ST indoors

by Crazy Star

Posted on August 02, 2005 at 4:00 AM

I've decided to just go ahead and upload all of my early wip's here, and update them from time to time. Should anyone be interested they can see what I'm doing and maybe this will encourage me to work harder and more focused.. blah

So this is another one. Oh boy do I have plans for this... for now it's just movement (yup.. that's how I do it - squishish one bug at a time and making sure it's gone for good). I'm developing an editor that will make it possible to create some really cool levels and it's going well but these things takes time. It should be obvious that I've spend more time working on the editor than the game play I did just now. If you're really bored you can download this but please look at the screenie so you don't get too dissapointed.

(And I must apolygize for the clothing I have choosen (and the uglyness lol) for the sprite.. it's a template for another game and it's the only 12-directional sprite I had) edit- new less cheap sprite - though still intentionally ugly

edit: Whoa realizes I haven't worked on this one for ages....
edit2: Ok small update.. nothing breathtaking just a small improvement to show whoever that I haven't forgotten about this. (smiley)
Those fortunate enough to download this will get an idea about how collisions and gliding against walls are done. *crowd goes wild yay*. Aren't you lucky..
For some more info, this will probably be Splinter Cell meets Messiah meets ME! ...... *goes back to work*
*is done working* - next release won't have that funny go-through-walls-bug .

melee-master commented August 04, 2005 at 1:31 AM
Nice screenie. How do you plan to make a compiler for it? [ninja]
Crazy Star commented August 04, 2005 at 3:22 PM
That's the thing that translates eg gml (or c++ hehe) to machine code?

I guess you mean load and save.. I already made it. Each time I add a tile or an object in the editor I write the arguments that I need in the game to a ds_map and when I save the level I write these to a binary file one by one.
I'm thinking about adding undo/redo and move selection kind of stuff but it would be a whole lot of work for very little. Though would be cool if I later made an external editor example to upload here :D