Hello World 👀

Posted by RC on May 21, 2023, 10:10 p.m.

The trip was a bit turbulent, but we've somehow managed to survive.

It's been a minute. I swore I wouldn't come back to 64Digits, but I kinda failed at that when I logged onto the IRC as "john" and spoke with aeron and Josh a few months back. Of course, I didn't reveal my true identity because I didn't want to be seen as a failure at my word… assuming I actually gave my word that I wasn't going to return to 64Digits. It's been so long, I honestly haven't the faintest idea if I said any such things.

I remember getting upset on the Discord because I made a comment about chatting while pooping, I think, and it was told to me that I need to quit talking about pooping. Maybe that was on the IRC on one of my ragequits? I don't recall. It's been too long.

There's a recurring theme here… it's been too long. It's been 6 and a half years since my last blog here. I don't even remember why I abandoned everyone and took myself out of the circle of people we once had… perhaps to move on with my life, slaving away at a retail job? If anyone remembers, please enlighten me because I don't know anymore. It's been too long.

A lot has transpired in 6 and 1/2 years. We went through a pandemic, Russia continued its prolonged invasion of Ukraine… that's worldly news, though. On a personal level I could probably write multiple novels about my life's experiences, but they might not be very interesting to read unless I spun them in a creative way to make them somewhat meaningful.

To summarize my life in as few words as possible without missing out a lot of context: I've seen a lot more of the world during this period, though all of it has been within the continental United States and only 12 of the 50 states. I've been in an off-and-on relationship for nearly the duration during this time – mistakes have been made… yet, for some reason, she continues to be here by my side. I don't work retail anymore after building myself up to be the store manager after almost 7 years of working there, and right now I don't have a path set in stone for my life. I'm in a pretty decent chunk of debt with 4 credit cards and an auto loan, so that's always fun… oh, and I still haven't released a game! Who'd have thunk it?!

One thing I did, though, was establish myself as a small Twitch streamer, though lately I haven't had the time to do that, either. It's made me some money here and there, though, with the past year earning around $300 from the streams. It's not enough to make me quit my job, but at this rate I don't have a job to quit so it doesn't really matter.

I don't really have much to show right now. melee-master showed enough amazingness for me to get a pass, right? I do have so much to say, but I don't have all the time in the world I need to say it right now. I hope you're all doing well and living your best life. I'm so out of the loop I don't even know who's still around anymore, though I honestly hope you all are. I thought I was an old man in one of my last blogs at the ripe age of 24, but here I sit an even old man at 31. Time flies, and my hairs have gotten gray… at least I'm still here, though.

I'd like to see this place be the thriving community I remember it to be, but times have changed so much so all the kids are on their newfangled TokTik and YouTube Shorts. Maybe it's time to go the way of GameJolt and turn this into 64Shorts, too.

Much love to you all. <3