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    Top Down Action
    October 29, 2006
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Earth Jets (The Plane Game)
This has been my project for like a month or so now. A top down shooter with odd controls that takes gm multiplayer gaming into your house, shoves a hose down your dogs mouth, and makes it awesome!

My friends absolutely love this game, and so do I, apart from the fact that I play it every single day 20 times while testing it over and over again. So I am kinda sick of it...KINDa. I still play it cus its fun to PWN my friends. However now they are really good at it and they can PWN me a lot too.

When I created this game the first thing that brought me down was the control system, unlike all top shooter games, the controls on this one are like so:

left: left
up: up
down: down
right: right

your plane turns itself accordingly.


"Wow! That was great fun. Nice everything. Totally worth the download." -Radnom Games

"All I can say, pure awesomeness! Love the unique control system, although it took me a while to get the hang of it. But of course, this game excels in its amount of pollish!" -nObel

"This game is an awesome game. It's true indeed, this game is not lame." -Duckman35

"bleach." -Oliv

Target platforms:

This game has everything. :O (I love you tek)
Posted by Rez October 29, 2006 9:17 - 11.1 years ago
| [#01]

woah big download time, but awsome game, im gonna show it to my freinds, hours of fun
Posted by Graydon October 29, 2006 9:19 - 11.1 years ago
| [#02]

sory forgot to rate
Posted by Graydon October 29, 2006 9:28 - 11.1 years ago
| [#03]

one word: WOW!
Posted by hogofwar October 29, 2006 10:40 - 11.1 years ago
| [#04]

forgot to rate it:D
Posted by hogofwar October 29, 2006 10:40 - 11.1 years ago
| [#05]

if you bring out more games like this you will be at the top of my games waiting list
Posted by Graydon October 29, 2006 11:06 - 11.1 years ago
| [#06]

WOW! 19mb of goodness! I like it a lot. Only two things you could fix
1) Message depth in tutorial:
-It was under those arches that you walk under
-It was under the trees on the higher land parts

2) When you lock on, instead of just having you fire that way, have the mech be "stuck" in that direction (so you know if you are locked on, and what way you are locked on, it would look nicer also)

Posted by Siert October 29, 2006 13:12 - 11.1 years ago
| [#07]

Great. But I really, really want some kind of lock on feature. REALLY. Awesome game though, and you should definately sequel it. I can't get far because I can never hit any enemies in the planes. Although, Rumbler is now my favorite vehicle of destruction.
Posted by squeakyreaper October 29, 2006 16:08 - 11.1 years ago
| [#08]

Very nice! I like it allot... but here's the critisism: 1. save & load doesnt work (or I just cant figure out how) 2. you should have like.. checkpoints or lives or something (not to start all over) 3. cool that you have some wallpapers in there but they can be made into .jpg 4. lock on doesnt quite work for me.. maybe it would be better if you can aim with mouse in MEC's? thats it! good overall game!!
Posted by Relex October 29, 2006 17:18 - 11.1 years ago
| [#09]

The PWN game. Mouse aiming would totally ruin it.

Greatest game ever.
Posted by oliv October 29, 2006 19:36 - 11.1 years ago
| [#10]

DOWNLOAD NOW OR DIE A NINJARY WRATH. 9.infinity/10. (rounded up)
Posted by Radnom_Games October 30, 2006 4:34 - 11.1 years ago
| [#11]

I rates it hi. Too bad I suck at the game. : (
Posted by thernz October 30, 2006 6:23 - 11.1 years ago
| [#12]

this game rocks!!!!!!!!! 10/10
Posted by Terv October 30, 2006 19:46 - 11.1 years ago
| [#13]

Pretty nice. It could use a lot of polish (external resource loading, joystick controls, etc.) but I like it, you obviously put a lot of work into it.
Posted by rinkuhero January 28, 2007 13:50 - 10.9 years ago
| [#14]

i liked the screenshot
Posted by Ice of sweden May 13, 2007 9:35 - 10.6 years ago
| [#15]

I don't see how external resources make a game more polihed. It nly makes you look 1337er and your game load faster in some cases.
Posted by E-Magination May 28, 2007 13:01 - 10.6 years ago
| [#16]

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