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Hover Tank Battle Arena
This game has about 20 stages and 6 bosses. You pilot a tank and fight other tanks and turrents. Use the mouse to aim and W,A,S,D, to move. Some enemies can only be destroyed by charged up shots.

Target platforms:

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This is actually quite fun. Is it your first game? If I had a criticism it would be that the screens in between plays last far too long. I just want to get back into the game and try again, I don't want to be staring at a "Get ready" screen for too long, it kinda takes a way the rush your game gives :P.
Posted by StevenOBrien October 26, 2012 22:44 - 4.8 years ago
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This is his third game he's posted here I think, actually. This guy is one busy bee.

The other two were really weird games with (unintentionally?) bad cgi graphics and storylines. I find them charming, if not infuriating.

I'll do the same deal I did with the other two, where I edit in my impressions here as I go. A good review by stevenup, I'm already intrigued (in a totally different dimension than I was when I found out frankie made another new game).

Checking out the readme, it seems to follow what I've expected from frankie's stories: something regarding a terrifying religious sorcerer, copious damsels in distress, and so many ridiculous plot developments that I have to stop every three lines or so to make sure I just read what I thought I read. I'll say one thing, the premise of tank-based arena duels determining the outcome of a war sounds completely and utterly fucking me(n)tal.


I don't know why I find this immensely and genuinely hilarious but I do.

For once the controls actually sound somewhat logical. Although the ass-backwards configurations had their charm, I can't say they will be missed.


Holy shit.

That was legitimately fun to play from beginning to end.

This 10/10 is rewarded in earnest instead of in irony like before. This game deserves it.

The top-down system perfectly works for your style of design. I fucking loved how almost every level gave you something new to fight. I adored the bosses, although the last one was maybe a bit too easy. Ice and Steel and Shining Star were my favorite bosses.

And even though usually I'm just an all-bosses guy for this kind of stuff, even the in-between levels themselves were really well-designed and fun. The bosses were the reward for beating the levels leading up to them, is the way I saw it.

Here's something really interesting about this:

The game runs really slow on my computer. Somehow, this worked really well in favor of this game: it made everything a lot more strategic. I had time to think about where I was going next and where I would shoot. Granted, if this game ran at a faster speed it totally would not have worked out; it'd be too fast and too hard to control.

Another thing: the way the mouse works on the boss levels, although it seems counter-intuitive, actually makes it more exciting. You have to keep scrolling and making sure you're aiming the right way or else you'll lose your aim and re-center on yourself. This looks like a terrible design choice at first but later on it proves to actually give legitimate challenge to the game.

The graphics were very rough around the edges, but it actually has its own charm to it, even more so than the creepy cgi shit you did with Mystic Castle.

The end cutscene for this one was really weird and I didn't totally get it. I still loved it all the same.

This is by far your best work. Maybe even the best game I've seen on this site. No, I'm serious. Purely from a design viewpoint, this game is fucking amazing. The controls and overall presentation might need a bit of work, but the ideas all work as intended and makes a very functional game indeed.
Posted by panzercretin October 27, 2012 0:31 - 4.8 years ago
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Thank you both for your feedback. I am happy that you both liked it. Yes, the "GET READY" screen does hang in there. I don't know why. I didn't put any delays in that screen. As for the CGI, I did all of these scenes in Poser 9. It's $250.00 if you buy it from its company store, Smith Micro. But, you can get it from Amazon about $90 dollars. As always, Panzermancer, thank you for your good, thoughtful comments and reviews!
Posted by frankie October 27, 2012 14:42 - 4.8 years ago
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