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    February 25, 2012
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Play as an alien trying to escape from an evil scientist in this puzzle-platformer. Plactoid is a unique, exciting, and very challenging platform game that will force you to use both your brainpower and platforming skills.

Target platforms:

:D Its a cool game, though I got a little bored with it, probably because it was about an alien trying to escape from an evil scientist, or in other words, ive played these derranged games all the time before.

I agree with the saturation issue a little, but overall itwas decent
Posted by Alert Games February 25, 2012 21:12 - 5.8 years ago
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This level:

Woah! It aint fooling around. Tough one that.

Anyways... As I said in your blog this is a nice game. The music especially. Wonderful.
Posted by Crazy Star February 26, 2012 20:46 - 5.8 years ago
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I see you died 752 times. That's not because SpectreNectar just sucks. It's because hard mode is actually really hard. I myself died 68 times before beating the game, and I have played through every level a million times.

Hang in there SpectreNectar, there is only one level left after that one.

Hint: Press 'N' to skip a level.
Posted by duckman February 26, 2012 22:02 - 5.8 years ago
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After dying 195 times, I finally finished the game...
... only to realize there was a hard mode.

Nice game, could do with a little less seizure inducing screen flashes.
Posted by Rolf_Soldaat February 27, 2012 9:15 - 5.8 years ago
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Update: Less seizure-inducing screen flashes!
Posted by duckman March 10, 2012 23:48 - 5.8 years ago
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I love what an old style gm game this is, kinda brings me back. Simple and fun. :)
Posted by Rez March 10, 2012 23:53 - 5.8 years ago
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Thanks, bro. I have way too many projects that will never get done because they are way too ambitious. It took me forever to release this game and it is quite simple.
Posted by duckman March 11, 2012 17:11 - 5.8 years ago
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Posted by Rez March 11, 2012 21:05 - 5.8 years ago
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