Left home, Gave all away

Posted by Crazy_Star on Jan. 1, 2021, 7:10 a.m.

Happy new years B-)

Life is funny sometimes. Last year put me in a bad mood eventually. Like everyone else, the world state affects me. But good things also happen.

I realized that Denmark wasn't doing me any good. First it was the virus. I saw how people didn't care. How it turned people against each other. How slow everything was. Then it was all the little things. The more I tried the less happened. It's been like this my whole life.

I went against the advice of the government and the people and jumped on a plane. I had been following the statistics of the spread and it had only gotten worse. Thought: "maybe if I went somewhere were there were not too many people things would be better and safer." And I was right.

I'm still in Europe. My parents and family want to know where I am so they can feel sorry and worry about me, still. Fuck those people. They are strangers to me now, as I have always been to them.

I spend my days on the beach eating ice cream and playing ball.

My expensive luxury apartment that was keeping me poor and alone is now someone elses problem.

My stuff doesn't own me anymore. It's gone.


OBELISK 1 year, 5 months ago

lmfao holy shit you europeans are something else

if I could go and be a matthew mcconaughey beach bum I would. Good move

Toast 1 year, 5 months ago

Hey man, I respect that and it's certainly something I've often considered, especially the beach part. But don't get sucked into polarised thinking. It's ok to own things. And it's ok to give them away. Sometimes giving everything away is the best move. Find your own meaning but also find balance

Crazy_Star 1 year, 5 months ago


Thanks :) All this sun, time and exercise combined and soon I will be. Maybe even a ( rather short ) Schwarzenegger with a funky hair color.

Crazy_Star 1 year, 5 months ago


I hear you man 🙏

That's actually it. I couldn't afford the place I was living before, but here the rent is cheap, and I can focus on other things like my happyness and health. The money will come. This was a necessary step to get there.

firestormx 1 year, 5 months ago

This is really cool to see! I'd love to take a step like this. It's pretty brave of you.

Do you have any problems with integrating with people in this new location? (Language, etc)

Crazy_Star 1 year, 5 months ago


Hi dude!

Well, there are a lot of tourists here, so meeting people who can speak a language that I know is pretty straightforward. I am trying to learn the "parleur" however, as communicating with local authorities is key when dealing with matters such as job/bank account/WiFi etc. ( the slow internet is obnoxiously, horrifically, tormentingly tedious, but I manage ).

I have never been a fan of authorities, but here they only bothered me once. I was chilling on the beach while hustling chess for money right next to a few rastafari types, when the police came and drove them away. They were selling home made rings, but it was in front of a tavern owned by some rich guy, and I guess that is bad news for the business image or something.

I did not fit the description of a "bum" enough I suppose ( and would not want to haha ), so the policemen didn't even see me. Sometimes they take the money and whatever you are selling, I hear. Finally, I went home and game the place a 1 star review, so now I drink my beer somewhere else if need be.

Overall life is great. I want to be a law abiding citizen whenever plausible. I have settled in. I eat a whole lot of ice cream. I am trying to maintain some new solid and healthy habits. I program every week day for 2 hours. I still do my yoga, rock climbing, parkour, capoeira, break dance, running, juggling and whatnot, and I bought some new roller skates. I am also learning to swim, play the guitar etc. etc.

The girls are starting to take notice. But I am still socially awkward HAHA