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Official 64Digits Rules

Table of contents:
General Rules
Submission Policy
Consequence and Moderation Policies

General Rules:
1. Users must not post any pornographic, excessively violent, or malicious content. Additionally, any content that opens to potential legal persecution is not permitted.
2. Harassing or discriminating against other users through any medium on this website is prohibited.
3. Spam of any form and through any medium on is prohibited. This includes repeated posts, irrelevant/useless advertisements, and completely asinine blogs.
4. Blogs that are posted to the front page or activity feed must not have offensive titles or offensive previewable content (i.e. no swearing on the front page).
5. Blogs posted to the front page or activity feed must have an adequate amount of content that allows for the fostering of relevant discussion. This also implies that any discussion on a blog must be relevant to the blog or its comments.
6. Users are permitted one blog on the front page/activity feed every twenty four hours.
7. Inline images in blogs and comments (i.e. posted with the [img] tag) must not exceed 800KB individually. Please be courteous to our users on slower or bandwidth-capped connections. Images which violate this rule may still be linked to.
8. You must be 13 years of age or older in order to register an account.
9. Any malicious use of the server, or any unauthorized access to the site's code or administrative privileges will result in an immediate ban.
10. All rules are enforced and interpreted at the discretion of the 64digits staff. The staff has the final say in all disputes. The staff must make a legitimate effort to enforce these rules in a fair and unbiased manner.
11. No user may hold more than one 64digits account, banned or otherwise, without express permission from the staff. Any accounts which are suspected to be unauthorized duplicate accounts will be immediately banned, and the offending user will be punished accordingly.
12. Modifications to the stylesheet of a member's user page must not hinder navigation or use of the site, or place inordinate demands on a user's browser/computer. Modifications to the stylesheet of your userpage is a privellege that may be revoked at the discretion of any staff member at any time.

Submission Policy:
Game moderators playtest all submissions for quality assurance. This means that if your submission has show-stopping bugs, terrible aesthetic quality, plagiarized/stolen materials, or content that violates the 64digits rules, it will be denied. All submissions must be authored or co-authored by the user who is submitting. Submission approval is at the discretion of the moderation team.

Consequence and Moderation Policies:
Any violation of these rules will result in increasingly severe warnings, including revocation of posting privileges, and ultimately, being banned from 64digits. Moderators are expected to use their best judgment when deciding the severity of the offense. Any punishment dealt by the 64digits staff may be requested for appeal by contacting a staff member. However, the staff have the final say in any dispute. Moderators are expected to present an explicit reason for their punishment to the member in question.

The reasons behind a warn/ban can usually be found on the Precdent blog:

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