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    July 06, 2006
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Here is the latest game i have been working on. I want to make something in the vein of the original NES Castlevanias. I have been stumped/busy lately but i figured i would post a preview and get some reactions about it.


ARROW KEYS - movement
'A' - jump
'S' - machete
'D' - special weapon

South 3.0 is here! 03/09/08

SOUTH 3.0!

SOUTH 3.0Vista!

Special weapons are found in crates in the game. Ammo for the weapons is gained by killing monsters.

Must thank Damaged for his Mega Man example, i never would have gotten this far without it.


Target platforms:

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"AND NUDITY!!!***" lol.
Posted by noshenim July 06, 2006 12:26 - 11.4 years ago
| [#01]

kk looks interesting im downloading it.
Posted by DSG July 06, 2006 12:33 - 11.4 years ago
| [#02]

haha very cool i like the style. but its lacking some creepy music ill give this a 8/10

+ your unregestered.
Posted by DSG July 06, 2006 12:38 - 11.4 years ago
| [#03]

heh there is nudity i don't want any moms or congressmen to have a heart attack if they see a boobie or something, ...or see their kid playing with boobies. :)

i made a sketch of the main character one day with this scribble style i've been using and that's how this game got started. I like it a lot.

the music is still in the works at the moment. And yes it is definitely lacking without it. Technically this whole game is still in the works at the moment

i keep meaning to register but it's just one of those things i put off and forget about. It will happen soon.
Posted by wingboy July 06, 2006 12:55 - 11.4 years ago
| [#04]

Wow that was amazing. I liked every thing about the game. Graphics controls and it's so cool. The probl;em with GM is peop,le make cutesy game. This is the first gory game I've seen with game maker. The game wasn't scary but it was creepy. O liked the little bit of humor too. The boss looked cool and I liked the little girl. XD
Posted by Theonlywonderboy July 06, 2006 13:29 - 11.4 years ago
| [#05]

lovely. I like. Finish this and make me very happy.
Posted by Crazy Star July 06, 2006 13:33 - 11.4 years ago
| [#06]

ur obviously refering to my game wondeboy lol. (Twinkle lol)

yeah twinkle was cute in the bad way but eh... my game ASYLUM will be very gory. and withmy particle know how ive already madeVERY realisit blood and guts.
Posted by DSG July 06, 2006 13:43 - 11.4 years ago
| [#07]

No all games. Cute isn't bad it is just used a lot in GM games.
Posted by Theonlywonderboy July 06, 2006 14:51 - 11.4 years ago
| [#08]

its hard, but very good. add sound.i also like the graphics and animations a lot.
Posted by n1ko July 06, 2006 15:41 - 11.4 years ago
| [#09]

Is there going to be a story?
Posted by Theonlywonderboy July 06, 2006 15:52 - 11.4 years ago
| [#10]

the story is briefly touched on in the opening cinema. It's Hell on Earth basically, as the newspaper mostly says. I'm keeping it vague so i can let my imagination totally go wild and not have to be bound by a solid theme in the art department. I'm also trying to leave it open to however you would want to interpret it. There will be a little wrap up at the end for the main character though.

I had lots more splatter before, but it was starting to bog down performance so i cut a lot of it. That's also why the bodies rot, and they disappear if they leave the view.

I'll keep adjusting the difficulty curve as i go and hopefully it will end up nice and balanced. My other Game INVASION didn't turn out quite like that heh.

thanks for the comments
Posted by wingboy July 06, 2006 17:08 - 11.4 years ago
| [#11]

Haha, this was nice. I liked the animation, the rough look actually made it look good. I laughed though when I fell down and it had the green square... saying "Falling"; Funny, especially with the accompany of the scream. It had a really freaky look that I enjoyed. Should really get some more types of zombies or whatever going, as well as zombies that jump out of nowhere. The blood was awesome, but it needs to vary more; maybe according to where you hit the zombie? Anyway, a fat 8/10 for that; brilliant stuff.

Posted by RhysAndrews July 06, 2006 19:29 - 11.4 years ago
| [#12]


Hell on Earth basically, as the newspaper mostly says

=P I figured that since the name of the game is South

This looks interesting though... I gotta check it out soon...
Posted by melee-master July 06, 2006 22:21 - 11.4 years ago
| [#13]

I love the fact that the main character is actually big on the screen. Most GM games have a small 32*32 (or similar) sized character, and yours is bigger. Very nice. I love the art direction.
Posted by Radnom_Games July 07, 2006 3:57 - 11.4 years ago
| [#14]

that 'falling' and 'splat' were just placeholders for when i get around to drawing the real sprites of him falling and splatting heh.

points for getting the South reference go to mm

i like my sprites big and meaty! down with teeny 24x24 clumps! (though easier to animate.... far easier)
Posted by wingboy July 07, 2006 15:40 - 11.4 years ago
| [#15]

Asumn! 9/10
Posted by contrendo July 09, 2006 10:44 - 11.4 years ago
| [#16]

First review @ v. 2.1

Yay I found a secret area =]
Enemy that shoots should have another death sprite. Looks funny. It's also very hard to NOT be hit by his bullet. Unless you crouch.. hmmm.
I missed the ability to swing my sword while in air.
There's no animation for swinging sword while crouching.
Bats are hard to see in the dark. Give them some glowing outline or something. What do I know...
Hurray another secret area! This one was easy to find though (the house).

When exiting houses the monsters that you already killed are there again. Maybe make rooms persistent. Or did you do this on purpose?

There's just too many awesome things in this for me to mention them. Like the guy ripping off his own face and then charging at you. Sound was great. Absolutely loved the boss and his death animation. And hurray for female zombies. Nice to see you have the guts to include nudity. There's more to say about this but I'm anxious to play it again.

Accidentally hit restart whilst trying to figure out how to swing machete in the last level I think: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
(yes, I used a yoystick.. THANK YOU for including that. I found it to not be buggy)

Here's a screenshot of the level completion screen (So you can adjust difficulty if you like.. though it was pretty balanced (from second level on)).

*Goes back to play some more..*
Posted by Crazy Star January 03, 2007 14:55 - 10.9 years ago
| [#17]

The into was great but maybe you should actually write something in the news article.
If you're not going to use the mouse hide the cursor.
If you fall down you don't die.. REALLY annoying because you have to restart the whole game. <_< You can see all the hidden areas though.

Starts over... again...

DELETE + REPOST with extras:

If you open the game while it is already open you get an error.

Special weapons are found in crates in the game

Never found one...

If you jump while being fire at you don't take damage.
Ok I died from falling again and now I've had enough.
Posted by Crazy Star January 03, 2007 15:23 - 10.9 years ago
| [#18]

oh i should edit that crates thing, i changed the sprite to be those purple orbs.

The joystick thing is bugged because if you duck and hold an attack button, it will rapid fire in the extreme, like faster than humanly possible. There is no break in it. Also there are a lot of gameplay tweaks with keyboard control that i have not implemented into Joystick yet. That may be why you couldn't use your machete in mid air, it should be the same button.
It's interesting that you mention that you can't be hurt by an enemy projectile while jumping. There is a bug in the game that i have been trying to squash since i started this project pretty much where if you get hit in a certain way it makes you invincible until you leave a room. This jump thing may be a lead...
For now, try using the keyboard when you play, it is a lot more solid, but a bit trickier to use.

I have gotten a lot of complaints that the bats are too hard to see in level 1. I have been debating changing the type of creature altogether, perhaps i shall (they are a bit too normal anyhow, the crows in level 2 also).

I cheesed the ducking Bogmonster's death animation (it's just the standing one, with a sprite of a dead kid drawn next to it. I will get to work on changing this.
There is a specific range where you can duck under his bullet, but it is very small. It is level 1, so i will tweak this also.

I intentionally have the monsters respawning when you exit a secret area because they drop ammo for your special weapon, and up your score of course.

Any suggestion on what i should do instead of restarting the sub-level when you fall in a pit? I want people to want to play, not get frustrated and quit.

Thanks for your thoughts SpectreNectar
Posted by wingboy January 04, 2007 12:12 - 10.9 years ago
| [#19]

Uh, mods? Isn't this against the rules?
Posted by Firebee January 05, 2007 17:16 - 10.9 years ago
| [#20]

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