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    November 08, 2005
Dev - DB/form (refering to updated - check code)
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Dev - make AJAX
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Dev - Also, on form submission, use GD to resize the image as a new thumbnail file
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Dev - In the submission form, you can now upload a banner image
Variable inventory
Make a inventory in ten minutes using this variable inventory.All you do is plug in numbers to make a cool picture based inventory.

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OMG, It is really useful. even though its horrible graphics. it really helped me understand how to create one.
Posted by fireblast5897 January 21, 2006 19:57 - 11.6 years ago
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good example. 5/10
Posted by LoserHands September 08, 2006 20:50 - 11 years ago
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Wait, this is way better if you put argument0 instead of the instance itself in the CREATE event within the controller and makes it WAY easier to use when making multiple items! Sincce i had to moderate it i guess it does deserve that 5/10. Work on it as I said, it would make it better. changing my vote 2 places higher actually since im using it.
Posted by LoserHands October 11, 2006 21:59 - 10.9 years ago
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but you did do that... i just didnt use all D code... oh well, im downloaded yet agian to check somthing with the inventory.
Posted by LoserHands October 25, 2006 23:12 - 10.8 years ago
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