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Guova posted on April 06, 2016 at 12:39 PM

Return of my mobile chiptune tracker

Yes it's back! My mobile app 8Tones (made with Game Maker: Studio), where users can make 8-bit music on the go has been updated!

Here's what's updated recently:
- Added iOS version!
- Fixed some major bugs that causes the app to crash
- Ability to save as text file where you can import it via Famitracker (using Famitracker you can export WAV or NSF (useful to make homebrew NES games or NES game hacks)
- Pop-up editing window (Android Google Play Store version as for right now)

My goals as for right now:
- Make tablet version
- Implement note copy/paste functions
- Play the sample while interacting the piano roll
- Make a "piano roll" for noise/beats

iOS version:

Android version:

Windows Phone/Mobile version: (haven't updated since 2015, waiting for Windows 10 UWP export)

Feel free to try it out! And one more thing: I would recommend of running this app on a mid-end to high-end device.

Guova posted on October 15, 2015 at 1:08 AM

Relevant comments below

Anyways that's about it, I am also making another game (it will be released around November 2015):

New video!

Being lazy on making indie games. Development on hold until summer 2016 I guess.

Guova posted on June 20, 2015 at 8:01 AM

A sequel of my first indie game

After saving up some money, I have finally acquired a solid state hard drive for my laptop! No more bad sectors bullshit or dying hard drive after I dropped my laptop. Yay!

Anyways I have completed 8Tones the mobile 8-bit music maker app. Right now I am working on Infinite Run Two: the better sequel of my first indie game Infinite Run One.

Here's a prototype of IRT:

What I have done so far on it:
  • Better graphics
  • Fancier eyecandie
  • Pixel perfect collisions

  • As an Asian myself, I have something embarrassing to confess: I found out that I am terrible at math. It takes me forever to figure out a simple equation like this:
    ???% _ 354 100% ¯ 743

    3D is out of my league as for right now since it requires too much geometry and trigonometry.

    If you don't know what's Infinite Run One, here's something that may enlighten you.
    Let's hope my laziness will not kill this project.

    Randomness (06-26-2015): the gay pride logo of 64Digits reminds me of the classic Apple logo.

    UPDATE (07-01-2015): It's available at Google Play store and Windows Phone Store.
    Google Play Store Windows Phone Store