often it requires removing or aggravating something.

So, with the next update gaining ether through getting spaceship hit by enemy projectiles will no longer be possible.

I am hoping that this change will make ether much more valuable because it will be harder to get ether.

The other heavy change is ability point rebalance. This is a very old problem that I have never addressed.

Right now it is possible to upgrade 9 abilities to a maximum level at level 20.
Because only 9 abilities can be equipped, leveling up after level 20 becomes a lot less rewarding.

I have few solutions:

1) Make leveling up give fewer ability points. From currently 4 to 3 or 2.
2) Make ability upgrading cost more than 1 point.
3) Increase maximum ability level to 20.

I like the last most. It will increase the maximum level to 40 and something about having higher ability level feels good.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the abilities will become more powerful.

If right now each ability upgrade makes ability deal 10% more damage after I increase cap each ability upgrade will make ability deal just 5% more damage.

But enough about that.

Sector Six haven't seen new enemies for a while and I am going to fix that!
I am planning to make new enemies - mosaics and collectors.

To those who do not remember mosaics, they are enemies made entirely out of fragile segments.

About collectors, well, they are completely new enemies, that will have a special ability to create parts and fully repair themselves if they collect those parts. Players will be able to steal parts they will create and prevent them from collecting them.

Combat update is not a combat update if I don't add new abilities!
Right now I am planning to add four abilities - two for apocalypse class and two for carrier class, but I might add more.

I have already added an ability for carrier class, called Nine Bladed Mines.
This ability is a hellish combination of Sustained Barrage and Bladed Mine abilities!
Nine Bladed Mines will replace rather disappointing Mine Mayhem.
For more details, check screenshot bellow.

Finally, with this update, I am planning to add new side missions - elimination and gauntlet.

Elimination mission is a variation of kill mission.
The difference is that instead of killing set amount of minions, players will have to kill ALL minions in the region.
Elimination missions will appear only on besieged missions.

Gauntlet mission will be really tough, because, during gauntlet, you won't be able to repair armour!

I have noticed that Sector Six feels best when armour is about to hit zero.
Then combat is an intense and satisfying struggle for survival.
Hopefully gauntlet push player into such struggle.

Gauntlet missions will appear in all regions, but they will be rare because they are both challenging and very rewarding.

As you can see, I am going to be pretty busy for next few weeks!

If you have thoughts about these changes, please let me know in comments.

Until next time!

Update! Secure regions, trading, and alloy container rework!
Posted on February 20, 2017 at 03:44

Secure regions can now be entered!
Complete the missions to make regions secure, then enter them and get in the cities to buy and sell items!

There are:
  • Cities that sell generic weapons.
  • Cities that sell random parts.
  • Cities that sell high-grade parts.
  • Cities that sell alloy containers.
  • Cities that sell extant parts.
  • Cities that sell amplifiers.
  • Cities that sell random grade parts and amplifiers.
Almost every region has a city.
You will have to secure multiple regions to get access to all types of cities.

Another big change of this update is the new alloy containers!
  • Changed the way alloy containers repair armour, now each container charge repairs 1% armour.
  • Container refill cost is now based on alloy in the container.
  • Rebalanced amount of alloy received when dismantling items.
  • New container property: Filled.
  • New container property: Gains 65 alloy every 50 kills.
  • New container property: Generates 1 ether on kill.
  • New container property: Generates armour on kill.
  • New container property: Gains 10 alloy every 15 kills.
  • New container property: Eternal.
  • New container property: Ancient.
  • New container property: Sacrificial.
  • New container flaw: Corrupted.
  • New container flaw: Cannot be refilled.
  • New container flaw: Transient.
  • New container flaw: Unstable.
  • Removed property: Gains charges on kill.
  • Removed property: Reduced refill cost.
  • Removed flaw: Increased refill cost.
  • Added 3 new container skins.
  • Now it's possible to swap alloy containers.
Other changes:
  • Upgraded parts now have a higher value.
  • Added 5 achievements for triggering new container abilities.
  • Improved amplifier sprites.
  • Amplifiers now amplify part properties based on amplified part level, not on amplifier level.
  • You can no longer apply Almadi cathodes and anodes to parts attached to your spaceship.
  • Applying cathodes and anodes no longer erase their names.
  • Alpha Pulsar region renamed to Bloom.
  • Beta Pulsar region renamed to Pulsar Vector.
  • Added HUD hiding.
  • Improved item tooltip placement.
  • Recolored few regions.
  • Shielding abilities now share cooldowns.
  • Fixed apparition and seeking projectile glitch.
  • Dock part now looks better.
  • Story mission V will now take less time to complete.
  • Now it's possible to dismantle (and sell items) by pressing X button on the controller.
Because this is a big update, keep an eye on glitches or balance flaws!

Have fun!

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