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    November 16, 2005
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Development has been stopped indefinatly.
Its an ISO level editor, in it's MOST basic form...

(F1) for help file...

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Yay I'm not the only one making one of these
If you're going to finish it here's something that doesn't look right:<ul>
<li>Cube's doesn't snap to grid when dragged.</li>
<li>If they werent supposed to then you need to rethink how to arrange the depth as distant cubes is drawn on close ones.</li></ul>

I don't know if you're going to add more layers if not just ignore the rest of this comment but if you do there'll be more depth issues, you'll have to find a way to delete cubes that are beneath other cubes, figure out how to do collisions etc. :D

It's not just something you do in 5 minutes but if you decide to continue you just might end up getting a lot of experience (of what NOT to do)
Posted by Crazy Star November 16, 2005 12:29 - 12.1 years ago
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Dunno if you're interested as you probably had something completely different in mind but if you want to see anyway here's what I'm making:
<li><a href="">editExmp15.gm6</a>; Main thing - nothing isometric about it right now but there will be. Current problem: horrible slow :/</li>
<li><a href="">edit4_iso_.gm6</a>; Old experimental iso editor. Saving is weird because I was trying out some stuff...</li>
<li><a href="">isometric_pathfinding_visuals.gm6</a>; This has a better snaptogrid script..</li>
Posted by Crazy Star November 16, 2005 12:51 - 12.1 years ago
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Those examples are pretty cool!
My version of the "ISOmaker" isn't exactly ment for a game, but more of a modeling tool... Basically just to make isometric looking buildings and such out of basic shapes.
But I started it out of boredom, so I'm not really sure If I want to invest the rest of the time it would take to complete this project. But if you have any technical suggestions I"m more then happy to listen to them, One of the reasons I gave the gm file was in case anyone wanted to mess around with it, or lend a bit of help/suggestions :D
Posted by membrain November 16, 2005 17:39 - 12.1 years ago
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Ooh that's actually a great idea!

Then there's no need to worry about collisions and all that. About suggestions... Well a thought popped into my head about using a surface and make it like a paint program but that would be silly because then you couldn't model ad move anything.. So I guess I don't have any heh

If you need a way to change the depth so you can put them on top of each other the iso editor I uploaded works fine as far as I remember. It has walls but I removed them while trying to make the floor work and looking through my old messy code now I don't know how to add them back in (it's past 2am around here so I don't have a lot of time)
The pathfinder is however pretty commented so if you want you can use it to snap the objects to the grid. Just replace width and height with the width and height of a grid cell 64x32 I guess and width_2 and height_2 with the half, 32x16.

Oh and btw you inspired me to start working on my editor again. I got really pissed when I realized that it was slow so I took a break until now :D
Posted by Crazy Star November 16, 2005 20:41 - 12.1 years ago
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ha... cool. Glad you decided to get crackin' on that again. I'm prolly not gonna complet this, now that I think of it. I've got a bunch of other things I've already started and this is just one more to the list LoL...
So a note to anyone interested in an ISO builder, between mine and SpectreNectar's posts you should be able to get a nice lil' app up and running in no time... Though I recently discovered a bug in mine (when you shift depths around) the "id algo" doesn't work anymore... so instead of picking up the cube the mouse is over, it actually picks up the one behind it... though this can be fixed, I just havn't looked into how.
Posted by membrain November 16, 2005 21:19 - 12.1 years ago
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Ohhh, awesome idea! I would love to make a city with lots of premade iso blocks of many shapes. Make it so you can share them with people. Have different backgrounds to choose from. Have planes and clouds fly by. This could have potential for a "city constructor"!
Posted by melee-master November 17, 2005 1:39 - 12.1 years ago
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Awsome... Feel free to go for it :D
I've decided to drop this project, It's just gonna be more work then it's worth to me.
But I'm serious when I say: anyone is free to use it for whatever purspose they like, though you'll have to do a lot more work on it if you want to turn it into anything usefull ;)
Posted by membrain November 17, 2005 2:10 - 12.1 years ago
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Yay! Been looking for this.
Posted by Amarin August 13, 2006 18:34 - 11.4 years ago
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Something tells me development just stopped
Posted by s June 01, 2007 18:56 - 10.6 years ago
| [#09]

yeah... almost 1 1/2yrs ago LMFAO!!! *wow has it been that long*
but seriously though, it has indeed stopped =)
Posted by membrain June 23, 2007 22:35 - 10.5 years ago
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