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To design or to develop, there lies the question. 2 m
To resent or not resent, all those who have abandoned their dreams, those who have gotten comfortable, those who have forgotten us. Wait, who? I am Nehemek Amador, and I design stories, images, stuff, my life?, the world? the future?! things. I joined this...

How important 1 m
I never got an award for how many times I changed my avatar, or how cool my hair looked, or how clean my blog layout looks. I also never got an award for telling people how cool I am by telling them about my video game, or how good I am at Melee. Same thing goes for clothing, cleanliness, grades,...

Now you can feel the maze by yourself 1 m clicking this link. It'll never be a full game, but I'll very likely use the technology and/or the code in future to make similar software rendered things. Maybe.

Help Wanted! ( & new release of GMUI) 1 m
Hey everybody. Why are we still here.... regardless, I'm looking for help with making this open-source framework more appealing with examples of how it can be used in games. This is to also help show examples of implementation of the framework with decent looking graphics, especially because.......

Final combat update! New content and important changes 2 m
Sector Six combat is now complete! This update adds new enemy, abilities and modifications, removes all of the combat exploits, improves armoured colony seeker, finishes modular difficulty system and more! New...

Oh noes, a 3D maze! 1 m
(I'm lazy, so this blog may make zero sense, but what can goat living in a mountain dew) A wild gif emerges, you cannot fight it, you must watch it: What is this? It's a software rendered 3D maze engine that was...

I'm out her GRINDIN' 1 m
EMS Academy - 12 hours a week Immunology & Anatomy - 9 hours a week Work - 40 hours a week Studying - 20 hours a week Now being offered a commission based job that could pay me $1,000 a week for a few days of work. If I could squeeze this into my schedule I so would, but I don't think I...

College and Life 1 m
Wow, I haven't posted a blog here in a while, here we go. So I've been in college for about a year now earning my associate's degree in computer information technology and I'm loving it. I am taking 4 classes at the moment, three of which are computer classes and one algebra class. One of my...

hey guys here's the trailer:) september 29th (all willing) is the release date! $4.99 for the PC! but if you don't have the cash or do have a fear of commitment, here are five more codes which will unlock the game in your...

It amazes me that 64D is still around and active. 1 m
Hi. I used to be around here way way back but I have multiple reasons (not the least of which is that I have a different name these days) to make a new account. On this site, which is apparently still around. I still remember those little BBQ games and stuff. I'll post real content...

2017.8 Gaming Recap 1 m
Alrighty folks, the year is over 2/3rds finished at this point. What games have you beaten this year so far, and what do you anticipate you'll finish before year's end? Since my previous update, I've beaten the following: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Virtue's Last Reward Emily is...

September Art Jam - September 4th - 13th 1 m Time to motivate you to do some shitty art again. Rules: - Make a work of art in the given time frame, September 4th - 13th - Submit your work by posting it to the comment section -...

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