12 games in 12 months

Posted by Jani_Nykanen on Dec. 31, 2018, 1:49 p.m.

12 games in 12 months (note: not game a month, but close enough). Not sure if worth it, but damn it was fun, and it taught me a lot of important things, like "never make a(nother) game in Go". Here's a full list of the games I made and some thoughts on every game. All the games can be found on my Itch.io account: https://jani-nykanen.itch.io (Most of them are also on Game Jolt, but not all).

1. Mama Soybean's Delicious Oyster Sauce

Not only my first proper puzzle game, or my first game this year, but also my first DOS game. No proper game loop here, and the drawing routines have bad performance. Written in C.

2. A Flying Fish Experiment

If I did this today I could make the performance so much better, but beside that, this is one of my favourite works this year. Software rendered 3D with textured models, something I couldn't have done the year before! Written in C.

3. A Quest for Flying Oyster Sauce

Another C project. A little too hard for most people. Also it was pain to get the turn-based mechanics work correctly.

4. Plumber No More

A DOS platformer, written in C again. Nothing special here, except unlike in my previous project, now the game has an actual game loop.

5. The Cavern of Bad Ideas

97th rank in Ludum Dare 41 (compo), out of 1000+ entries. Written in C, of course.


My most played game this year, and very likely the best. Also the first game where I had online hiscores with own server code. My last C project this year.

7. Weird Things Happen

My first attempt with hi-resolution graphics. Other than that, rather poor game. It uses a custom JavaScript & WebGL engine.

8. The Oyster Mirror

The least played and viewed game this year. I really should not have used Java since I couldn't find a proper multiplatformer sound library for it (other than OpenAL), so the game had no sound.

9. A Running Man Experiment

A tiny Html5 game. Nothing special. I didn't use WebGL this time.

10. The Faceless Mountain

C# is a nice language, MonoGame a decent library, but MonoDevelop… burn in Hell. The project itself was pretty nice, even though I got bored near the end.

11. The Great Goblin Party

A puzzle game made in… Go?! Yeah. The code is better than in 90% of the projects I did this year, but that does not mean I'm a big fan of Go.

12. Breakfast for Doctor Dankworth

TypeScript makes JavaScript slightly better. This was a fun small project inspired by Link's Awakening, one of my favourite Zeldas of all time.


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