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Done for Now.
Posted on August 18, 2014 at 03:22

Unfortunately for me I'm saying goodbye for the game design portion of my life for now, until things get better for me, which given my track record when I have to vent, I'll only explain if any of you care to want to know.

On the other side of things, it's been interesting, not forcing myself to sit in front of any kind of code editor and instead sitting in front of photoshop, SAI, or even a game!

If I start picking back up my other creative endeavors, I'll definitely post them on here once again but until again, I'll go back to hiding in the depths of wherever I go~

Spriting Help! (MechWars)
Posted on April 09, 2014 at 04:04

Oi vey. I can really use some help here with these sprites. You might recognize them from the screenshots in my last post.

..If you don't know, these are the sprites to an upcoming game that's currently called "MechWars". Currently considering "SteelRift" or "MetalScratch" as another potential name, but I've got no clue. But that's rambling at this point. In any case, I'm in major need of some help with these sprites. Kinda at my wits end with them and I'm tired of messing with it.

Long story short, I could use some help improving what I've got already, and I need to also improve them to the point of having 4 more directions - diagonal directions, specifically. Regarding the angle, it's not bad, but I think it could be better by going a bit more of an angle than 45 degrees; I'm thinking something like Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen's view:

Regarding the sprites, here they are:

(NOTE: The sprite above follows the NES restrictions - or should fall under them as close as possible - the cockpit is an overlaid sprite as seen in the middle column of sprites, and is used to get around the 4 (with only 3 visible) color limit with sprites. I can't make it look good without doing this; any ideas/examples are welcome! )

The sprite is inspired by the M-308 Gunner from Metal Storm:

Any help here is appreciated, and I actually posted over on pixellation forums in case any of you guys post over there as well:

MechWarsNES (Working Title)
Posted on April 01, 2014 at 02:36

So I've been working pretty damn hard on a new game, and I've been waiting to release it. It's an NES-inspired game that's currently called MechWarsNES. Yeah.

In any case, it's a pretty sweet little start to a series of games that I intend to sort of pay tribute to the old(ish) game systems over the years. I'd have started with something like the Atari but I really couldn't have figured out how to make a game like this work out how I would want it to work out. Sure I've got ideas but.. I dunno.

In any case, there's not much here to IMHO warrant placing this game into the actual WIP section. All there is so far is a single level with barely any enemies, and an empty boss room. Last attempt to post something so incomplete didn't seem to go over nicely with the moderators; I'd rather not push my luck so early on and besides, I'd rather post an 'official' demo when I've got plenty to show. I plan to post this over on gamejolt and elsewhere soon but for now I'll probably just post this on here and the GMC.

Screenshots below. Download link below. I hope you all enjoy! ;P


Stuff and things, and Game Dev
Posted on October 21, 2013 at 23:00

So I've been at a bit of a standstill lately with pretty much anything outside of work. I've recently taken on a FULL TIME job, so of course it's time to get used to having far less free time than I ever had before to take care of my 'hobbies', and 'side jobs'.

And by that I mean anything outside of work. Sleep (what is that anyway? :P), games, and game/web development as well.

For those that don't know... pretty much everyone here I've finally escaped the evil known as Retail, and while I'm still at the same store, I'm now a tech, currently in an entry level position working on the returned units (some TVs and screens, desktops and laptops mostly). I either restore them for resale, order parts or have them sent out. It's pretty simple but it's in the direction of what I want to do, and where I want to be. I've not felt this happy to be at work since... well, since my first job ever, so the eagerness is there, and I'm freakin' thrilled!

Unfortunately while it means more money, and more hours to earn even MORE money, it's not always a great thing. I've got less time for stuff I've wanted to do but... well, hell, it's easier to build up paid vacation hours anyway so why not :P

I see I missed S4D but that's fine. I'm not about to throw off a job I'm looking to be more serious about right now though maybe I'll manage to do the next Frosty 4 Digits competion or something (or work with nick to get a second release of the game out just for the sake of getting something done)!.

Other than Deep Freeze (which has had very little done to it in recent months), I've been working on a top down game engine, and a possible side view platformer. I've still got plenty of things to do with both engines, with the platformer engine needing a LOT of work, but the top-down engine is getting better and better, and when I'm finally happy with it for release and having input from others (and getting help), I'll be posting about it quite soon. It's definitely quite an ambitious project, but so far I'm quite enjoying the progress I've made on it.

Anyway, I'm afraid my blog is gonna spiral into meaningless rambling so I'll stop here and get some sleep. I've got mostly 9AM-5PM shifts and... it's not bad, but I'm still getting used to such early shifts for me. X_X

Discussion: Unnamed Chopper Game
Posted on July 13, 2013 at 12:04

(Discussion topics below Design Document)

Name: "Chopper Game"
Genre: Top Down Shooter, 2D (3D top down possible)

A main focus, other than any kind of story (assuming one is made for the game) deals with destruction.

Controls are currently intended to be mouse and keyboard based, with other types of input possible at a later time.

The current target platform would be PC-Windows, with the potential for Linux, Mac and console later on. The Language/IDE is undecided, however it can either be GameMaker Language/GM8.1, C++/VisualStudio or Actionscript/FlashDevelop. Java and C# are other possible candidates - C# allows us to move to XNA/Xbox (last I checked) and Java is another cross-platform choice (like with Actionscript and thus flash).

What are your opinions of a game like this? If you like it, what would you like to see on this? If you don't like it, why? What would you change so it's something you like?

Height control is a possible feature - but what could be done to ensure that it works in a 2D, top down manner? The current prototype increases/decreases in size, but of course that's not all that can be done - and it can still be tough to determine what you can and cannot collide with - perhaps a HUD overlay (color overlay on buildings that you are close to hitting)?

Realistic weapons, semi-realistic (think ace combat series and the ability to hold huge amounts of weapons), or perhaps go crazy and do something fictional for a lot of the weapons?

Should it be full 2D? Perhaps 2.5D with a 3D environment? Perhaps full 3D elements? Should the art style be realistic? Stylized? Full on cartoon?

What kind of story would you guys like to see in a game like this?

Updates and Stuff
Posted on June 28, 2013 at 02:58

Among other things, Nick had posted a few updates on the progress of Deep Freeze. Instead of re-posting and driving people crazy, here's a link to his page, and check out the posts:

In other news, I've been working on a prototype for another game while doing stuff for DF here and there, and regarding other fun things, I've started my move into a new room of this house! I can practically taste the air conditioning...!

...Well, maybe not. Still, we've made quite a bit of progress, and I'm quite exhausted already. The house is a mess as we work on moving things back and fourth, swapping out the crap in each room but we're making progress, and I'll be posting pics of this adventure soon! :P

A question to the Artistic
Posted on May 19, 2013 at 21:19

I'll have to be careful just what I say here. No telling the type of people that view this stuff, as well as their age so while I might just go into a bit of rambling, I'll have to make sure I do pull a few punches, so to speak. While this is mostly intended for visual artists, any kind of 'artist' (or anyone in a similar situation for that matter) is welcome to talk and contribute. Hopefully I can get a few serious answers here to get some kind of info.

In any case, some background information to start.

For those of you who haven't followed any of my blog posts, I'm sure you've got some idea of things I've been going through lately. Ups and downs, depression, etc. And for those who haven't or didn't see, or don't know much about me?

I'm a bit of a "jack of all trades, master of none". I draw (or drew), I make music, I design things, build models, sculpt, compose digital music, program, cook (or cooked), wrote, etc. I've done a bit of everything and I could do them all pretty decently at worst, given the time to prepare and/or re-familiarize myself with stuff.

From 2007 until now, I've lost 4 family members - close family members at that - and drifted away from two others (well, one plus a very close family friend and possible stepfather). I've been forced to drop out of college because of money issues, I've failed classes, I've felt cornered, etc. When I talk to others they make me feel like I'm a more unusual case, though I'm still convinced that there are plenty more people far worse off than me. I've got a home... for now... that we may or may not be able to keep. I have food. I've got a job that.. well, mostly pays the bills. I've got passable transportation (friends/family/bus/cabs) and well, I'm not exactly completely separated from my family. I've got a couple of good friends.

Anyway, to avoid rambling, I'll simply get to the point of the blog - the question.

As of late, I've been unable to draw. Music at times, perhaps. Programming, yes. Web design and some occasional doodles? Maybe. Oddly enough, drawing was a large part of my life. From about 2010 onward, after my father's death and forced dropout (previously: grandmother and grandfather), I've been on the decline artwise. Things I used to be able to draw. I feel more like the kid that sometimes doodled awesome things in class - no major "skills", just some lucky doodles.

I'm curious - have any of you creative types hit this kind of a block? Have you recovered? What would you do? What have you done? What do you feel I should do? At one time, pushing through and forcing myself to draw (only a bit) used to work, but it doesn't. It's like a mental and physical weight forces me to do nothing with art when I try now. I'm uninspired and unmotivated. Not with money. No love, no desire. Not even less... tame things interest me, for drawing. For me, Anthony Vincent LoPrimo - the Artist. The man who was nicknamed "Bob Ross Junior". The guy everyone "knew" would become an amazing artist. The man that people were positive would go into something awesome and become rich and forever help his family... is practically no more. At least in the sense that everyone thought.

I don't know what to do. I don't want to give up visual art. I really don't. That was my passion - at least I'm still sure it is. I mean I am pretty sure I still WANT to draw. But it's like at the last moment I can't do it. It's like I'm trying to speak in public. It's like I freeze up when I try to talk to someone I don't know. It's like I'm shy against myself. Or perhaps not.

Should I relent and go with what I've been working on? Programming, and music? How might I ensure I don't completely abandon drawing? What kinds of things could I do for inspiration? Or perhaps my idea that getting to a mindset that was before 2010 is right - and what might you recommend I try to do? My father is gone.. my aunt is gone, and my grandparents as well. How might I mentally go back in time, or even how might I want to get rid of this block? Maybe my mind is trying to get me to express my emotion in some other way?

...Anyway, even my questions are becoming a mess of rambling so I'll stop now. Hopefully someone could give me some kind of advice. It seems people have their own ups and downs, so who knows, maybe someone could give me some advice as well.

64D Logo and Deep Freeze
Posted on May 07, 2013 at 04:43


If you like Deep Freeze, I ask that you kindly nominate it - it's up on IndieDB and it'd be awesome if they'd consider the game for E3... talking with the person that emailed me and even if I can't actually make it (pass or no pass), I'd like to see if the game itself can be put into the expo.

SECONDLY: 64Digits Logo

I've gotten a few requests for the hi-res logo. I can't find it, but should I re-create it? Yay or nay? It shouldn't be tough, so just let me know what you guys want me to do!

Posted on April 24, 2013 at 03:43

So you've found yourself in that strange, empty city intersection once again. You've been here before, and well... you've done just about everything you've normally been doing... appearing here, moving forward and then waking up. Sometimes it seems the dream ends sooner than normal, and other times, it seems you almost make it into the city, yet suddenly headlights rush at you, waking you up right before the supposed impact.

And yet it's not nerve wracking. BEHIND you is what creeps you out. Whatever is to the right of this intersection creeps you out. But to the left and forward? It seems familiar. Or at least, far less dangerous. And then, after many, many times of moving forward, you decide to mix things up - and you turn left. You continue going, not stopping, not hesitating. You think you hear noises, or even a scream... and you move faster. You think there's footsteps behind you, but you don't stop - you start running. Those distant lights? They start to reflect off you. Suddenly the fog seems to start clearing from in front of you. Have you reached the edge? It seems so... the faint shape of some odd building is in the distance in front of you, and you notice - and even feel - grass. You've somehow stopped running along a road, and instead have been running through a grassy meadow. Behind you, it seems there's a city skyline of some kind - from that city area you were before, but something seems... off about it. You're not quite sure, and you can't figure it out. You look back to this new odd building shortly after though, and continue onward. The grass gets a bit greener - still dark, but color fully fades in.

You eventually reach this odd building. It seems familiar - safe - comforting. It's your... house? Apartment? You don't know, but you feel at 'home' here. You feel safe. Yet at the same time you feel uneasy. An familiar unfamiliarity? An uneasiness that surrounds that all-too familiar feeling of safety? You aren't sure, but you move closer.

The dark shape never changes - the walls of the house are pitch black - but it seems the walls are ridged - as if it were a porch - a nice outdoor section for people to step out of this building. You can't see any windows, doors, or other distinguishable features, except for a neon blue light running around the edges of these ridges. You wander around the perimeter of the house, and details seem to come in - it's not some shadow building - just a really dark one, and you notice that it's faintly tiled. Some parts have metallic bars running along the wall vertically. Some subtle white effects, nearly concealed by the shadow. As you make it around the building, you realize that there IS light! And as if it were a hotel of some kind, you approach an open lobby of sorts - you aren't sure just what it is...

It's like an indoor pool and recreation area, with a TV, couch and even a fridge and a bar - it's brightly lit, with bright tans, pretty blue water for the pool and bright white lights - contrasting nicely to the rest of the dark colored building. It's not closed in by windows - a pilar on the corner of the building maintain a support, but otherwise it seems like one of those hotels with an open lobby - the only doors are those that lead to the rest of the inside of the house.

You look around and you see something - your family! At least those you consider family, those you grew up with. Alive or dead - they're relaxing, looking at you and your confused, bewildered state. "What's up! C'mon, relax!" they'd say, waving you over. They seem to be acknowledging you, however after a moment, they seem to just be doing the same things over and over again - not reacting differently as you walk away - not asking why you're not paying attention to them, or why you just outright turned away. They just stop trying to get your attention. Okay, so that seems odd. Suddenly someone comes up the side of the house. A threat? A robber? No. It's someone you know. A good friend perhaps. Or an imaginary friend from your childhood, even if you never really imagined them as one. Maybe you're an adult that is long past imaginary friends, but they still are visible - and seem to know you. And they chat with a moment like you've been old friends. They talk, and so do you - yet you can't say anything. You're quiet, but some thing is being said as you two converse, walking along the side of the house. You come to an odd area just outside the brightly lit area. "C'mon, wanna see something I found?" she/he might ask. You get scared, as if you're breaking into someone else's house... but wasn't this yours? Suddenly you can freely act and speak on your own again. You might question your friend. You might hesitate. You might jump in with full eagerness.

It turns out to be a strange hole that you never saw before when walking along the sides of the house. You glance in, and it seems impossible to get into, but you both are confident you'll fit. You could be the fattest person ever, or a toothpick - the hole will always seem slightly smaller than you. You might have a moment of hopelessness but your friend will remind you to just give it a shot! You struggle to enter, and eventually slip in. You turn around, and the hole is suddenly replaced with a door - that friend looks in, almost as if they were nervous or worried. They say to go on, that they'll find another way in - and you're OK with this, even if only moments before, you were sneaking into what seemed to be a basement, rather than the ground floor. They run off, and even if you wait ten minutes, they're gone. If you look outside, it's still night - a dim, deep blue seeps in through the window. Oddly enough, no light actually illuminates the room for the most part. It's pitch black, like the fog from that city intersection. You take a step into the room, and you suddenly get a chill down your spine.

You glance around. Nothing to be afraid of. You seem like a kid, hearing noises in the night, trying to convince yourself that there's no such thing as monsters. You walk forward, and suddenly you notice light from an open doorway across from you. It's the same bright light from before. Safety. Or so you think. You dash for the light - or perhaps you cautiously approach it instead. No matter what, once you're a few feet from the door, a shadowed figure enters, standing there. You're frozen in fear, two white dots for eyes being the only noticeable feature of this... thing, and suddenly... you wake up.

Posted on April 20, 2013 at 03:59

It's a rather dark night. You take one step at a time, wandering down the middle of a small winding road. You look around, not knowing quite how you got here or why you're here in the first place. You glance behind you - nothing. Nothing exists. It's a dense black fog that almost makes you think it's following you, and consuming you - but it's not. You could stand there for what seems like hours, and it'll never actually encroach on this little area.

Is it a game? Is it real? It almost seems like it. Perhaps you play too many games. Perhaps your mind dreams as if it were a video card rendering out a scene. Perhaps you're not on a city block, and instead in an enclosed room. You step forward into an intersection. On either side sit two walls and nothing more. Grey, cement, bare and boring. Lines divide the segments of the wall. The road seems wide, though if it was a road for cars, it's only wide for one... though you don't worry - cars are in the distance, sure, but they never seem to come your way. They turn off at another intersection in the very distance.

You reach the intersection in front of you first, however. A red stop sign is on the closest corner to you on the right. You look to the right. More dark fog - but it almost seems like an uneasiness for you. More so than the fog behind you. The wall on your right follows the turn, and is covered by graffiti. Across the street is more of that cement wall, with segments of chain link fence there as well. Graffiti is also littered there. Some interesting, but all of it nerve-wracking for you for some odd reason - even the more inspiring words "Fear nothing, prevail" seem oddly sinister to you right now, as if it were all a lie concocted to draw you into something bad.

You turn left. The fog seems to play mind games. The wall to your left also follows the branch, extending to the left - but instead becomes a chain link fence completely, letting you see a very dark, dimly lit field - no lights, and the grass fades into the very blackness of the fog and night sky - a subtle blue fade at that. The sky, as you'd glance up - is devoid of stars, moon and cloud. As you look further to the left, the fog conceals some of the opposing end of the street - the fence fades into nothingness, and while it's closer, and strangely consuming some of the landscape in front of you, you seem far less afraid of this direction. A faint light is visible in the distance - as if a radio tower with warning lights for low-flying planes. It flashes sometimes. You feel things are moving around there - as if creatures of the night ready to attack you - but unlike the unusually quiet and silent dark to the right - this is in no way scary to you for some strange reason. You can't figure it out, but this seems like an empty taunt, while the other side houses a silent, deadly secret.

However, you then look forwards once again. The fields closed in be the fences and fog seem empty. Dead. Tall grass, short grass, dirt. Empty, undeveloped lots. A nicely primed canvas for those who feel up to the challenge... but it doesn't seem right. So you continue onwards. You hear cars zooming around - as if they're right next to you. Going through you. You hear people talking. It seems you've entered a bustling section of the city - but you're still truly alone. No one is around you. But why? And why does it seem all the people and cars in the distance avoid this section of road? The question is pushed to the back of your mind as you continue walking forward, looking to rejoin civilization.




You get closer, but something's off.....?




Even closer. You're across the street and suddenly it seems that intersection is... still as far away as before? Is the fog separating you from life?




You step into the fog, bold and daring, ready to make a run for it.


You push farther, as fast as you can go as you approach the warm, welcoming street lights of the city, and........

....Well, you never could yet figure out what's in that city... or where it is.

This is one of a few dreams I've had on and off. I've yet to revisit this place in a while, but whenever I DO so, I've very rarely been able to snap out of the rhythm described above and attempt to further investigate my dream (I've done all of twice).

It's rare I dream nowadays, sadly.

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