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Fake HDR / Bloom Example
This is a simple technique to add multiple lighting effects to a game.
With it, you can fake a bloom effect, increase the contrast to fake HDR, or make up your own effects.

The example only shows the technique being used on a static image, but by drawing everything to a surface, you can get the same effects on everything in a game.

It works by drawing adding the image to the screen multiple times with layers of color in-between to adjust color.
Computers with older graphics cards may have trouble with repeatedly drawing large images, but most newer ones should have no problems.

Target platforms:

This is fun to mess around with :D
Posted by marbs December 19, 2007 16:10 - 10 years ago
| [#01]

(before opening) Sounds very interesting. - Checking it out now.

*while waiting, listens to the best theme song EVAR!! - Sandbox 0.4 for Battlefield2*

(after opening) Very simple.... but the effect is amazing. - I don't think this will actually have a very practical use, because of the slow-down caused by the extra load on the video card, but for intro movies where you need an "intensity" for an explosion, even a still like this will look effective if the darkness gets steadily lowered.

Good idea, good execution.
Posted by wazu December 19, 2007 17:08 - 10 years ago
| [#02]

I'm sorry, but I see no HDR or bloom effects in this example.
Posted by NoodleNog December 19, 2007 19:00 - 10 years ago
| [#03]

If you want to be technical, there is no actual HDR of bloom effect, hence the "Fake" part.
What there is however is a simple effect that is, pardon the repetition, quite effective.
If you don't see any effect at all, try reading the info screen that pops up when you start it.

@Wazu- Thanks! It is probably impractical for a large window, but if I scale it down to 640x480, my computer can run 3 repetitions at over 2000fps. I do have a mid-top of the line video card, (GeForce 8800 GT) but I'm guessing most decent cards won't have much trouble with this.
That said, it might be a good idea to allow the user to turn it off if his/her card can't handle it. (just set reps to 1, alpha to 1, and the middle color to black to turn it off)
Posted by Chaos In A Can December 19, 2007 20:05 - 10 years ago
| [#04]

Oh, I can see it working alright. It just has a misguiding title. If it had a fake dynamic colour range effect (which it doesn't) or have a fake light flaring effect (which it doesn't, it only multiplies flare that may already be in the picture) it would warrant such a description, but because it doesn't its just a gross misuse of the terms.
Posted by NoodleNog December 19, 2007 20:22 - 10 years ago
| [#05]

Nice, the lighting part, like make the screen lighter could actually maybe be used for a huge explosion or something, lol, just saying. Does what it says! 10/10
Posted by Coffee December 19, 2007 20:59 - 10 years ago
| [#06]

Well..... it's almost bloom, just the smallest of tweaks and it can be bloom.
Posted by wazu December 19, 2007 22:33 - 10 years ago
| [#07]

Considering I have no idea how to run a gaussian blur in GM at any decent speed, a true bloom filter is probably going to run your computer into the ground.

@NoodleNog- Yes, the current settings do make the lights lighter, but they keep the darks dark as well, increasing contrast, which fairly quickly and effectively fakes an increased color range. If I called it "Realistic HDR / Bloom Example", then yes, it would be a gross misuse of the terms. Seeing as it's not called that, I don't believe it is misleading at all.
Either you don't understand the word "fake", or you want this to be something it's not.
Posted by Chaos In A Can December 20, 2007 16:56 - 10 years ago
| [#08]

Whoa, crap +O It's really, really good looking.

The only problem I found was that after too many reps, it slowed down. But that's obvious =P
Posted by frenchcon1 December 24, 2007 6:09 - 10 years ago
| [#09]

Very useful, I've learned alot from it. It's an effect that I like and will probably use.
Posted by Glen February 28, 2008 23:00 - 9.8 years ago
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