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the Enchanted Scepters


In this simple game, your goal is to make your way into the heart of the castle in order to kill a very awful man. You fight with your bow and arrows. You supply of arrows restocks over time after you use them. You health regenerates as well. You need to collect 3 out of the 8 scepters that are in the castle. The other 5 five will kill you if you touch them. But there is a special room that is near you WHEN YOU FIRST ENTER THE CASTLE. It will show you a simple map of the castle and where all of the safe scepters are.

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Still better than your Black Onyx game. 5/10.
Posted by Aistarin November 13, 2012 18:40 - 4.9 years ago
| [#1]

Boring as piss and I have no clue where to go. 3/10.
Posted by panzercretin November 13, 2012 18:47 - 4.9 years ago
| [#2]

I like how these somehow keep getting accepted.
We have such high standards around here.
Posted by Charlie Carlo November 13, 2012 18:50 - 4.9 years ago
| [#3]

See, frankie, at the very least, do what I did: pile all your crap into one giant .zip file and hope if you put enough turds together they happen to make the semblance of a minor celebrity or something. Take it as a learning experience, something to look back on for when you really start making games.
Posted by panzercretin November 13, 2012 18:54 - 4.9 years ago
| [#4]

This game can be tricky. When you first start, you be in a green area and will see a circle near the upper left with a line in it. The line points to the nearest monster that keeps you out of the castle. Walk in the direction that the line points to. Each time you kill a monster that is in the green area, the line in the circle will point to another monster. Once you have killed all of the monsters that keep you out of the castle, the circle will disappear. Now walk north until you reach a wall, follow the wall east or west until the way north is open. Then you will be able to enter the castle. Once you are in, go north once, then walk west. You should be in the room that shows a map of the castle. The grey dots in the map of the scepter rooms. The directions that you will see to your left indicate which of the scepter rooms have the safe scepters. For example, if one of the directions is N that the north scepter room has one of the safe scepters. Once you have all three scepters, make you way into the castle's heart(its center) and find the wizard.
Posted by frankie November 13, 2012 23:42 - 4.9 years ago
| [#5]

See, that's terrible game design. Learn about a little thing called "conveyance." I really would have no reason to connect the slaying of these monsters with the opening of the gate, unless you explicitly told me so outside of the game environment. And don't even begin comparing this to Devil May Cry or something similar where doors magically opened after killing so many enemies; in those games, not only is combat actually enjoyable (awww SNAP!), but it's a mechanic that's either already expected, or if not, inherently introduced when you're getting a shitton of enemies directly in your face and your only choice for survival really is to kill them before they kill you. Also, usually the door is actually referred to in a cutscene the first time it happens, or in some other way presented so that we know that access is blocked.

If I never looked at the screenshots, I would have thought the whole game was literally just the outside fields. Nothing in the game world even vaguely alludes to there being a castle, or where the castle would be, for that matter. And that's definitely something you would inherently know if you were heading out there to kill the king, anyways, unless you really were just going in blind. I could get that, and I could get the adventure of going through the forest and finding a path to the castle, but the fact that you're literally on the castle yard and you don't know where the entrance is, is fucking inexcusable, unless you're willing to say we're playing as a learning disabled shortsighted knight who someone had the bright idea to give a bow and arrow and let hunt down an evil sorcerer.

I know it's an Atari emulation, but even then it's just bad. It's completely illogical, is what it is. Even in the ancient RPG Adventure, you could guess that keys went to doors and that you stabbed dragons with the sideways t that looked vaguely like some sort of dagger, because those are things we know happen.

Also why have fake scepters if we can just read a map that tells us which ones are fake. Maybe if there was some sort of tricky riddle as to which ONE out of FOUR was fake, it could have been more interesting. And keep the riddle randomly generated, of course.

I guess some of it could slide because it's emulating Atari-age technical and design capabilities. But some of these choices were just outright unnecessary and flat-out boneheaded. Give a reason to your mechanics, is what I guess I'm saying here.

You know, half the time I help you out with your game design issues, I end up learning something myself. Sometimes learning why something fails is just as, if not more helpful than a studying a success for learning how to properly make a well-designed game (or a well-designed anything for that matter).
Posted by panzercretin November 13, 2012 23:49 - 4.9 years ago
| [#6]

You have some very good points. Thanks for the feedback. I will keep them in mind.
Posted by frankie November 14, 2012 0:07 - 4.9 years ago
| [#7]

Bro, you should totally post a blog about your process for game design, and I guess ask around for some pointers on how to design better. And you can ask me any time for a little help with game design or storytelling or stuff like that.
Posted by panzercretin November 14, 2012 0:09 - 4.9 years ago
| [#8]

Thank you for the offer. I appreciate that.
Posted by frankie November 14, 2012 14:00 - 4.9 years ago
| [#9]

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