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    November 09, 2014
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Fallen Angel
Here is my submission for Spooky 4 Digits. I didn't really get to spend as much time on it as I had hoped, because of school, and there were some last minute technical difficulties that resulted in me omitting my music, but in the end, it turned out all right.

The story of the game is that you are a young female angel who fell from Heaven. You wake up surprised to find yourself turned into a demon, and you're stranded in Hell. A mysterious ex-assassin finds and helps you, and tells you that the only way to return to Heaven is to collect souls from other demons, and challenge the Devil king, Satan, to a battle and win.

The game is heavily inspired by the Legend of Zelda series, and my plan was to make an action-adventure game, focused on exploring Hell and fighting demons. This is really more of an early prototype, than a full game, and I only got to add 2 dungeons, but I hope you enjoy.


Also, here's a web version, but you have to have unity web player installed:

Target platforms:

It's a cute game, I would love to see this improved :D

Oh and for anyone wondering, it's "L" on the keyboard to begin, I thought he meant left mouse :P
Posted by Ferret November 09, 2014 18:58 - 2.8 years ago
| [#1]

I didn't play all through it but I finished one dungeon. With a rewarding combat system, more interesting levels, music and sound it would be great. It's a little boring in this state but I like the intro and the characters.
Posted by thehood November 10, 2014 10:58 - 2.8 years ago
| [#2]

can't pass title screen, seems to be stuck here :(
I want to play :(
Posted by armaldio November 10, 2014 17:48 - 2.8 years ago
| [#3]

Thanks for the feedback. I had actually planned for it to include most of the features which you listed, but I couldn't include them due to time constraints. Hopefully someday, I'll get back and update it.


To start past the title screen, you need to press L on your keyboard. I'm sorry if that wasn't very clear
Posted by Jawchewa November 10, 2014 21:57 - 2.8 years ago
| [#4]

I would be interested in this if you progressed it further, closer to where you intended. You have a good start though.
Posted by pizzadude223 November 14, 2014 18:00 - 2.8 years ago
| [#5]

Animation, cutscenes and style all look good. I played a bunch actually just out of curiosity. The part that introduces the skeletons is a bit punishing as it puts you really far back. Gameplay is a bit boring right now though.
Posted by nap November 19, 2014 23:03 - 2.7 years ago
| [#6]

Whoa, 3D!

The game is a bit slow-paced for my taste, but it has good potential for improvement if you add in more dungeons (and variety in general! Could do with more pure decorative objects that sets the mood of the area, for instance) and stuff in general later. And maybe some harder enemies and stuff too, right now it sorta feels like a really big tutorial level that ends just as it's getting fun.

I'd say 6½/10, more like a 7 than a 6.
Posted by Yaru November 22, 2014 16:50 - 2.7 years ago
| [#7]

Took me a while to figure out how to get off the title screen. Would be nice to put "Press L key" on the bottom of the screen. Very odd choice for controls.

The game itself is extremely boring. I couldn't force myself to play any further than the 2nd area. The graphics are bad, textures are ugly and animation is clunky. The characters look weird and the enemies even stranger. No sounds only adds to the boredom. The combat is very unsatisfying. The enemies kickback is random as hell, sometimes sends them flying off screen, other times barely budges them. They also don't pose much threat, they just walk into you, and with the range of that sword, they never succeed. Being forced to stop while swinging is also pretty lame.

Worst part though is the camera, can't see anything in this game. Enemies are always popping in from the edge of the screen with little time to react. the level design is nothing more than a maze with walled off areas requiring you to kill many enemies to proceed. there is nothing to enjoy here. 4/10
Posted by death November 22, 2014 18:49 - 2.7 years ago
| [#8]

I didn't write about this yet. The camera made me give up my first attempt of playing it, because I couldn't find the exit of the first room. Pro tip: Put exits an important passages in the camera direction. Study the level design of games like Metal Gear Solid and such. :) You'll find that you're almost always are introduced to a new area at a southern entry of some sort.

But I like a lot about the game. The opening is cool and the characters are so cute. Melted my heart a little when I found the angel lying there. Classical trope still works on me. ^^ I also like that it's 3D, the bright colors and the models. Just too bad about the cam. I'd like to play an improved version of something like this one day, so keep honing your skills. :)
Posted by Nopykon November 22, 2014 19:32 - 2.7 years ago
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