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    April 15, 2007
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Sim Vassal
Sim Vassal is a medieval RTS based in the times of the Inquisition. You are a vassal, an owner of land given to you by a higher noble. Because of scientists' questionable work being sponsored by your lord, the inquisition has reason to find you deserving of death. Fend off their and other's attacks and you may survive to live the happy life of a vassal.
Don't be thrown into thinking you have no control by the different resource system. Instead of gathering metals or wood, you can employ 'serfs' to work on your land. At the end of the year each serf pays 50 gold in taxes and your fields are harvested giving you a certain amount of gold.
Pay attention to the instructions given to you in the first year as they will help you progress faster and stay alive longer. Upon winning you will recieve a code, pm it to me if you want your win proven to others, use it in the game and you'll have another prize...

Please note that this game temporarily changes your resolution to 640x480.
Though the music contributes heavily to mood (you'll see at the end) you may turn it off with <m>, to turn it back on press <k>.

Thank you for playing Sim Vassal.
And thank Lost Dragon for the sprites - they're great!

Target platforms:

Wow, I TOTALLY Agree with TG I really love this game, in fact I'm recomminding it, GOOD JOB

Posted by JID April 15, 2007 18:30 - 10.4 years ago
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This game looks awesome!!! Downloading...

Yeah, this game was very good...I think it could've used a tad bit more work...but very good for the most part...wasn't even that complex either...

Here are the pros...
-fitting music
-fun gameplay
-cool theme
-good display
-good enough setup of menus and such
-Pretty decent graphics

-Lacking in things to do;repetitive
-bit...I dunno...

Overall it was great...I just think that if you had worked on it more, it could've been even better...but I think where you had stopped is fine. Good job, 9/10...
Posted by Crane-ium April 15, 2007 22:04 - 10.4 years ago
| [#02]

Quote: TG the friendly ghost
the graphics all fit well

Ack, he used graphics from they're not original.

Anyway, this game seems pretty good, I'll play it later.
Posted by Rez April 15, 2007 22:18 - 10.4 years ago
| [#03]

Woo wooo lol kinda confusing for me.. and yeah its like a dos game its pretty fun and funny haha im still laughing this rox
Posted by Krisando April 16, 2007 3:01 - 10.4 years ago
| [#04]

well made but way too easy
Posted by Jenner April 16, 2007 10:24 - 10.4 years ago
| [#05]

Easy? Well you must have had plenty of gold then. I lost more and more every round. This game is too random where it should be random and not random enough where it should be (eg. the enemies does the same thing when you start over).

It's nice that you have smart pathfinding but use A*... half the time the people went in the wrong direction.

As has already been stated this game is too repetative. I lacked things to do. Things to upgrade. And more stuff. It feels like this is made in DnD.

Bad things apart this game was actually pretty good. I liked the whole feel about it. The music was nice though a bit short for something that constantly loops. Oops I forgot that I was done with the bad parts. Well enough said.. I liked it. 8/10
Posted by SpectreNectar April 16, 2007 13:08 - 10.4 years ago
| [#06]

I got 950 gold after like the first round ^.^
Posted by twisterghost April 16, 2007 18:44 - 10.4 years ago
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Very interesting RTS game. When it changed resolution, though, it messed with the computer's screen, allowing it to be offset. You should make a windowed mode that doesn't change resolution.
Well, there wasn't really much to do, but it's got a lot of the essentials it needs to be a really good RTS. It was a lot of fun. 9/10
Posted by Kilin April 18, 2007 10:57 - 10.3 years ago
| [#08]

man this game was so awsome
It was hard though i though i was doing real good till 2 bandits and 2 archers came and destroyed my castle and i had a lot of soliders to !!!
9/10 the music was kinda annoying to me but the graphics rocked !!
Posted by firestrike May 31, 2007 21:52 - 10.2 years ago
| [#09]

Thanks for all your wonderful comments; I know it's been over half a year but the updated version is now up! This version introduces a difficulty setting with the old difficulty at 10 and the easiest at 1. In addiction a few more tutorial features have been added like tips from a game over and a prompt telling you when you can skip to the next winter.
Have fun :)
Posted by Zac1790 November 30, 2007 19:19 - 9.7 years ago
| [#10]

Fun,reminded me of a quest on runescape where you run your owbn islands.
Posted by Mat December 02, 2007 14:09 - 9.7 years ago
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