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    November 05, 2014
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A person troubled by ghosts finally meets the neighbor from across the street.

*Headphones are strongly recommended, or at least a decent set of speakers placed correctly to the right and left. The game contains a short segment of blindness and dozens of 3D sounds*

WASD keys move, mouse to look, left-click uses things that are selected, usually. You'll receive more instruction in-game.

Basically it's just a nice little horror adventure-puzzle thing. By puzzle I mean that there is a minor puzzle in a nightmare and a series of clues the player has to interpret to figure out what to do next. There are no magic compasses or minimaps ;) But there's also a very small area covered, so you'll be fine! The game could take you anywhere from 15-30 minutes to complete. Once you know what to do you could speedrun the actual game portion in about 2 or 3 minutes.

Target platforms:

Took me a while to get past the first room :P

Afterwards, oh man, I could not see the key for at least 30 minutes. I tried everything, like opening all the windows, collecting ghosts, and then smacked my forehead when I saw the key was there the whole time. Had fun playing!
Posted by Ferret November 05, 2014 17:28 - 2.8 years ago
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At least you had fun :P sorry about the whole key visibility thing. It's very dependent on the notes to find them. Dat first room doe. I'll leave a spoiler here so no one is too stuck.
Spoiler. No peeking! Unless you kill spiders (Show)
Posted by Zac1790 November 08, 2014 20:58 - 2.8 years ago
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Couldn't find the key and gave up, sorry. Nonetheless I like the style and the notes to read.
Posted by thehood November 10, 2014 9:02 - 2.8 years ago
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Thanks thehood, the key is actually directly to the left of the note labeled, "Reminder: Return Key", unfortunately it's camouflaged with the marble counter :/ I realized this was still an issue when a friend tested it an hour after the deadline last night lol
Posted by Zac1790 November 10, 2014 11:48 - 2.8 years ago
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"You are dead" is all what I saw :o
Posted by armaldio November 10, 2014 17:17 - 2.8 years ago
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it was ok, i just think it was a little annoying at times. mostly not being able to see the keys and i didn't really understand how the enemies worked until the end.
Posted by blaze157 November 10, 2014 18:37 - 2.8 years ago
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No he conseguido pasar de la habitación de los ¿cangrejos?
Posted by Mataguiris November 11, 2014 7:53 - 2.8 years ago
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@armaldio: Just right off the bat? :/ that's really weird!

@blaze157: Those keys :( They've become an evil choke point to playing it. They either should have been colored to stand out or actual meshes.. Welp I guess I have something to do before showing it anywhere else.

@Mataguiris: No se suba en él, y espere un minuto.

I can't believe this is rated the lowest out of any game I've submitted to this site. Clearly the keys should be more visible, especially the first two. I kind of assumed people would read the notes and make conclusions based on them. You know, maybe I should have just submitted a shiny tech demo of the other project and not bothered with this complete game.
Posted by Zac1790 November 11, 2014 16:08 - 2.8 years ago
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Haha, wow what a cool game.
Posted by Nopykon November 11, 2014 16:25 - 2.8 years ago
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spoiler (Show)
After that I ran around for about 20 minutes and couldn't find the key to the shed. I think it's odd you can pick things up but can't do anything with them. I wanted to eat that pie...

Also sound effects are very loud and spontaneous, it didn't seem like there was a reason for all those odd buzzing sounds that just kept popping up and ripping my ears to shreds. eventually I just turned the volume down so I could barely hear anything. There's no reason those flies in the garage should be heard across the yard! Also the sounds are "3d" but they seem to only change panning based on your 2-dimensional position in the world, not the position in which the character is facing. Meaning, it's impossible to tell where a sound is coming from.

Overall, I liked the dark setting, journal notes and general theme of the game but the game play boils down to "find the key" literally and it gets boring really fast. The tall dark stick figure was not very scary either and seemed to pose no physical threat at all, except for making the game play louder sound effects when near. 4/10
Posted by death November 21, 2014 18:10 - 2.8 years ago
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Gah! This is actually pretty scary... I'm incredibly easy to scare with some real psychological horror, because I expect scary things to happen... and then they never happen... and it's FREAKING ME OUT!

Best game I've seen in the comp so far... how about 8/10?
Posted by Yaru November 22, 2014 17:03 - 2.8 years ago
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hahahahaha nice idea, and cute graphics xD its funny
Posted by kostra December 22, 2014 4:49 - 2.7 years ago
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