Human Road
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    August 28, 2008
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MAX is a simple short arcade/shooter game with just one level and six different types of enemies. You have to destroy your enemy's ships with your ship which revolves around the cursor. Press Enter in the menu to learn how to play.

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Great original movement system, though a little tricky at first :D
Posted by marbs August 28, 2008 15:19 - 9.3 years ago
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Why extract?
This game is really slow, which makes it boring. There's a giant pause between each wave of enemies and I last much too long by putting myself in the center and holding space
Posted by s August 28, 2008 16:37 - 9.3 years ago
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Original controls for getting around but once space is held down the game starts getting too easy. Maybe have it where you can only hold space for so long before you start moving again. (or higher scoring while the space bar is not pressed and then decreases as you hold it down?) Some attack waves get a little too predictable. (All corners, or all sides). Another idea...killed objects leaving behind something to pick up for higher points than the kill. (forcing the player to lay off the space bar and really learn how to move around.) 6/10
Posted by Balding Chimp August 28, 2008 17:12 - 9.3 years ago
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to hard to controll.. the movement system can be efficiant but usually I end up running straight into an enemy.
Posted by noshenim August 28, 2008 17:14 - 9.3 years ago
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