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    November 04, 2014
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Lur is my third and largest game. While not excellent in graphics, it has:

Many equip-able, appearance changing items, 303 items in total, including consumables and crafting materials.
Quests and story, that actually has end.
Simple crafting system.
Flexible combat system, you can exploit it many different ways.
Over 70 different combat spells to use on monsters to destroy them.
Three deadly bosses that drop special items.
Freedom, you can go anywhere, do anything and character development is not restricted with classes, you can be anyone.

There are few things you should know, before downloading my game:

Game is probably not easy!
Game could be confusing at the beginning.
All the basic things are explained in game, but if that doesn't help, just ask me in comments and I'll answer ASAP.

Target platforms:

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Very cool! Beginning of the game is pretty rough since everything one shots you, ranged is pretty op. I had no idea how to get the rusty key until I started grinding some mobs and it happened to be the right thing. After that it was pretty fun to level up and get stronger, until I realized how much grinding I'll need to keep going. I played this for about 3 hours though, so that's something.
Posted by Ferret November 04, 2014 17:21 - 2.8 years ago
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I only played around 30 minutes, but I can already tell how much work was put into this. It's pretty much a complete RPG with skill trees, leveling, and everything. I'm working on an RPG as well, and I know how much work it is to make something like this. I'm impressed with how many RPG features are in this, and I hope mine ends up half as complex!
Posted by LAR Games November 04, 2014 17:59 - 2.8 years ago
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Thanks for good words!

What level you reached, Ferret?
If you are tired of grinding, you could try to find boss in red area with meadow mites.
Bosses give a lot of experience, but it's hard to kill them, you must know what you are doing.
Posted by Zuurix November 04, 2014 22:39 - 2.8 years ago
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I can't remember at the moment, but I had at least 3 points in the health regen while maxing out anything to do with bow and arrow, though there wasn't much for bow and arrow, so I felt like maybe you wanted me to use magic. I just like bow too much.

Anyways, freezing dudes and stuff above that area were destroying me still at that point, and I guess I didn't know about the boss. Just seems like the difficulty in the mobs starts to ramp up really fast :P I had a lot of fun playing it though, seems really flushed out.
Posted by Ferret November 05, 2014 17:34 - 2.8 years ago
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Wow, high level!

If you are talking about glass elemental and frozen ghost area, you don't really need to through those ghosts. There is way around them. Just right when you enter area, go up and you'll see NPC, path guard. He'll tell you that there are two ways to get to Iron Mine, from which you can get to other areas.
Posted by Zuurix November 06, 2014 0:10 - 2.8 years ago
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I tried this one. I think I got up to level 20. I used the bow a lot. After killing so many wild beasts over and over again because of the experience, I tried to explore the other areas. I really did not make it that far....
Posted by frankie November 10, 2014 23:48 - 2.8 years ago
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Level 20? You are second highest level player in Lur at the moment. Thanks for playing!

But you need to explore more. And do quests. Don't grind, there are too much content to just stay in same place and kill same monster over and over. I know it's hard to get through all those aggressive monsters, but it's worth it!

It seems that favorite way to kill monsters is bow. Interesting, should add new bows to the game. Planning to do small content update this month.
Posted by Zuurix November 11, 2014 22:45 - 2.8 years ago
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Can someone play and rate? Would be cool to know the rating :)
Posted by Zuurix January 12, 2015 1:47 - 2.6 years ago
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Two 8s.
Posted by StevenOBrien January 12, 2015 1:51 - 2.6 years ago
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