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Gamedev Update #2 - Graphics!

by Jani_Nykanen

Posted on November 08, 2018 at 7:57 PM

I first considered posting this to the comment section of my previous post, but there aren't too many new blog posts anyway, so let's have an own post for this:

So I have been adding graphics to my project. It's now called "The Faceless Mountain", even though the mountain part is no longer that clear. "The Faceless Climber" could be another option.

I'm also turning it to more a rage-game than... uh, non-rage-game. You know, slippery controls, annoying spike traps etc. But it won't have any random elements, though. The goal is to reach something as fast as possible, and for speedrunning (yea yea I know no one will ever speedrun this game) randomness is pure poison in most  cases.

The graphics are HD quality, by the way. I'm slowly trying to learn to do higher resolution graphics since there are way too much (bad) pixel art in the world already.