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So that didn't go well..

by Crazy Star

Posted on September 03, 2017 at 9:17 AM

This has been a weird summer so far.

I throw away all my money to a spirituality course on teaching various therapy forms.
So I don't have money for food and barely rent.
And I can't earn extra money because I'm retired / reasons.
So now I grow gradually insane / paranoid, and start a secret blog about fighting humanity and shit.
But try offering my body as a sex slave to any takers (hoping to get some food along that way). Failing that, I ask my dad for some money. He hands me some coins. Around $40 . Telling me not to keep asking for it.

Soon after that I start reinventing all the religions in a giant mix. Northern goddesses, me as some kind of messiah/wizard/guru. All the fun stuff. 3 days of miracles in my mind. I set out to screw the world, defeat my black knight ( my best friend who wasn't home at the time ) , become one with the universe etc.

When I ended up in the hospital I didn't know my own social security number or anything. I thought someone was controlling me. I got so damn many pills.

That was the first time. Then they threw me out of the therapy course. Second time I believed I had solved world peace, destroyed capitalism, in short created an AI that could do anything. Soon after I had Russia and China and the US on my back and I started phoning the Danish government, news stations etc.This is also when I walked outside naked until the cops eventually came. Good thing I didn't lock the door.

This has been a weird summer so far. I hope future projects will be more succesful than my AI.T'was an interesting field however.