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Posted by Quietus on July 6, 2020, 3:33 p.m.

My name is Quietus. And I am a time traveler.

I happened to be organizing my old blogs about a month ago, when I queried aeron about the status of 64digits. I was quite surprised to hear he was working on bringing it back to life (thanks! and good job! <3).

I've been here off and on for 15 years, which I guess is just odd. I'm mostly thankful the site has lasted this long. It feels like a safe refuge from the noisier parts of the internet.

I remember back when stores like Wal-Mart started popping up everywhere, ultimately killing small businesses as well as the individuality of towns and cities. I feel like that's how facebook, twitter, reddit and a few other monstrous sites killed the individuality of a younger internet (I'm thinking 2000s mainly).

The more I wrap up old projects, the less I feel inclined to check anything. Cause the internet is just done. It's mostly unbearable. That's why 64digits is awesome. Even if we have our imperfections, it's still a lot better than "social media". Worst thing to happen to us since the 24/7 hour news cycle.

As I've archived my blogs, I've realized I did myself a huge favor chronicling my life. I'm not sure how much I'd remember otherwise, given all I've been through. So I have 64digits to thank for that.

64digits also preserved my earliest dream journal entries, from 2010 onward. This is essentially where the habit started. So my dream journal spans over a decade now. Also, some of my earliest poetry (from 2008) survives from private messages from a girl friend here.

I like to remember the good times from this place. Like the time I rapped over Acid's beat. Or the time I covered Kilin's "Swan Song" piece. Or tying for second with Iasper and Charlie Carlo, while aeron beat us all with his Eskimo-themed Sokoban game.

Of course, the dark side of my life is archived too. I found some old blogs I've yet to archive because I cannot bring myself to read them. Titles like "currently homeless." or "i just spent the night in jail". Why haven't I written a goddamn autobiography already? It's the same reason mom's Cocaine Widow blog isn't published yet. Neither of us want to deal with the trauma of proofreading our pasts.

Cosmic Zephyr DX

Official trailer:

Anyway, down to business. I finally got a game on Steam! ^_^ Go check it out and add it to your wishlist!


F1ak3r 4 months, 3 weeks ago

As I've archived my blogs, I've realized I did myself a huge favor chronicling my life. I'm not sure how much I'd remember otherwise, given all I've been through. So I have 64digits to thank for that.
This inspired me to go through my old blogs, and I'm shocked by the degree to which it's true. Even when I didn't specifically record everything in a given post, reading it is enough to recall the mindset I had while writing it and jog my memory.

Quietus 4 months, 3 weeks ago

@F1ak3r: Haha yeah. I always used to kick myself for not keeping a diary growing up. But now I realize I kinda did. XD

For anyone with deleted blogs: go to, search "" and add your username at the end. That's how I saved my old stuff lol.

Edit: Just realized this is blog #505666. Of course.

NeutralReiddHotel 4 months, 2 weeks ago

I was like, who is quietus? oh lmao ye, hel. we've all gone through so many name changes from long ago.

The journaling, which is essentially what blogging was, has it's ups and downs. I certainly appreciate the fact that I know what I've done is recorded somewhere. Maybe even learned from some of it.

Nice to see you here bro

Crazy Star 4 months ago

Hi dude! Nice to return here and see the login is back up and there's people here :)

Cool to hear you( and your mom )'ve processed all that s**t you used to write about, scaring the c**p out of us all.

I read my old post too all the time whenever I have to understand why I communicated as I did before and how I was obsessed doing something so obviously undoable.

I'll blog again now that I can. I totally agree about SoMe and am in constant search of small ( and preferably private ) communities left online - meanwhile I develop my own recursively nested hidden Internet free for anyone to deploy. Fully encrypted, anonymous and easy for non programmers to use. FB go f**c off. Only two days ago I was forced to make another temporary account there to do something.

I hope you do marvellous things.