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Gamedev Update

by Jani_Nykanen

Posted on November 01, 2018 at 7:51 PM

(Copying the gif from Discord, let's hope it [the gif] won't disappear)

Written in C# and Monogame. I wanted to try some OO programming again. I already did a game in Java and Xml parsing on C++ made me cancel that project (yes, I had been writing a small 2D OpenGL engine in C++).

Monogame is mostly good, it just took +1,500 lines of code to make it "bend to my will". I wrote some abstraction layers to avoid having to call too many Monogame function calls, so if I ever wanted to replace Monogame with something else, I would only have to replace the core engine code. Fun thing that happened: negative scaling did not work. Reason? Backface culling was enabled by default. What the f...

About this game: it will be some kind of climbing game where you climb a slippery mountain. The camera movement & gameplay is very rough right now, but who knows, maybe it'll turn out to be something good (or if not, a rage platformer!)

I should also share my 23 Inktober entries one day, in the case some of you are not in Discord, and even if all you were. I could write a simple Html gallery for them and host on Github, or then just put to some gallary service or Google Drive. We'll see.