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My indie game.

by Guova

Posted on March 23, 2014 at 3:28 AM

What's up again 64Digits! Some of y'all might miss or hate me but I came back for a visit after two months of inactivity. Yeah, working as a smartphone repair tech with $12/hr is quite nice pay for me without any college in my lifetime and being completely independent at age of 18 (I'm 20 now.) In fact I sold my dying iPhone 4 (running iOS 7) and got a brand new Nexus 5! (I treat iOS and Android the same level of love but different perspective.)

Set aside of my boring life story. Several weeks ago, I made a short arcade mobile indie called Infinite Run One (takes me about 48 hours producing it while I'm not being lazy but productive) and now it's available for download @ Google Play store!! If you have an Android, get it now for 99¢! I believe my fangaming might come to an end this year, Nova Gaming may be no longer exists in 2015 and Guova Gaming is now on the run!

Infinite Run One is quite inspired by Temple Run except it's sidescrolling survival game. As you reach higher score, new things will appear. 500 points will make a boss appear and when you reach 1000, sh!t will hit the fan. How to score? Simply jump and collect gems (red - 1pt, yellow - 5pt, blue - 10pt)

This is a screenshot:

There will be a free version coming soon as well but I will make it containing ads. And also, I'm developing an iOS version as well. If you tried it and think it's still lack of material, let me know to improve the replay value. Also, don't afraid to ask me add an additional gameplay switchable options. My belief is that gaming audience loves options.

Well that's about it. I made this game just try to save extra money so I can get a better car. (Without a car in Houston, TX is like living in a cage. You can barely get anywhere since everything is big in Texas)

I almost forget here's the Google Play link:
Free version:
Also, a Princess badge?! Awesome! I always wanted to become one because I am me!

Get it now for limited time if you're iPhone/iPod is jail broken (your iDevice has to have AppSync installed from certain repos (Google it) and install the app using iFun-box)!

iOS link:
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