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Horribly addicting Goofy spacemonsters - or not

by Jani_Nykanen

Posted on June 25, 2018 at 1:20 PM

Now I got your attention, let me tell you about some things I've been doing since finishing GOAT.

I tried to make a mobile game in Java and LibGDX. My goal was to make a simple puzzle game, but I never liked that project very much. I still might use the engine to write another, more enjoyable (to make) mobile game one day.

Then I decided I want to try DOS programming again. "I'll make a Mega Man clone/parody for DOS with CGA graphics and horrible beep beep music!" I had just finished that Mega Man 1-6 collection whatever-its-name-was on 3DS. However, my CGA rendering routine was slow as hell. Then I thought I'll do it in VGA. Well, I got some graphics done and a moving camera, but even though the fps was 20 and active render area 160x144, it was still mostly too slow. I don't want to spend the summer optimizing some C DOS code, so I might come back to this project later.

My goal was to make one game a month this year, but apparently I'll fail this month. It's not that bad, I never took that challenge seriously. Besides, I have already finished six games this year, so it's kind of one game a month.

Now I'm writing a simple 2D WebGL game engine. I need one for game jams and such, and since I didn't have one and had no game project in mind, I thought, that's something I could do. And that's something I'm doing right now. I might use it to make a simple 2 player turn-based multiplayer game using websockets. I'm currently taking a summer course in university where I have to make some basic TCP and UDP applications in any programming language that supports sockets (I'm using Python since it saves some time compared to C or Java), so I though I could use that knowledge to make something... well, multiplayerous. Possibly I'll get nothing finished, but my initial goal is just to learn to play with sockets.

That's what I usually do when I have no active game project going: I'll try to learn something new. It's fun. Maybe one day I'll make a game in Haskell OH DEAR GOD NO I'm not that mad sorry.