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Shawn64 tribute site

by hel

Posted on November 28, 2018 at 5:34 PM

I noticed shawn64's site went down this year. So I decided to try to preserve as much as I can. Here's what I have so far: https://s64games.wordpress.com/

I just updated the download links today. I'm using 64d for now, I will add dropbox links later. I managed to find several lost games using web archive, which is awesome. The only remaining lost game is Cookie Buster.

I still need to save all screenshots from web archive and re-upload them to wordpress. There are several game pages where the images didn't survive, so I'll need to get screenshots for:

Bounty Hunter SX
Ski-Racer 2
Holiday Hunting
Fireworks Maker
Jetz Rampage 2
Shawn vs. Jerred

I'm also going to try to archive the Mini Golf Pro pages, along with Jetz Fusion weapons and Jetz 4 weapons.

I added some Let's Plays and fangames but I feel like those pages are dreadfully bare for now. Only 5 LPs of Shawn's games on youtube. Frustrating to see him so overlooked.

Any help would be appreciated re: the screenshots. Let me know what you think about the site. Go make some LPs and fangames too. Thanks.