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Nuclear Moss

by Unaligned

Posted on January 19, 2019 at 6:47 PM

[left]Yet another project with a temporary title. I'm seeing a pattern here.[/left]
[left]Man, site's slow as of late (I mean slower than usual slow). I guess everyone's funposting over at the discord server huh?[/left]
[left]So what's been up with me? Not much. I decided to get off my ass about a year ago and started exercising daily. Health benefits (great btw) aside, it gave me a lot of time to think. I came up with an idea for a world to set a game in. It slowly grew in my mind with each passing day; and although very little (if any of it) made it onto the project, I probably wouldn't have started it had I not started to dedicate 1-2 hours a day to introspection (I now mostly listen to podcasts when I'm out and about).[/left]
[left]So about six months of work later (admittedly, very on-and-off as far as keeping a consistent work schedule goes, motivation is extremely hard to come by it seems) I present to you the temporarily-named project Nuclear Moss.[/left]

  • I wanted to make something past-paced, where you pummel through a bunch of enemies in a split second. Who doesn't love some good power fantasy?
  • Good players are rewarded through the game's combo meter: the style counter. It both acts as a score and damage multiplier (at different rates though). You'll still have a decent damage output even after taking a hit (or three).
  • There's a handful of playable characters, each with their own stats, main attack, special attack and passive. I'm willing to bet that it's rather unbalanced at the moment, but I can always say that the game has an implicit difficulty selection system by which character you want to play as. Want to beat the extra challenge level that's filled with projectile-spamming enemies? Well then just pick the character that can reflect them!
  • For lack of a better term, I wanted to upload a vertical slice type demo, which is a representative fraction of the full game's experience. This means there are levels to beat, characters and game modes to unlock. And of course a final boss.
  • Speaking of which, I must admit I enjoyed testing of the boss far more than mowing down hordes of enemies. I'm considering shifting focus and giving bosses more attention than standard enemies.
[left]Any of this sound fun? I'm literally, figuratively starving for feedback, as I don't really have anyone around me that could provide any insight, (aside from myself) and having spent all this time on the project in a vacuum might've affected my perspective.[/left]

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