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Echo #74: Waves, phases, and explosions
Posted on June 12, 2017 at 13:43

Last week I have implemented wave part properties, started working on advanced part management and did few graphical improvements.

Item update is almost done.
I only need to finish part management which will take 1 or 2 days, add the last part properties and fix all those glitches that have crawled into the game with recent changes.

After that is done, I'll make few graphical changes and then update will be released.
The update should happen on the next weekend!

I've already written about white, red and black waves, so now I want to write a bit about phase chance and phase damage properties.

Phase chance will dictate how often your spaceship will enter the phase of increased power.
During the phase, you will deal more damage. The phase will last 5 seconds.
Phase damage will increase damage dealt during the phase.
For example, if your phase damage is equal to 200%, all of your abilities will deal 200% more damage during the phase.
Simple and effective!

Phase chance should replace unleash chance, which I have removed two weeks ago.

Anyway, next week I will also continue working on graphics.
I wasn't planning on doing that, but I've got some feedback and... started working graphics =P

Check video bellow to see what's improved.

So, that's all for this echo, I hope next time I'll have more news!

Sector Six live on Twitch!
Posted on June 06, 2017 at 08:38

It's 6th day of the 6th month and I'm streaming Sector Six on my Twitch channel!
Go to Twitch >>

It's over, you missed it.

Echo #73: The new plan
Posted on June 04, 2017 at 17:36

This was another great week for Sector Six!
I've done a lot of progress and made few important decisions.
Seve part sets have been implemented and are ready for release!

But first, about the big decisions!

Right now Sector Six is unpopular.
I don't make many sales and that makes my life and game development rather difficult, so I need to increase sales.

Sector Six is in Early Access and that scares away a large part of buyers, so I need to get the game out of Early Access as soon as possible.
That means I have to finish Sector Six faster.

To do that I need to cancel some of the planned features.
Or even better - put some features aside and implement them after the game is finished and out of Early Access.

Postponed: The Router and unlinked regions

It would be a nice addition to the game but is not necessary for the game to be finished.

Postponed: Nomad class

Sector Six will leave Early Access with 3 classes instead of 4.
Postponing nomad class will make Sector Six release earlier by a good few weeks.

Postponed: Endgame update

Permanent death modes, creative mode, new game+ expansion, loot options, boss replaying...
All these features would take a lot of time to make and they would be used only by a few players, because of how unpopular Sector Six is, so I will wait until I have more players who can access these features before working on them.

Canceled: Part crafting

Part crafting was a feature I've always wanted to see in the game, but after adding cities, I have realized that there is no place for item crafting in Sector Six.
Item management in Sector Six is already very time consuming and crafting would make it even worse, so in a way, it's even better to have no crafting.

Canceled: Ability unleashing

I have really tried to make ability unleashing work well, but it's just impossible.
Without ability unleashing, I will be able to make abilities better because I no longer need two versions of the same ability - normal and unleashed.

With these questionable features out of the way, here's what I need to do before I can say that the game is completed:

The last item update
Part compression update
The boss update
The last combat expansion
The last boss update
The remaining story missions

The list has become nice, thin and doable!
Now I will be able to finish Sector Six in a few months and finished game will be polished to perfection!

Anyway, enough about the future.

As I have mentioned, I have implemented all part sets I wanted.
In the previous echo, I wrote about adding five part sets, but I added two more, so now there are unique 7 ways to build your spaceship!

Implementing sets was rather easy, except for Cor's Voidshape.
I had to find a way to merge parts of the spaceship into one image to make spaceship transparent.
That took me about 5 hours!

Next week I will implement new part properties:

+x levels to EMP Grenade ability
+x levels to Shards of Chaos ability
+x levels to Resurrect Armour ability
+x levels to Assemble Obelisk ability
+x% chance to cause white wave
+x% chance to cause red wave
+x% chance to cause black wave

Waves will be caused on an enemy kill.

The white wave will jam enemies.
The red wave will cause damage over time.
The black wave will destroy enemy segments and deal some damage to them.

Waves will help to defeat enemy groups because one destroyed enemy might cause a wave that will jam or damage other enemies.

Only mythical and etalon parts will have wave chance properties and only etalon parts will add levels to abilities.
That should make high-grade parts even more interesting!

After new properties are implemented, I will work on part filtering, the last thing on my list. Then I'll just need to fix few new glitches, run few tests and the new version will be ready for an update!

So, that's the news.
Until next time!

Echo #72: Cor's Voidshape and other part sets
Posted on May 29, 2017 at 13:45

Last week I've been working on item update.
I've done really a lot!

First of, now mythical and etalon parts are better!
They can be upgraded with amplifiers two times, unlike lower grade parts.

Speaking of lower grade parts, I have added a new part property that adds a chance to upgrade parts to a higher grade.
If you have at least one of parts with this properly, there's a chance that a lower grade part you've just picked up will turn to higher grade part.
For example, a generic part will turn into optimized and advanced part will turn into extant.

And after item update, you'll want to get as many extant parts as possible!
Extant, mythical and etalon parts will have a chance to be a component of a part set!

Part sets are simple: Add a certain amount of parts that are set components and you will get a special effect of that set.

For example, adding 10 Ultranid's parts will unlock Ultranid's Corruption set effect.
I'm planning to add 5 part sets with the upcoming update, while other part sets will be added in future, maybe even after the full release of the game.

Here's current set effects:

Cor's Voidshape
Enemy projectiles go through your spaceship
Enemy projectiles damage your spaceship only if they hit the Elder Mechanism
Shield duration is reduced to 2 seconds
Maximum armour is reduced by 90%

Etherion's Clash
+400% damage
Damage boost is applied only if your spaceship has equal amount of relays, pylons, elements and nodes

Ultranid's Corruption
Cooldowns of all abilities are reduced to 0 seconds
Activating an ability deals damage to your spaceship
Damage dealt is equal to 10% of maximum armour

Kithalia's Blight
Your spaceship has +4% damage for every 1% of missing ether
Your spaceship is destroyed if ether reaches 100%

Oesa's Radiance
Your spaceship has +1% damage for every 10 ether
Base maximum armour of your spaceship is equal to maximum ether multiplied by 50

Cor's Voidshape is probably my favorite part set, because of how game changing it is!
It basically enables classic shoot 'em up gameplay by reducing hitbox size and maximum armour.
Dodge or die!

I'm very proud of Etherion's Clash set.
It's perfect for people who like to use abilities from all available classes, because it covers the loss of damage, that you get for using multiple weapon types.

Ultranid's Corruption set effect is a mini Overload after you use an ability!
Extremely risky, but rewarding!

High-level players usually keep a lot of unused ether.
Kithalia's Blight should change that, by rewarding for NOT having ether and severely punishing if you don't dump ether!

I've also noticed that maximum ether property is not very useful.
Oesa's Radiance will make it more than useful!
I think it is possible to get up to +5000% damage through Oesa's Radiance effect.
You'll regret dismantling all those ether parts =]

Anyway, I've spent most of the time last week preparing for part sets.
I improved procedural item generator, part tooltips, added an interface for checking the status of part sets and so on.
Next week I will start implementing set effects.

I have also unlocked mortars and cannons because they will be required for Etherion's Clash set.
I promise to add abilities for those weapons soon!

There's one more thing.
I am going to remove ability unleashing.
Unleashing just simply didn't work out.
Without unleashed effects, I'll have more design space and I will be able to make more interesting abilities.

Considering how quickly I am progressing with this update, I think it will come out in the first half of June, so get ready!

Well, that's all for this echo.
Until next time!

Update! Gauntlet, time siege, 45 new achievements and more!
Posted on May 22, 2017 at 18:51

I finally did it, took me two months =P


Gauntlet is just like kill mission, except that during gauntlet your alloy container, repairing abilities and parts will not work!
If you will survive gauntlet, you will get an extant part!

Time siege

During time siege, you will have to defeat all Sector Six enemies from weakest to strongest!
The faster you'll do it, the better reward you will get.

New achievements

25 achievements for exploring Sector Six, 5 achievements for completing missions, 10 miscellaneous achievements, and 5 secret achievements!
These new achievements will encourage you to try new things.

New combat options

Now you can disable XP gain and enable easy mode!
Easy mode halves enemy damage, armor, XP reward and disables modular difficulty system.

Inventory glitch fixed

You will no longer end up with -5785 inventory slots!

Lethal Weapons and Aberrant Armour nerfed

+200% armor and damage per level were way too much!
Now Lethal Weapons and Aberrant Armour will only increase enemy armor and damage by 100%.

Graphical changes
  • Improved backgrounds.
  • Added weapon warning.
  • Improved main menu.
  • Improved death animation.
  • Improved loot box.
  • Improved level up screen.
  • Improved modular difficulty system map.
  • Improved achievement notifications.
  • Game now remembers more notifications.
  • Fixed annoying claim screen glitch.
  • Added achievement icons.
Other changes
  • Added movement sound.
  • Fixed passive ability description graphical glitch.
  • Fixed inventory page button graphical glitch.
  • Detonated mines are now slightly less effective against enemy segments.
  • Fixed mosaic seeking projectile glitch.
  • EMP Grenade now deals damage based on node damage, like it is supposed to.
Have fun!

Next update: Part sets, advanced item filtering, high-grade part improvements and new part properties!

Echo #71: 90%
Posted on May 14, 2017 at 16:07

I'm getting close to finishing Sector Six graphics!
This week I have improved loot box, level up screen and added a box that shows difficulty rewards.
I've wanted to make these changes for a long time.

Besides that, I have added the last achievement, made icons for Steam achievements and now Sector Six is ready for the achievement update!

I have also tried making changes to the art style.
I couldn't make it work, so I decided to revert all the changes.

Next week I will be dealing with last graphical changes I want to make - some sort of movement animations, background spaceships, inventory animations.

I am also hoping to finally update the game in a few days, so keep an eye on new posts about that!

Until next time!

Echo #70: All upcoming updates
Posted on May 09, 2017 at 07:22

This echo is slightly different - it's a list of all updates that are left to do until Sector Six is completed!

Next update

Update that will come out next is an achievement and graphic update.

45 new achievements!
Various graphical improvements.

This is the last graphical update!
Sector Six will no longer change graphically.

The last item update

New part designs.
New part properties.
High-grade part improvements.
Part sets.
New filtering options.
Alternative weapons.

The last crafting update

Part crafting.
Part compression.

The Router update

Concealed regions with epic rewards, unlocked by completing achievements.

The boss update #1

New boss.
Armored colony seeker improvements.

The boss update #2

The last boss.

Combat expansion #1

Titan class.
New side missions.

Combat expansion #2

Nomad class.
New side missions.

The remaining story missions

Story mission VI
Story mission VII
Story mission VIII
Story mission IX
Story mission X
Story mission XI
Story mission XII
Story mission XIII
Story mission XIV

Endgame update

Permanent death and hardcore modes.
Ability to set maximum level, enable and disable sources of loot and experience.
Ability to replay the Machine boss fights.
Creative mode.
Last batch of achievements.

Full release

After I will do all of that, the game will be completed!
This list might not mean a lot to you, but to me, it's amazing to finally know for sure what I'll have to do to finish Sector Six!

Amazing. And terrifying! That's so much to do!
I'll go work on it right away!

Sector Six 1 year in Steam anniversary!
Posted on May 02, 2017 at 05:17

On this day, one year ago, Sector Six was released on Steam!
I am going to stream Sector Six all day!


Echo #69: Next few weeks
Posted on April 29, 2017 at 16:39

Due to technical difficulties, the next update is postponed.
I can't say for how long, could be a day, could be weeks.

That gives me plenty of time to add more stuff!

Right now I am working on new achievements and achievement icons.
There will be 30+ new achievements!
This number is inflated because I will add an achievement for completing a mission in each region.

Aside from standard achievements for completing missions, reaching a certain level, and activating abilities, I will also add five secret achievements.
And that's the only thing you'll hear from me about them!

Every achievement will get a unique icon.
Current Steam achievement icons will be updated as well.

Once I'm done with achievements, I will start working on a graphical update.

I will try to improve projectile impacts again, make better death animations, improve interfaces and maybe even add some sort of movement animations.

And then there's this:

Since the very beginning of the development, I've been hearing that Sector Six art style is great, but it has one problem.
It makes everything look similar.

I wasn't worrying too much about it because there was no solution to this problem and I had bigger problems to deal with.

But after making the image above, I think I finally know how to increase variety without sacrificing enigmatic silhouettes.

There's a lot of things to figure out about this.

What colour should the lights be?
What to do with spaceship parts that are tiny and don't allow big lights?
What changes do I need to do player spaceship and enemy graphics to ensure that it will look clean?
Do I need to add lights to region background images?

If I'll manage to find solutions to all of those problems, then I will make this change.

All of this gives me enough work for a month!

So, that's all for this echo, hopefully, next one will come after a week, like it is supposed to.

Until next time!

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