Jammin' and Chillin'

Posted by Unaligned on May 3, 2019, 2:15 p.m.

I joined a jam. I made a thing in a week. The theme was "ice". No text adventures this time. It's a cute, chill platformer. Run, jump and dodge the usual hazards.
I'm really happy with this project because I recycled some of the other dead project's code I talked about on my previous entry. The final result is rather sleek and "clean", so to speak. I can't appreciate CC0 asset makers enough.
In retrospect, jumping into the level design straight away kinda limited my options, as the player's sprite is chunky, and the tiles are the unorthodox 70x70 dimensions. But still, it was interesting to work with these constraints when putting together single-screen levels.
It's gained a bit of traction, at least much more than other projects I've dedicated much more time to. But I guess this sort of thing happens to everyone. More work put in does not equate to more perceived quality of the final result.
Today I've worked on some more features and polish, though this obviously is post-jam work. A bit of sprite tilting and some distortion when jumping or landing and you got a very "squishy" player. I love how it looks to be honest. And also actual scrolling screens.

Here's the part where I put the link and ask what you think. Yes, the game's name is awful.


Zuurix 1 year, 1 month ago

Yep, it's neat.

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