I have a tan!

Posted by Crazy_Star on Feb. 8, 2021, 4:55 p.m.

The purpose of this entry is mainly to illustrate the radiance achieved by spending an unfair amount of hours outdoors in the winter, but I will probably also go a little bit into the more relevant topic of improving work habits from personal experience.

So, without further hesitation I welcome …

Left home, Gave all away

Posted by Crazy_Star on Jan. 1, 2021, 7:10 a.m.

Happy new years B-)

Life is funny sometimes. Last year put me in a bad mood eventually. Like everyone else, the world state affects me. But good things also happen.

I realized that Denmark wasn't doing me any good. First it was the virus. I saw how people didn't care. …


Posted by Crazy_Star on Oct. 18, 2020, 1:28 p.m.

I used to work myself maximally ; down to the last damn drop of oxygen before I passed out only to proceed on the next day. I didn't care if it was night or day. Bathroom breaks or meals were a burdening pestilence.

When others were out being alive or …

Summer Evenings in Flames

Posted by Crazy_Star on July 25, 2020, 4:07 a.m.

Danes are such weird people. They love to help the less fortunate but are reserved and unacustomed for conversation. Except when drunk. I've always been unable to tell if someone had a few beers or even a whole crate as we do around here. People are stupid anyway :p but …

String blog

Posted by Crazy_Star on Feb. 21, 2019, 3:07 p.m.


#include "ggs_string.h"

namespace G


  String::String() :



    c_str = "";

    n = 1;

    is_loaded = false;


  String::String( const char* s ) :



    c_str = s;

    n = 0;

    while( s[n] ) ++n;



  const char* get( String s )


    if( !s.is_loaded ) …

Heya I'm Making Something

Posted by Crazy_Star on Aug. 24, 2018, 6:09 p.m.

My OpenGL testbed turned into a renderer that can actually draw various shapes, which I'm starting to turn into a UI so that I can create a level editor for games :D

The FPS counter is totally broken LoL, or maybe it's LICEcap (my gif capture thing).

The backdrop is …

I believe now is the time to start a devlog

Posted by Crazy_Star on March 27, 2018, 8:46 a.m.

(copied from here:

https://crazy-star.itch.io/scaleui/devlog/28702/i-believe-now-is-the-time-to-start-a-devlog )

So here it is, the first entry for my ScaleUI devlog. I started this project right around Nov/Dec last year and decided not to publish it before it was at least useful. Actually, I've put a ton of work into this and just haven't posted …

Blog written in code

Posted by Crazy_Star on Jan. 23, 2018, 3:56 p.m.

I made a thing :D

void demo(
  G::LVL::Scene* scene,
  G::LVL::Model* tree,
  u8 recursion,
  G::vec3 pos, G::vec3 sca, G::vec3 spin
  tree->body.entity.origin = pos;
  tree->body.entity.volume = sca;

  tree->body.torque.velocity = spin;
  tree->body.torque.damping = 1.0f;

    new (tree->children) G::LVL::Model[6];

    G::vec3 v[6] = {
      G::vec3(1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f),
      G::vec3(0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f),
      G::vec3(0.0f, 0.0f, …

Been Dancing A Little ...

Posted by Crazy_Star on Oct. 25, 2017, 11:42 p.m.

(Embedded Video)

Dizmaster - It Was A Knife (Rainer K remix)


(Embedded Video)

H.EXE - Astrophobos


(Embedded Video)

Brioni Faith - Skyscrapers


(Embedded Video)

Eden Synthetic Corps - Proprioception


Enjoy ^^

So that didn't go well..

Posted by Crazy_Star on Sept. 3, 2017, 4:17 a.m.

This has been a weird summer so far.

I throw away all my money to a spirituality course on teaching various therapy forms.

So I don't have money for food and barely rent.

And I can't earn extra money because I'm retired / reasons.

So now I grow gradually insane …