The Last Minute Dungeon

by Jani_Nykanen

Posted on December 12, 2016 at 6:49 PM

The Last Minute Dungeon is a simple short action arcade game that could be better if I had bothered to spend more time making it oh well just play it and enjoy.

If you want to know why those enemies are smiling... well... MUSHROOMS!


Controls are described in-game (see "Help" in the title screen). The zip file contains both Linux64 and Win32 versions. No porn included.

(To run the game in a window, run the executables with additional -w parameter, or -w width height to define the window size)

Written in C++, although Lua scripts were used to program the game logic, and to be honest, there are more Lua than C++ in this game.

Almost not outdated video:

Crazy Star commented December 15, 2016 at 1:38 AM
I really must try this. I just can't play any games until after this Sunday. So busy.

If I forget please spam me somewhere.
Nopykon commented December 16, 2016 at 12:25 PM
Highly Condensed Wizard Action The overall game design is well thought out. The actions of the player fits together well with his surroundings. The game is fun and challenging. Overwhelmingly so at first, I often lost control of the situation completely in the beginning, taking multiple hits in a sea of enemies until death. But it gets easier when you learn to manage your distance from the enemies, and when you realize you have a chargeable sword, and explosion magic.

This magic is just awesome. ABRAKADABRA!!! EXPLOSION!!! Useful, to say the least. I got flashbacks to Golden Eye, because in this game you can walk/roll into ongoing explosions and take damage. xD It's magic tho, so idk what makes sense. Nothing makes sense after playing this game, it will make you insane.
I felt the maps were too narrow, but I'm not sure after getting more used to the game. It makes the game more difficult. The game would probably be too easy on an open field. Instead, we get lots of gamey stuff going on in a very small area, within a Nintendo DS's screen resolution. A literally action packed game.

Diagonal attacks where you slice above or beside the enemy are strange. Sword collision is generous enough to count it as a hit, dank god, but it looks and feels strange.

Graphically, the game looks fine. It has Janis usual insane-style. The visual signaling gets a bit messy with so many things going on. It can be hard to distinguish a power-up form a bouncy death-ball. Sometimes, the perspective makes it hard to pinpoint the actual location of a 'thing'. Those top down walls mixed with sprites of a completely different perspective, is something I've never been able to get used to. It always look wrong to me, no matter the game.

Though the game could be improved and polished in some ways, it is really fun. I hope Jani continues to make even better games. Play it you lazy4bastards. :P