64digits IRC
To connect with your default IRC client, click here. All 64digits rules apply to the IRC chat as well.

Common IRC commands
/join channel name Join a channel (e.g. /join #64digits)
/me action The me is an action message (e.g. /me shoots Cyrus in the face)
/msg otheruser message starts a private chat with a user
/nick new nickname Changes the user's current nickname
/part Disconnects you from the current channel
/quit Disconnects you from the server
/ignore otheruser Ignores messages from the specified user
/whois Type this to to see a bit more information about another user
/help Gets a list of IRC commands

Publicly available OMGbot commands (WIP)
!google search term Returns a link to the first website in the search results
!wikipedia search term Returns a link to the first Wikipedia page in the search results
!define word Returns the dictionary definition of a given word along with a source link
!urban word Returns the Urban Dictionary definition of a given word
!log days ago Returns a pastebin link to the channel's chatlog. To get the channel's current log, don't specify a number.
!votekick otheruser Vote to kick a specified user
!voteban otheruser Vote to ban a specified user
!crab battle otheruser CRAB BATTLE!!!!