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Echo #53: Upcoming updates
Posted on October 16, 2016 at 14:29

This week I didn't had much time to work on Sector Six.
I didn't do much, but now it's possible to start game with carrier class spaceship!

Starter carrier class spaceship comes with carrier class weapons and abilities.

Next week I am going try to fix modular difficulty system.
Apparently modular difficulty system doesn't make game that hard and it gives too good rewards!

If I'll fix modular difficulty system in time, I will release new Sector Six version next weekend.

When modular difficulty system will be fixed, I will make story mission V, that will be at least 4 times longer than story mission IV! It will also feature boss fight, that will change based on your actions during mission.

In other news, I have finally bought controller!
I will start working on controller support after story mission V.

Future is bright.

Until next time!

Update! Choose your own difficulty, improved inventory and modified enemies!
Posted on October 09, 2016 at 18:17

Modular difficulty system is now live!
You can now increase difficulty of the missions and earn rewards for beating them!

Before starting the mission, now you're taken to mission overview screen. There you can enable different challenges that make mission harder.

You can:
  • Increase damage enemies deal.
  • Increase enemy armour.
  • Add chance to encounter dreadnoughts.
  • Increase chance to encounter modified enemies.
  • Choose to be bombarded by bombardment stations.
  • Choose to lose all earned parts and experience if you fail to complete the mission.
  • Increase mission length.
  • Increase ether cost of abilities.
You can enable as much challenges as you want.
More challenges means that you will get more and higher grade parts/amplifiers if you will complete mission!

No need to worry about not being able to hold so much parts and amplifiers!
Now inventory becomes bigger when you fill it up!
Additionally, new inventory supports item stacking, you can have hundreds of amplifiers and fill just few inventory slots.

Keep in mind that while inventory is infinite, you cannot start missions if you have more than three inventory pages.
​Pages disappear if you empty them.

The last big change of this update is the return of the modified enemies!

You now have chance to encounter enemies with sniper weapons, doubled armour, doubled damage, ether draining and swarmlings inside!

Modified enemies drop optimized and advanced parts.

List of other changes:​
  • Replaced +x weapon damage part property with +x% damage property.
  • Now there's one unleash chance part property instead of 4.
  • Added Amplifier XV that gives part +3% ability unleash chance.
  • Added Amplifier XVI that gives part +5 aggression.
  • Added Amplifier XVII that gives part +5 resistance.
  • Added Amplifier XVIII that gives part +5 mastery.
  • Added Amplifier XIX that gives part +5 capacity.
  • Removed laser ink, because it wasn't useful and wasn't working properly.
  • Improved part and item tooltips.
  • Rebalanced alloy container refill prices.
  • Improved region tooltips.
  • Added ability tooltips.
  • Acolytes can now drop parts.
  • Lurkers can now drop parts.
  • Reduced Spread Mines ability cooldown from 2 to 1.5 seconds.
  • Increased damage of Missile Strike ability.
  • Reworked Destabilize ability, now it's called Bladed Mine.
  • Added Bladed Mine ability unleashed effect.
  • Reflected missiles are now slower.
  • Fixed mission 1 music bug.
  • Reworked dreadnoughts.
Have fun!

Next update: Story mission V!

PS.: If your inventory is broken, go to settings and press "Normalize legacy spaceship" button.

PPS.: I will upload updated demo on 64Digits some time later.

PPPS.: Made with GM:S

Echo #52: Shaping modular difficulty system
Posted on September 26, 2016 at 06:39

This week I was shaping modular difficulty system!

It took me many hours, but have managed to make mission overview into something I can tolerate.

​Eight icons are modular difficulty system modules or challenges.
Enabling them changes image between challenges and mission description.
That image is difficulty map, it's a visual representation of modular difficulty system.

The (almost finished) mission overview

Enabling challenges is actually your hero deciding to take more dangerous paths, with anomalies and powerful enemies. Difficulty map shows those dangerous paths.

Here's the updated list of challenges:

Lethal Weapons
Minions will deal 50% more damage

Aberrant Armour
Minions will have 100% more armour

The Manifestations of Destruction
You will encounter dreadnoughts

The Assault of the Modified
You will encounter more modified minions

The Rain of Fire
You will be bombarded every 10 seconds until you will destroy bombardment station

Risk for Reward
Earned parts and experience will be lost if you will fail the mission

The Decision
Mission objective count will be increased by 100%

Flow Stagnation
Abilities will cost 100% more ether during this mission

Some of these challenges can be used more than once.
For example, you can use Aberrant Armour to make enemies have 500% more armour!

​After making mission overview, I implemented rewards and began implementing challenges.

I have implemented four of the challenges already, four more to go.

When they will be implemented, I will be testing and balancing modular difficulty system to make sure it can't be exploited too much.

I will also increase power of some abilities!
I can now decrease difficulty of base game, those players who will want difficulty will be able to get more than enough of it through modular difficulty system.

I don't think anyone will ever will beat mission with 34 difficulty: +500% base enemy damage, +1000% base enemy armour, objective to kill 150 modified dreadnoughts, when abilities cost 500% more ether and missiles keeps falling from the sky randomly.

I did good!

Until next time!

Echo #51: Mission overview
Posted on September 18, 2016 at 18:18

This week I have began working modular difficulty system.
First thing I have to do is to make mission overview screen and I have spent this week trying to make it.

Yes, whole week for one interface.
In my defense, it's really hard to make interface that's both informative and looks cool. That is exactly what I want from mission overview.

Modular difficulty system is big, complex, awesome thing and I need to show that in mission overview screen.
I need something cool to represent it, hopefully I'll get that next week.

I'm about a week away from being able to update game with one of the most ambitious features, so I figured I'll write shorter echo this week and work longer on the game!

​Until next week! Or game update!

Echo #50: 50th echo
Posted on September 12, 2016 at 18:21

When I began working on Sector Six, I didn't knew that it would become this big.

​I didn't knew that Sector Six is going to be in Steam, I didn't knew that it will get so much positive feedback, I didn't knew that one day I will write 50th development blog a.k.a. echo about it.

But it all happened and it's amazing!

So, how did it began?

In 2014, after finishing my first game, I immediately began working on Sector Seven. I had the idea of allowing player to build spaceships out of destructible blocks. Two months later Sector Seven was finished. It was weird, clunky, pretentious shoot 'em up with light RPG elements and many, many problems.

But I glad I made it, because without out it, there would be no Sector Six.

I promised myself that I would make Sector Seven sequel. Later I have decided not to, but then...

One quiet summer morning I woke up with weird images in my mind. It was epic black spaceship silhouettes and I knew they were built out many blocks.

I created new project file, called Shadow Sector the same day. Later I decided to call it Sector Six.

In the beginning, I didn't worked on Sector Six much, I was focusing on my other game, Lur. Just like Sector Seven, it wasn't a good game, but while making it, I got experience, that I needed to make Sector Six.

I have finished Lur on January 2015, redirected my focus on Sector Six and intense development began.

Back then Sector Six was similar to Sector Seven. There was no inventory, blocks were simply bought for currency. Those blocks didn't had any stats and they were destroyed on hit. Lose all blocks and game is over.

Back then I was playing Path of Exile and Torchlight. So another idea hit me. What if blocks had random stats and you could get them by killing enemies? I already knew how to make inventory and generate random loot from Lur, so I decided to give it a try. And it worked!

Oldest Sector Six screenshot I have

When I finally made Sector Six playable, I have uploaded first alpha version. After Sector Seven and Lur I didn't expect anything, so I was surprised when Sector Six received good comments and ratings. I knew that I can improve the game, so positive feedback about the alpha version made me really excited about the future of Sector Six. And I began working on Sector Six like crazy!

Months started flying by. Interface overhaul, combat overhaul, Steam release, graphical overhaul...

It was awesome and I think it will continue being awesome!
I said this before, but again, thanks for playing and supporting my game! And for reading this echo!

For those who are interested in seeing what was Sector Six like in the very beginning, I have uploaded old Sector Six version on Itch.io

​Sector Seven can also be found there.

Now a bit about future!

Last week I have successfully implemented modified enemies!


There's just four modifications yet, but there should be more in future.

Modification 1: Fires missiles at your location
Modification 2: Double armour
Modification 3: Drops swarmlings when destroyed
Modification 4: Drains ether

With modified enemies in, I can work on modular difficulty system! It should take me one, maybe two weeks to finish and then I'll update the game, hopefully it will happen this month!

After modular difficulty system... Well, there was massive interface update, massive combat update, massive graphical update... Now it's time for massive story update! After modular difficulty system I will be working on story missions. A lot of them!

So, that was the 50th echo, until next time!

Modified scion swarm

​Modified tank

Modified veteran

Old Colowis background

Pink screen of death

Combat overhaul in development

Invasion core and the glitch of the thousand suns

Echo #48: Inventory, challenges and rewards
Posted on August 29, 2016 at 05:12

This week I have improved inventory!

Now when you fill the inventory, it becomes bigger, that means items will never be lost because there’s not enough space in the inventory!

Filling inventory creates new inventory page. Removing all items from last inventory page, deletes that inventory page. And there’s a limitation – if you want to start new mission, you cannot have more than 3 inventory pages. The inventory is infinite, but your computer’s power is not!

After more than 10 pages created, FPS severely drops when adding the new item to the inventory, this should be even worse for the slower computers.

I could probably optimize inventory system to allow having 100 and more pages without any lag, but I would need to completely rewrite inventory system and I don’t want to do that. It would take a lot of time and 3 inventory pages – that’s 198 slots! – is more than enough, for now.

I wanted to make inventory kind-of-infinite, because the modular difficulty system will reward player with a lot of items at the end of the mission.

Here is the challenges that the modular difficulty system will offer:

Armoured Minions
Minions will have 50% more armour.

Deadly Minions
Minions will deal 25% more damage.

Deadly Encounters
​You will have a chance to encounter dreadnoughts.

The Assault of the Modified
There will be more modified minions.

The Rain of Fire
​Every 10 seconds the missile will be fired at you from the bombardment station. Find and destroy bombardment station to stop this.

Risk for Reward
XP and parts earned in this mission will be lost, if your spaceship will be destroyed.

Suicide Mission
Doubles required kill count for kill missions, doubles escort distance for the escort missions, doubles ruin data required for resurrection missions, doubles guardian kill count for the boss missions.

Only the Strongest
Swarmlings will only spawn with the big enemies, probes or scions will not spawn.

Every challenge/difficulty system module that you will accept will increase reward that you will get if you will complete mission with increased difficulty.

1 Module used
1 amplifier, 1 optimized part

2 Modules used
2 amplifiers, 3 optimized parts

3 Modules used
4 amplifiers, 6 optimized parts

4 Modules used
6 amplifiers, 3 advanced parts, 3 optimized parts

5 Modules used
8 amplifiers, 6 advanced parts, 3 optimized parts

6 Modules used
10 amplifiers, 6 extant parts, 6 advanced parts

7 Modules used
12 amplifiers, 12 extant parts, 6 advanced parts

8 Modules used
14 amplifiers, 12 extant parts, 12 advanced parts, 6 optimized parts

If you have never enabled hard mode - amplifiers are the items that you can use to upgrade spaceship parts. Upgrading makes the part as powerful as the part from the next tier. E,g,: upgraded generic part is like normal optimized part.

Of course, this is just a plan, just a bunch of ideas, so I don’t really know how will this look in the end! But I hope as cool as I imagine it now!

Next week I will continue improving inventory and items.

I will make amplifiers stack-able, I will make amplifiers for properties that don’t have amplifiers yet, I will merge apocalypse/carrier/goliath/nomad ability unleash chances into universal ability unleash chance, I will improve tooltips and maybe I will even start working on the modified enemies. (Does anyone remember sniper veterans?) After all that, I will be ready to work on the modular difficulty system!

Until next week!

Massive graphical update! Sector Six enters beta!
Posted on August 19, 2016 at 19:05

Graphical update is here!
I proudly present one of the most game changing updates in Sector Six history!
It is also the last alpha update - with it Sector Six enters beta!

New backgrounds

Sector Six backgrounds have received many improvements – now they behave more realistically, give better illusion of depth and look more interesting because of the color layer.
New backgrounds have been added for every region and existing ones were improved.

New animations

New animations has been added for actions that previously had no animations.
This includes part installing, region entering and ability upgrading animations.

Combat improvements

Combat is now more fun! Projectiles have better particles, Missile Strike, Spread Mines and Death From Above abilities are faster, dreadnoughts attack only higher level players and are encountered less often, escort missions are less annoying, retreat exploit is fixed and so on!

Interface improvements

I have cleaned up ability interface, moved combat HUD armour, alloy and ether bars closer to the center of the screen, added loot box to the mission results interface, updated floating text system and improved part placing code, now placing parts in the building field is easier.


Now that alpha is finally over, there will be a lot more content updates!
This should be the most interesting development phase,
First beta update will be modular difficulty system and infinite inventory.
Modular difficulty system will allow players to make game harder for rewards, that will allow them to make game ever harder!

Have fun!

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Echo #47: Get ready for beta
Posted on August 07, 2016 at 10:00

This week I was working on stuff that is not interesting to write about, so instead I'm going to evaluate current status of the game.

I am almost done with the graphical update and that means Sector Six is going to enter beta soon!
And this is with what the game will enter it...

Music: 95%
Left to do: Implement two tracks.

Sound effects: 80%
Left to do: Some sound effects could be replaced with better ones.

Graphics: 90%
Left to do: I'll think of something.

Interfaces: 85%
Left to do: Map interface rework, avatar customization.

Combat: 40%
Left to do: Chaos mechanic, 12 abilities per class, 4 classes, unleashed ability effects, passive abilities, modified enemies.

Spaceship building: 70%
Left to do: Part set effects, more part properties, calibrating, item stacking, part filtering.

Region missions: 20%
Left to do: More mission types.

Region bosses: 25%
Left to do: More bosses.

Region enemies: 40%
Left to do: More enemies.

Story missions: 10%
Left to do: 30 story missions?

Story bosses: 0%
Left to do: The Machines: Astrail, Numinor, Hivind, Ourend, ???, ???, Ligwitch, Malasmor.

Achievements: 20%
Left to do: More achievements

Features: 40%
Left to do: Shops, secure regions, modular difficulty system, crafting system, the Router, endgame, controller support, local co-op mode.

Total: 48%
Beta: 2016 August
Full release: 2017?

Core of the game is done, Sector Six will no longer drastically change.
Almost all upcoming updates will be content updates!

Get ready to fight the Machines, get ready to make game ten times harder, get ready to craft quad weapons, get ready to master goliath and nomad classes, get ready to enter mysterious regions outside borders through the Router...

Get ready for beta!

Echo #46: +1% fun
Posted on July 31, 2016 at 15:09

This week I was polishing various parts of the game!

One thing that I learnt about making games is that nothing in game should disappear.
So now missiles that go off-screen explodes.
Enemy missile didn't hit you, but it hit something off-screen, instead of vanishing without a trace.
That makes combat 0.1% more enjoyable.

Also, now when enemy is destroyed, the explosion destroys nearby projectiles.
Like it would happen in real world.
Missile #1, missile #2 and missile #3 is released. Missile #1 hits enemy and destroys it.
What happens next?
In Sector Six 0.5.9, missiles #2 and #3 will go through the space where enemy existed few milliseconds ago.
In Sector Six 0.6.5 and real world, missiles #2 and #3 will explode together with destroyed enemy.
That's another 0.1%!

The next 0.1% comes from improved Death From Above ability, now its missiles are much faster and it feels more powerful and aggressive.

​In Sector Six 0.5.9, if your spaceship is destroyed, you are told that the Elder Mechanism will recreate it.
In Sector Six 0.6.5, if your spaceship is destroyed, the spaceship is actually recreated.
It's not much but... 0.1%?

This week I have also made few changes to escort missions.
Defending carrier was awkward and barely possible with minions like veteran and dreadnought, so now you no longer need to defend it.
That makes escort missions into same boring destroy X minions mission with a cosmetic carrier above your ship, but hey, at least it works.
And I can always make carrier more interesting by making it blow up minions!

Oh, and about dreadnoughts...
Now they start appearing when you reach level 15.

​What else? I added sounds for selecting/deselecting abilities, tweaked region entering/leaving animations, moved upgrade/downgrade buttons slightly... And that's pretty much it.

I made Sector Six like 1% more fun and it makes this week good!
Until next week!

PS.: I decided to postpone update for a week or two, since update is not going to be released on July anyway.

Echo #45: Productive week
Posted on July 24, 2016 at 15:41

This week was quite productive!

First of all, I have made unleashed Missile Strike ability effect.
Old unleashed Missile Strike was shooting one big slow missile instead of many small ones and in some cases unleashed Missile Strike was weaker than regular one.

Now unleashed Missile Strike simply summons additional missile, that deals 100% of total relay damage, if Missile Strike is maxed. It's not very powerful effect, because I couldn't make it any more powerful for balance - Missile Strike has really low cooldown and so it has much higher unleash chance than other abilities. But that additional missile, summoned by the unleashed Missile Strike, makes pretty explosions, so despite the fact that it deals little damage, I really like new unleashed effect and I hope you guys will like it too.

After making pretty explosions, I have improved spaceship building.
I have made a simple part installing/uninstalling animation.
I imagine that the weapons, processors, engines and other parts of futuristic, modifiable, city-sized military spaceship should have pretty complex programs in them, so I think that installation animation is a must be!

Changes to the spaceship building weren't just cosmetic.
When building spaceship, parts used to fail to be placed in the building field and that made spaceship building slower and slightly irritating, especially when building large spaceship.
That's fixed now!

I have also fixed other old problem.
Players had been telling me about armour and ether bars being in wrong place for long time.
I have finally relocated them, now bars are closer to screen center.

Lastly, I have began working on better ability interface.
I have made upgrading/downgrading animations and cleaned up ability description screen.
It still needs some polishing and I hope to have it done next week.

Next week I'll work on many different things, because I'll try to make the update ready by the end of the week and I have a lot of things on my list!

Until next time!

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