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    November 24, 2010
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Savage Sun

- Smaller file size.
- Better control of enemy waves. You won't be unfairly swamped anymore.
- Some sprite updates, particularly the boss sprites. Note: no sprites are final yet.
- Resolution change. You can now set one of three resolutions, covering different aspect ratios. This will be expanded later.
- 2 new weapons, 1 new enemy. Some weapons have also had a few changes.
- Minor bug fixes, and other erroneous suff I can't remember.

Savage Sun is a top-down survival shooter set in a scifi universe.

You have returned from a mining expedition far from an outpost planet, to find that an alien race has not only declared war, but has already won. Using the resources at hand, you must fight a guerrilla war to fight off the invasion.

The story is deliberately hammy, and meant to be somewhat of a continuation of most arcade shooter stories (invasion, last chance, etc.). It's also not really important. At all. Nor is story mode implemented yet.

The game consists of you (and maybe a friend or two) blasting the crap out of everything that moves, with the explosions getting bigger as you go. Fight waves of deadly enemies, gain gratuitously powerful weaponry, and survive as long as you can.

4 enemy types, plus everchanging boss battles at the end of every wave.

5 weapon types. As you gain armour upgrades, your weapons upgrade as well, becoming more and more explosive!

The game is still a work in progress, primarily due to the content that needs to be added. Otherwise, it's a blast to play. Just be prepared - this game is HARD.

You'll notice that there is room for more game modes to be added. VS modes, story modes et al will be added as I begin finalising the game more. In the meantime, please post any comments/suggestions you might have.

Version 0.3 has almost all core components completed. There are no bugs that I know of, but if you find any please let me know.

Target platforms:

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This was pretty alright. Pretty hard though. Sound effects were kind of cheesy and though swarms of bugs killed everytime I spawned and tried to run away. Is it even possible to kill them all? Good for a WIP so far very smooth.


LOL you think 8MB is a huge filesize? You're from yoyogames aren't you? My game's .exe ALONE is 114 MB LOL. Wait wtf? it was just 70 MB just yesterday. Anyway. I'm pretty sure you won't have to worry about the filesize here on 64Digits.
Posted by JID November 26, 2010 1:44 - 6.7 years ago
| [#1]

I like where this is going, also, it's hard, I never managed to keep a power up for more than a few seconds.
Posted by Unaligned November 26, 2010 6:27 - 6.7 years ago
| [#2]

Thanks for the comments guys. I'm not happy with the filesize because it doesn't really add up properly. Certainly not a YYGer, I've been trawling 64D for years :)

I've fixed almost all issues people have been commenting on.

The filesize is now halved (I forgot I added an mp3 song to test the music :P doi).

The difficulty took me a while to get right since I uploaded this version. I really want it to be HARD, but not frustrating or unfairly hard. I've managed to control the enemy numbers better, so you won't be swarmed from everywhere. It's also much more fun hotseat now that friendly fire is turned off :P If you have 2 keyboards, the second player controls are IJKL and A

I've altered the upgrades so they aren't quite as destructive as well :P the level 5 flak weapon was insane.

The biggest concern I had was with the aspect ratios. I've now implemented a resolution option in the menu screen so you can change the aspect ratio :)


Difficulty fixed (still hard but not stupidly hard)
Aspect ratios fixed
Powerups nerfed

New version out soon - I need to add a few more powerups and enemies, and probably gamepad support.
Posted by Zyzyx66 November 26, 2010 19:29 - 6.7 years ago
| [#3]

I think I ate too much turkey this thanksgiving.
Posted by Rez November 26, 2010 19:43 - 6.7 years ago
| [#4]

Its pretty cool. Effects and dying effect could use some work. Along with more of a focus obviously. Maybe a little more progression on the waves than a mob. Also, I think that there should be more unique and new weapons or techniques that havent been done before really. Or a unique blend of styles.

I am very curious to know how you did the starry background however.
Posted by Alert Games November 27, 2010 0:48 - 6.7 years ago
| [#5]

The stars are an old technique I developed a long time ago - make 2 or 3 starfields in photoshop (there're plenty of tutes) and level them so they are only sparsely populated. Then I took a photograph of a stormy day, setting the transparency to about 1-2%. Then add them all into the game (stars on top in layers). Then they just move inversely to the camera movement, with one layer moving 0.5x and the other moving 1x. Very simple.

And thanks for the input - the current version does have a lot more progression, as you say. I'm still working on adding more.
Posted by Zyzyx66 November 27, 2010 18:05 - 6.7 years ago
| [#6]

I don't think I ate enough turkey this thanksgiving.
Posted by Melancor November 28, 2010 11:54 - 6.7 years ago
| [#7]

0.3 Update out now! Fixed a bunch of stuff, still more to go but it's much improved.
Posted by Zyzyx66 November 29, 2010 17:35 - 6.7 years ago
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