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    Platforming, Exploration
    GM 8
    June 09, 2017
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Grey Area
An adventure platforming game in which you must explore a strange world between worlds as you try to get home and find your parents...

Currently includes two completed stages and a third stage that is nearly finished.

Target platforms:

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It seems like a pretty interesting game. I like that fact that the music changes when enemies appear. I could not get past the first level, however. It is a nice game, though. Good job!
Posted by frankie June 14, 2017 19:38 - 6.2 months ago
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Things I like:
Chapter 2 in general, but especially climbing around in the trees.
How your monsters look.
The character and how she attacks. :P
Drawn cutscenes.
The characters commenting on how many times you died, and the bonus items you pick up.

Complaints, etc.:
You repeat the whole box stacking puzzle a lot.
I died 20 times in chapter 1. Not really a complaint but FYI.
The game becomes very difficult in two different spots:
1) in chapter 1, right around when you have to dodge 2 jack-in-the-boxes. I can't remember if it was the jack-in-the-boxes themselves or some hard jump with syringes afterward...
2) in the chase scene, there's a narrow jump you have to make between some ceiling and floor spikes. I died many times during the chase, which was okay. I got a little further each time. But those spikes killed me hella times.

I liked the game. I hope you finish it. Good stuff.
Posted by LoserHands June 22, 2017 1:53 - 5.9 months ago
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frankie: Thank you!

LoserHands: Thank you very much! The difficulty is a common complaint, so that is already being worked on, so look forward to that for my next update which I have scheduled (hopefully) for July! I've tried to make each block pushing thing different but I suppose there's only so much you can do... maybe I can try a puzzle with pressing a button or something like that, haha.
Posted by Gioku June 24, 2017 23:17 - 5.8 months ago
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