Recent Games

Flying Cat Stomper

Who would have guessed it's possible to program a game in Go...?

Use your mouse, dumb ass...assin

Source code for curious people:
(Might or might not be up-to-date)

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the Little Music Box and the Daemon

The story is centered around an evil count who seeks for power. He gets knowledge about an ancient weapon that is localized in the "Golden City". So he orderes his men to kidnap the king's daughter, Sunny, to learn more about it. Far away, a man called Crescent is on the way to rescue her, after he has the strange feeling that an unknown but simultaneously familiar woman is in danger.

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The End

(This is a quickly done desktop version of the game. If you do not want to download too big a file, just play the game here: or here:

The End is a game where you fight the final boss. That's it.

Controls are described in-game, in a very ugly "Controls" help screen. Press Esc to quit and F4 for full screen.

That's it. Enjoy (at least the visuals, gameplay might be...

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Grey Area

An adventure platforming game in which you must explore a strange world between worlds as you try to get home and find your parents...

Currently includes two completed stages and a third stage that is nearly finished.

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psycho wagie

one man has a strange revelation during his work. but everything ends in an unexpected result

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Power Putt is based on retro coin-op and console driven games that I've grew up on. It has mixed and meshed concepts from many games from the 70's thru the late 90's. It plays like golf but without the complicated rules. In addition, I plan to add extra elements to it in the future but for now it's good enough to be at v 1.00 status. All the controls are on-screen with this project and only uses a mouse for PC based systems.

Basic instructions are in-game. However, I highly encourage *READ...

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The Cursed Legion

The Eclipse is about to plunge Human Worlds into darkness.

The Swarm is gathering, the Corporation is expanding, the Rebellion is rising, the Alliance is burning and the Curse is spreading.

You were the first one to be touched by the Curse.
You were chosen to be the Archlegionaire, to rebuild the Cursed Legion and lead it into the Eclipse to stop the forces of darkness from devouring Sun.

The Cursed Legion is a free single-player collectible card game

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Rolling The Monkey

This example requires the jMonkeyEngine.

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Battle for '17

Battle for '17 is a simple shooter platformer made in 3 days.

WARNING: Very hard, a little clunky, short. Like I said - 3 days.
Also, it's my first attempt to make a platformer.

I made it for Final Days 2016 competition.


In the last days of 2016, SOMETHING happened and the terrible alien being that eats time has appeared!

You are low budget 2 dimensional Master Chef, that dies from basically anything. The...

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The Legend of slime

Simple game Turn Based Battle

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The Last Minute Dungeon

The Last Minute Dungeon is a simple short action arcade game that could be better if I had bothered to spend more time making it oh well just play it and enjoy.

If you want to know why those enemies are smiling... well... MUSHROOMS!


Controls are described in-game (see "Help" in the title screen). The zip file contains both Linux64 and Win32 versions. No porn included.

(To run the game in a window, run the executables with additiona...

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Basic Inventory Click-Drag (Not centered)

It's a very simple example for inventory making system. Just a little bit detail for your project. When you clicked an item it will follows where you clicked. NO BAG, NO ITEM COUNTING OR OTHERS!

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