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Echo #66: New game+ and collectors
Posted on March 13, 2017 at 17:16

Since the last time I posted, I have added collectors, an ability to reset story missions and made a bunch of small, but awesome improvements!

An ability to reset story missions is a first step towards having a new game+ feature!
Personally, I'm not a fan of new game+ in other games, but I'm sure that it's a great feature for Sector Six. Resetting story missions is completely optional, there are no changes to missions.

You will able to reset missions soon because with collectors added, there's not much left to do until I can release the new version!

Collectors are new the minions that are as powerful as veterans.
In my initial plans, collectors were supposed to collect parts and repair themselves.
It was impossible to make that work, so instead, collectors were given an armour core, two unique attack abilities, and a shielding ability.

As I mentioned, I have made some cool improvements to various parts of Sector Six.

Here's few of them:
  • It is no longer possible to get parts that generate ether when the spaceship is hit by enemy projectiles.
  • Now spaceship moves faster in secure regions.
  • Now cities offer more items. This should increase a chance of getting a good offer.
  • Visiting secure region no longer generates new missions.
  • Fixed tutorial glitch.
  • Side missions now have better rewards.
  • Side missions now may give units as a reward.
Now I will be working on new apocalypse and carrier abilities.
If they will be done before the weekend, that's when I am going to release the new update!

Until next time!

Echo #65: Mosaics and Era's End
Posted on March 06, 2017 at 16:11

This week I was working on mosaics and the new apocalypse class ability - Era's End!

There's not much to say about that besides that mosaics are fun to destroy and Era's End is fun to destroy enemies with.

I could also say that making Era's End was extremely challenging!
Not the effects of the ability, but its animation.

I've spent about 10 hours tweaking Era's End animation.
It's the most powerful apocalypse class ability, so I had to come up with something that looks really powerful.
Because I'm not that good at animation, it took me a while to that.

You can see the final animation in the video bellow.

Anyway, next week I will probably work on the collectors, ability points and ether on hit changes.

Until next time!

What has been playing you?
Posted on March 05, 2017 at 15:27

Time for a non-productive version of the "What are you working on?" thread. :D

What games have been playing you? Any fun moments you'd like to share or people you'd like to recommend to other games?

Echo #64: Upcoming combat update
Posted on February 28, 2017 at 10:47

The next update is a combat update!

With every update, I make a few changes that positively affect the game.
It doesn't mean it's easy to do those changes because often it requires removing or aggravating something.

So, with the next update gaining ether through getting spaceship hit by enemy projectiles will no longer be possible.

I am hoping that this change will make ether much more valuable because it will be harder to get ether.

The other heavy change is ability point rebalance. This is a very old problem that I have never addressed.

Right now it is possible to upgrade 9 abilities to a maximum level at level 20.
Because only 9 abilities can be equipped, leveling up after level 20 becomes a lot less rewarding.

I have few solutions:

1) Make leveling up give fewer ability points. From currently 4 to 3 or 2.
2) Make ability upgrading cost more than 1 point.
3) Increase maximum ability level to 20.

I like the last most. It will increase the maximum level to 40 and something about having higher ability level feels good.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the abilities will become more powerful.

If right now each ability upgrade makes ability deal 10% more damage after I increase cap each ability upgrade will make ability deal just 5% more damage.

But enough about that.

Sector Six haven't seen new enemies for a while and I am going to fix that!
I am planning to make new enemies - mosaics and collectors.

To those who do not remember mosaics, they are enemies made entirely out of fragile segments.

About collectors, well, they are completely new enemies, that will have a special ability to create parts and fully repair themselves if they collect those parts. Players will be able to steal parts they will create and prevent them from collecting them.

Combat update is not a combat update if I don't add new abilities!
Right now I am planning to add four abilities - two for apocalypse class and two for carrier class, but I might add more.

I have already added an ability for carrier class, called Nine Bladed Mines.
This ability is a hellish combination of Sustained Barrage and Bladed Mine abilities!
Nine Bladed Mines will replace rather disappointing Mine Mayhem.
For more details, check screenshot bellow.

Finally, with this update, I am planning to add new side missions - elimination and gauntlet.

Elimination mission is a variation of kill mission.
The difference is that instead of killing set amount of minions, players will have to kill ALL minions in the region.
Elimination missions will appear only on besieged missions.

Gauntlet mission will be really tough, because, during gauntlet, you won't be able to repair armour!

I have noticed that Sector Six feels best when armour is about to hit zero.
Then combat is an intense and satisfying struggle for survival.
Hopefully gauntlet push player into such struggle.

Gauntlet missions will appear in all regions, but they will be rare because they are both challenging and very rewarding.

As you can see, I am going to be pretty busy for next few weeks!

If you have thoughts about these changes, please let me know in comments.

Until next time!

Update! Secure regions, trading, and alloy container rework!
Posted on February 20, 2017 at 03:44

Secure regions can now be entered!
Complete the missions to make regions secure, then enter them and get in the cities to buy and sell items!

There are:
  • Cities that sell generic weapons.
  • Cities that sell random parts.
  • Cities that sell high-grade parts.
  • Cities that sell alloy containers.
  • Cities that sell extant parts.
  • Cities that sell amplifiers.
  • Cities that sell random grade parts and amplifiers.
Almost every region has a city.
You will have to secure multiple regions to get access to all types of cities.

Another big change of this update is the new alloy containers!
  • Changed the way alloy containers repair armour, now each container charge repairs 1% armour.
  • Container refill cost is now based on alloy in the container.
  • Rebalanced amount of alloy received when dismantling items.
  • New container property: Filled.
  • New container property: Gains 65 alloy every 50 kills.
  • New container property: Generates 1 ether on kill.
  • New container property: Generates armour on kill.
  • New container property: Gains 10 alloy every 15 kills.
  • New container property: Eternal.
  • New container property: Ancient.
  • New container property: Sacrificial.
  • New container flaw: Corrupted.
  • New container flaw: Cannot be refilled.
  • New container flaw: Transient.
  • New container flaw: Unstable.
  • Removed property: Gains charges on kill.
  • Removed property: Reduced refill cost.
  • Removed flaw: Increased refill cost.
  • Added 3 new container skins.
  • Now it's possible to swap alloy containers.
Other changes:
  • Upgraded parts now have a higher value.
  • Added 5 achievements for triggering new container abilities.
  • Improved amplifier sprites.
  • Amplifiers now amplify part properties based on amplified part level, not on amplifier level.
  • You can no longer apply Almadi cathodes and anodes to parts attached to your spaceship.
  • Applying cathodes and anodes no longer erase their names.
  • Alpha Pulsar region renamed to Bloom.
  • Beta Pulsar region renamed to Pulsar Vector.
  • Added HUD hiding.
  • Improved item tooltip placement.
  • Recolored few regions.
  • Shielding abilities now share cooldowns.
  • Fixed apparition and seeking projectile glitch.
  • Dock part now looks better.
  • Story mission V will now take less time to complete.
  • Now it's possible to dismantle (and sell items) by pressing X button on the controller.
Because this is a big update, keep an eye on glitches or balance flaws!

Have fun!

Echo #63: Secure regions and alloy container rework
Posted on February 13, 2017 at 07:20

In my previous echo, that I have posted two weeks ago, I've said that I'll be working on alloy containers and secure regions.
And I did that.

Alloy containers are finally the best way to repair armour!
Each charge in alloy container now repairs 1% armour instead of just 1 armour.

Container refilling cost is now based on how much alloy is in alloy container.
That means you can refill containers that are not empty and not lose any alloy!

I have also added a bunch of new container properties and flaws:
  • Filled: Containers with "Filled" are found containing the maximum amount of alloy.
  • Generates x armour on kill: Amount of armour repaired on kill is based on container level.
  • Eternal: Containers with "Eternal" are indestructible and gain 50 alloy if you fail the mission.
  • Ancient: Containers with "Ancient" gain 30 alloy when you pass dust cloud.
  • Sacrificial: Containers with "Sacrificial" destroy themselves and restores armour to 50% if armour drops to 0.
  • Corrupted: Containers with "Corrupted" give no alloy when dismantled.
  • Transient: Containers with "Transient" are destroyed when you complete mission.
  • Unstable: Containers with "Unstable" burn alloy when you use repairing abilities.
  • Gains 65 alloy every 50 kills.
  • Generates 1 ether on kill.
  • Gains 10 alloy every 15 kills.
  • Cannot be refilled.
Small changes related to alloy containers:
  • There are 5 new achievements for triggering unstable, transient, eternal, ancient and sacrificial alloy container abilities.
  • I have added three new container skins.
  • Item dismantling value is no longer based on item level.
  • Amplifiers now give alloy when dismantled.
  • Upgrading part now increases its dismantling value.
  • Alloy container dismantling value is now based on the amount of the alloy in the container.
  • After reworking alloy containers, I have been decorating secure regions.
  • Because there are so many regions, I am going to leave most of the regions for future.
Next week I am going to make few last improvements and get ready for an update, that I am hoping to release next weekend!

Now I want to apologize for not posting for a while.
I couldn't post because I didn't have the internet for a few days.

If this will happen again in future, know that even if I don't post echoes, it doesn't mean I'm not working on Sector Six.
I am working always, every day =]

Until next time!

Echo #62: Trading and future of the alloy containers
Posted on January 30, 2017 at 06:42

I got some exciting news! Trading has been added, it is fully functional and impactful!

As I mentioned in previous echoes, my design philosophy is simple - every game element must have its place. Since the day one of Sector Six development I am working to ensure that.

Trading and upcoming changes to alloy containers should make every item feel rewarding.

Before trading items that were not good enough to add to spaceship were useless.
Now there's no such thing as useless items because useless items can be exchanged for useful ones!

This week I have added cities to 19 regions of Sector Six and cities buy and sell items.

Right now there are 7 types of cities:
  • Cities that sell generic weapons.
  • Cities that sell random weapons and parts.
  • Cities that sell high-grade weapons and parts.
  • Cities that sell alloy containers.
  • Cities that sell extant parts.
  • Cities that sell amplifiers.
  • Cities that sell random grade weapons, parts and amplifiers.
Each region has one city, so some regions will be more important to secure than others and I hope that will allow players to make interesting decisions.

Next week I will be decorating secure regions and making important changes to alloy containers.

The main problem with the alloy containers is that they don't repair enough armour in higher levels.
Right now alloy containers repair as much armour as they have charges. For example, alloy container with 10000 charges, will repair 10000 armor.

I am planning to change this to 1 charge repairing 1% of maximum armour.
This way alloy containers will stay useful at any level.

I am also going to change how alloy and dismantling works.

The refill cost of alloy containers will be equal to alloy missing and dismantling containers will give as much alloy as the dismantled container contained.
For example, if alloy container can hold 100 alloy and it contains 30 alloy, it will cost 70 alloy to fill it.
Dismantling a container with 30 alloy will give 30 alloy.

There are other neat changes planned for container rework but I'm keeping that for the next echo!

Until then!

Echo #61: Trading and secure regions
Posted on January 24, 2017 at 11:39

This week I have started working on secure regions and item trading!

It's really exciting to work on such impactful features, even if there's a lot of problems I'll have to solve.

Making item trading is rather easy - I have made trading systems several times in my other games, so I know what to do.
I just need to make interfaces, slightly adjust inventory code and it's done!

The hard part is making secure regions where item trading places - cities - will be located.

It wouldn't be hard if I just removed enemies from a normal region and call it secure region, but that's not what I want!

Cities hanging in interplanetary clouds, heavy traffic, lights, stations, statues, advertisement boards - that's what I want to see in secure regions.

That means a lot of objects, a lot of collisions and collisions is Sector Six weakness.
I'll have to figure out how to place objects in secure regions, how to approach movement, how will player access city interfaces and so on.

Right now I have almost finished making item trading and made a city sprite for the trading interface.

That's how trading works:

1) The player completes several missions in a region and it becomes secure.
2) The player enters the secure region from the map - the same way region missions are started.
3) The player goes to a city in a secure region. Not all regions will have them.
4) As the player approaches the city, the trading interface appears, which contains player's and city's inventories.
5) Dragging and dropping the part from the player's inventory to city's will sell that part for a certain amount of currency.
6) Dragging and dropping the part from the city's inventory to player's inventory, will buy that part if the player has enough currency.

Should be pleasantly simple!

That's all news I got for now, so until next time!

Update! Controller support beta and miscellaneous fixes!
Posted on January 17, 2017 at 18:08

Sector Six can now be played with a controller!

There's still few things I would like to polish, so expect to see various controller support improvements coming with future updates!
The controller support has been tested with Xbox 360 controller.
If encounter any problems with other controllers, please notify me.
I am also looking for any ideas on improving controller support.

Along with controller support, I have fixed few old glitches and made important changes:
  • Fixed pause graphical glitch.

  • Fixed wrong default music volume glitch.

  • Fixed a minor graphical glitch in the results screen.

  • Fixed weapon amplifier glitch.

  • Fixed several spelling errors.

  • Now if controls are changed, tutorial explanations and ability tags also change accordingly.

  • The mouse cursor is no longer visible when it is not needed.

  • Improved story mission III.

    • Databases now have less armour, they no longer deal damage and destroy nearby enemies when the player enters their range.

  • Improved ability bar in combat HUD.

  • Now it is impossible to be outside the enemy range and not trigger the missile barrage.

  • Added visual hint to warn players that their armour is low.

  • Improved armoured colony seeker.

    • Now has only 1 core, but its repairing pylons repair more armour than before.

  • Aberrant Armour challenge now reduces the power of The Decision challenge.

    • Maxed The Decision increase mission length by 100% instead of 1000% when Aberrant Armour is also maxed.

  • Slightly improved introduction cutscene.
And all thatl was extremely boring to make!
But now it's (sort of, beta, polishing, etc.) over and now I can do really great things =P

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